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  1. If Earl causes a problem, Royal will re route the ship. Since it's only 5 days, the most obvious choice is Canada, going to Halifax and/or St John. They will not cancel the cruise.
  2. I must be very lucky then. I've done it at least four and maybe even five times with Capt Ban in the past four years.
  3. Everything is plastic including the charm. Not worth the effort in my opinion but my wife thinks otherwise. Guess who has to wait on line for them?
  4. How much time will you actually have at Bean? Is it worth it?
  5. Anthem is doing it in April 2023. I'm on it as well. They do the eight nights when Royal wants to go from a Saturday to Saturday schedule to a Sunday to Sunday. This is how they pick up the extra day.
  6. Royal shopping talks are not what they used to me. They very rarely talk about the ports bring visited. The last two we attended in May and June ONLY spoke about Effy jewelry for the entire hour. It was a complete waste of time.
  7. You say it doesn't matter, yet you do reply to ALL who comment to you. Methinks you do care.
  8. The container village replaced the tented area.
  9. Check out a private operator named Geoffrey. He has two hours of touring, two hours shopping, and a few hours at the beach. I've used him many times and he is very accommodating
  10. Pool bars will definitely be open, as well as those on the Royal Promenade. There's no way they want to lose potential customers.
  11. Here's the link. https://area506.ca/container-village
  12. Get your lobster roll first. Then go to Holy Donuts and bring them back to the ship. That's what I always do.
  13. Still there, I had one there in June. And if you're going to St John , there's a container village as soon as you get off the ship. One of the vendors there sells them as well.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. I repriced my 4/23 sailing and saved $444.
  15. What ship leaves the N.Y. Metropolitan area for Bermuda in early February? Most lines don't leave for Bermuda until mid May at the earliest
  16. I'm not sure if the Pirate museum is open any more.
  17. Poutine and maple sugar candy in Canada, and ice cream in Bar Harbor and Portland.
  18. The only ports you may see any foilage are Bar Harbor and Portland. In Boston you will dock in an industrial area. In Canada, you're probably too far away from land to see anything. In terms of shops being open, most will open if there are ships in town. The only one where shops may be closed is Bar Harbor.
  19. Check out Bernard s tour in San Maarten. Sight seeing, shopping, and beach at a very reasonable price. Check planes at Mayo Beach on YouTube. That's on of his stops.
  20. Google area 506 container village St John. 506 is their area code.
  21. St John also has an area right outside the ship built with old shipping containers. FYI, both terminals are super accessible friendly.
  22. If married, yes. And they can differentiate between the two cards. But he can buy you drinks on his card up to the five per day limit.
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