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  1. Yes, you do get off the bus to look at them and the surrounding area. But no, I don't believe you go inside.
  2. I do remember Dru. He was the regular CD on the Anthem for about three years or so when she first came to Cape Liberty. He was very warm and personable. He always had time to talk to you. He's one I really miss. It's sad he doesn't work for them anymore.
  3. I used my laptop and had no issues.
  4. 1) It was available last September. You ordered them, and it was brought to your table. 2) JR's is now open for breakfast 3) Omelets were only available in MDR
  5. They no longer have these stations on the Oasis. Can others comment about their status on the other ships? Is this a fleet wide thing?
  6. It takes less than 5 minutes, nothing to stress about.
  7. We just got off the Oasis today on a five nighter to Halifax and Saint John. Nights were cool and almost cold, about , 52-55. The late Aqua 80 show was cancelled Three times due to cold and windy conditions. Like others said, pack in layers. I always wear shorts when I get off the ship, but this time I needed pants. And a jacket as well.
  8. It's open on sea days, usually 8-10. It's sometimes open on port days and times will vary depending on what time the gangway opens. Like biker said times are listed in the app.
  9. For breakfast, avoid the Windjammer and main dining room between 8:45 - 10:00, the wait is about 45 then. Try Johnny Rockets for breakfast, it just started serving breakfast again and you can walk right in.
  10. Shops are still open. You can take a taxi to Atlantis or mini bus to Baha Mar resort.
  11. Yes, they do have golf carts that shuttle passengers back and forth. They were in use last week when I was there on the Oasis. They are supposed to be used for handicapped people only.
  12. Are we north enough to see the Northern lights?
  13. Thanks, we're actually sailing a 14 round trip from Cape Library, NJ.
  14. Keep in mind you're on sand by the straw market. A regular wheelchair or power chair with small wheels will get stuck in the sand.
  15. The rule of thumb is to book when you're comfortable with the price. If it goes down, you can always ask Royal to reprice it. Waiting until final payment is past doesn't always work, especially for summer cruises. If the cruise is almost sold out, prices will be much higher.
  16. I just booked the 14 day Jewel cruise to Greenland next September. Has anyone suggestions on what to see? Also, are we north enough to see the Northern lights?
  17. I just saved almost $400 on two cruises this fall. No drops for 2023 cruises yet.
  18. I'm interested in this tour. Has anyone taken it and what are your opinions? It's about $26.00 and takes an hour. I checked the website but there's not much information there.
  19. I was on the Oasis last week. It was only open for lunch.
  20. To answer others questions, Johnny Rockets is NOT open for breakfast. The line is not that bad for breakfast if you get to the dining room or Windjammers before 8:30. After that expect 30-45 minute wait. I haven't seen accessible seating in the Windjammer for breakfast all week. Avoid Raja, the head waiter in the Windjammer if you need help in handicap seating. There are no signs showing accessible seating.
  21. Both were available but with not many available tables. My wife is in a scooter which makes it very trying in the Park Cafe. We got to the Windjammer today and got in. FYI, the Windjammer eliminate the omelette stations.
  22. Breakfast was a joke this morning. At 8:45 the wait for the Windjammer was at least an hour. The line for deck three breakfast wrapped twice around the elevator banks. I saw the hotel director at the top tier event and asked about the long wait. His response, "We didn't have any problem I was aware of".
  23. I'm doing a b2b on the Adventure in October. Glad we don't have to leave the ship. Even happier it's in the same cabin.
  24. Sounds great. I'll email you when I get home from work. Probably 6:30 or so. Bob
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