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  1. Though the above explanation is detailed and very long, it did NOT take into account that the OP states that sail away is at 4 which means all on board is about 3.
  2. Try Becky's Diner for lobster and seafood chowder in an old style feel restaurant. And Holy Donuts for dessert. Both have been featured on Food Network. And a beer sampler at Shipyard Brewery.
  3. We got the compasses delivered to our room last week. They are also available at customer service on deck 5.
  4. Nope. That was both the week of May 22 and June 5 on the Oasis. Yes, they were short staffed but always made time for those who are handicapped or needed assistance.
  5. There is the 888 Taxi shuttle as soon as you exit the terminal (it doesn't matter which terminal). It is $15 or $16 round trip. I always use them and never had a problem. There's also public transportation.
  6. In the U.S., the insurance is just $10/day. I'd much rather pay that than have to figure out deductible, etc if a problem occurs. That's just me though, you may have other ideas.
  7. I'm surprised to hear you had issues with parking the scooter in the dining room and at shows. We've had just the opposite experience with my wife. The staff fights over who gets to park and return her scooter. The same holds true when we go to shows. The entertainment staff always shows us where to sit, and where to leave the scooter. Most times they let us leave it right where we are sitting. The same holds true in the MDR. The staff bends over backwards to help.
  8. Expecting to leave the ship at eight is a stretch. Many factors come into play such as the size of your ship, and how many other ships are tendering. They all go to the same pier. And don't forget the people on ships tours have first priority in leaving the ship. After them are passengers with status. Then people just going out to explore on their own. Once the tender leaves, expect about 30 minutes before you're in town. If your ship departure is at four, all onboard time will probably be three, which means you're probably going to get on line to return about Two thirty or so. Don't want to sound gloom and doom, but I've been there many times and this is the process.
  9. Bring layers to be prepared for anything. We went to Canada on the Oasis on June 5and the nights dropped to about 50. The Aqua shows were cancelled many times due to cold temperature and winds. You just never know.
  10. I believe it varies by cruise line. It was either $20 or $25 for Royal in Oct 2019. Don't know what it is now.
  11. It was definitely a problem on the Oasis last week with bottoming out leaving the ship. But the security staff came to my wife's rescue. Yet she never had issues on the Anthem. It has to be the angle of the elbow on the ramp. , And the deck you are exiting on.
  12. I rent a scooter for my wife. Yes, they can be taken off the ship. Scooters can not be left in the hallway outside your room, it is a safety hazard . They must be kept.inside your room or make arrangements for the cruise staff to store it for you when not in use.
  13. We were on her twice in the past three weeks. Stay away from her WJ and main dining room between 8:45 and 9:45 AM. Still a little under staffed and they can't handle the crowds. Lines to get in were very long. JR's for breakfast would be an alternative option.
  14. I agree but in general most Royal ships sailing from Cape Library have their accessible rooms sold out six to nine months prior to sailing.
  15. It's the number of nights, so it's 7 days. Everything is included in the charge. Your charge would be $175.
  16. My wife is a stroke survivor and absolutely needs an accessible room. We don't fly any more so we cruise out of Cape Liberty all the time. Not looking for sympathy, life happens. That being said, we know where most accessible cabins are located on the Anthem and Oasis. You'd be surprised how many times we ads those cabins going to ours and see two seemingly healthy people walking in or out of them. Than there's the tables in the Windjammer and seating at the shows. They are clearly marked as accessible but people take them because of their location. I m not saying all cruisers do, but quite a few do.
  17. There's a great dad spot in Boston about 3 blocks from the pier. It has great lobster Mac and cheese. In Portland, another great ddd spot is Beckys Diner. Just a basic diner with great lobster dishes and seafood chowder.
  18. Three tips. Be aware of the speed setting. My wife had a tendency of going fast in open areas and forgets to slow it down in crowds. It has a horn, don't be afraid to use it. And most important, get in an empty elevator even if it's not going in the direction you want. At least you will be on the elevator. This will prove invaluable at meal times. And one more thing and please don't flame me for this. Have someone run interference for you at the elevator if possible. You will have rude people and those in a hurry cut right in front of you.
  19. No. You are just checked in for one cruise at a time even if you're in the same vabin. RCL has to get the passenger count down to zero each cruise to prove the ship is empty.
  20. You can find some at night for that price too.
  21. Yes, you do get off the bus to look at them and the surrounding area. But no, I don't believe you go inside.
  22. I do remember Dru. He was the regular CD on the Anthem for about three years or so when she first came to Cape Liberty. He was very warm and personable. He always had time to talk to you. He's one I really miss. It's sad he doesn't work for them anymore.
  23. I used my laptop and had no issues.
  24. 1) It was available last September. You ordered them, and it was brought to your table. 2) JR's is now open for breakfast 3) Omelets were only available in MDR
  25. They no longer have these stations on the Oasis. Can others comment about their status on the other ships? Is this a fleet wide thing?
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