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  1. I never knew that. I thought free drinks were for example, 7 days for a 7 day cruise. I never realized I could get free drinks in the casino after midnight on the last day.
  2. Who was the cd? Who was the band in the music hall? We board in 2 and a half weeks. Can't wait.
  3. He has an assortment of beverages for his passengers that are free, beers, soda, and water. The drivers always say they don't want to empty the cooler when they return, so drink up. If you're not interested in swimming, he will drop you off in town, or take you back to the ship.
  4. Take the ferry from the port area. There are a few right off the boardwalk.
  5. Take your scooter, the port area is scooter friendly. My wife uses a scooter and loves it there.
  6. High Roller or Becky's Dinner. And go to Holy Donuts for dessert. High Roller and Holy Donuts are on the same street two blocks from each other.
  7. What happened to the CD Updates Deltablue used to do. I haven't seen them in a while.
  8. Doesn't sound right. Night 3 is the overnight in Bermuda when most people are still out at dinner time. I highly doubt that is when they serve lobster.
  9. Two formal nights, day 2 and day 8. Lobster is day 8.
  10. So you would rather complain/question others rather than make a simple phone call?
  11. Formal nights will be nights 2 & 8, both are sea days.
  12. It's about a mile and a half to two miles or so each way plus about a half mile up a hill. How good of shape are you in? Or I can take their bus (jitney) and just walk the half mile. You'll have the sun beating on you and will get quite hot.
  13. Who's the CD, and who is the cover band in the Music Hall?
  14. I once priced a cruise at home before I boarded a Royal ship. That afternoon I went to next cruise to book it and it was higher. I told the agent I got $75 difference that morning. She rechecked, and said she made a mistake, that she forget a discount. She fixed it and all was well. You probably had a bad agent who didn't want to admit a problem.
  15. JRs doesn't have an omelette station. Its menu is unique unto itself.
  16. Try Fish Fry for local seafood and beer. Just a quick ten minutes bus ride from the Straw Market.
  17. So it's just a money grab for them. I can do it all before we leave. Thanks for the info.
  18. Why do I need Bermuda authorization for the NE/Can leg?
  19. Besides the Swizzle Inn, where can you get good conch fritters?
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