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  1. So it's just a money grab for them. I can do it all before we leave. Thanks for the info.
  2. Why do I need Bermuda authorization for the NE/Can leg?
  3. Besides the Swizzle Inn, where can you get good conch fritters?
  4. Ok. Cruises after that is a B2B, first to NE/Canada and then to Bermuda. What is the testing procedure for each leg . Royal gave me three different answers on three different calls.
  5. So I can still take my test two days before I cruise, like its been for the past, but it can now be up to three days. Correct?
  6. I'm doing a B2B in October on the Adventure where the second leg is Bermuda. How did you deal with their required COVID-19 test since Royal no longer does testing on a B2B. And did you have any problems uploading the results and getting confirmation from Bermuda? I've called Royal multiple times and have gotten answers all over the place. I'd like to hear from people who have actually been through this and not just opinions. Thanks in advance.
  7. Have your mom go to a local Walmart or grocery store and have her practice . This way you will know if she could handle it or not. Keep it mind that a Scootaround rental is smaller that those in stores. If she can handle a larger one, the rental will be much easier to handle.
  8. So here's my question. In October I'm doing a B2B from Cape Liberty, a nine day to New England/Canada followed by a five day to Bermuda. Bermuda requires a negative COVID test 3 days before departure. Royal doesn't test anymore on B2B's. What do I need to do or how do I get around this?
  9. The fly in entertainment will definitely be different
  10. It will include Fundy but not St. Martin or Hopewell Rocks.
  11. I don't know about Australia but we still get the two days internet and one bag laundry in the U.S.
  12. Was the person you were dealing with Raja? I've had problems with him on the Oasis when we were on in both May and June.
  13. My wife is a stroke survivor and we absolutely need accessible cabins. For balconies, you probably have to book six to nine months out. Inside cabins, maybe a little bit less. We usually book two to three cruises when the new schedule is released. This way, we get what we're looking for. Prices are usually a little higher, but you can reprice if the price goes down.
  14. In June we took the Oasis to Halifax and St John from Cape Library. There was nothing special that we had to do.
  15. I thought I was quite clear I was just interested in the port renovation.
  16. He may have some difficult times on the scooter. Can the scooter function on the sand? Your husband first has to the tram. Depending where you get off the ship, it's about a half mile to the tram. The tram doesn't go to the ship.
  17. Is the port area renovation complete? Are there any shops open as part of the renovation? In March there was still much work left to do in the renovation. How much progress has been made in the renovation since March? Is this clear enough for you that I am interested in the renovation?
  18. I agree. It's not as big as the caves in the U.S. , but still enjoyable. And on a hot and humid day, the caves are a very cool and comfortable place to be.
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