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  1. Don't try looking for a table of 12. Be realistic that you may not be seated near each other.
  2. I've seen it happen on ships that visit both Nassau and Coco Cay. If Nassau is the first stop,and Coco Cay second, bad weather in Coco Cay may force an overnight in Nassau if Royal can't find a suitable replacement. It's happened to me, even with the pier in place at Coco Cay.
  3. If you're Diamond plus, or above, there's a reserved area on deck 5 of the Royal Theater for the shows there.. They hold the seats until 10 minutes before the show starts.
  4. To all who responded with kindness, a big thank you. I'm guessing that genie went along with them because she didn't get her tip yet.
  5. I did. If you read the entire post, you would have read that I did get the next elevator
  6. I just have to vent about what happened while leaving the Anthem yesterday in Cape Liberty. My wife is a stroke survivor and gets on and off the ship in her wheelchair. When our number was called, we left our room and headed to the elevator. A half empty elevator stopped and all the people around us allowed us to get in first. As we were backing in, a really obnoxious woman and husband told us to stop and cut right in front of us. She stated she has priority services and we HAD to let them in first . There was still room for us but she ordered their genie to shut the door and had us wait for the next on. Any thoughts? I know you can't fix stupid and ignorant.
  7. Katie Knowles (sp) is now on the Anthem effective 11/26 sailing.
  8. The January 11 day sailings have had 5 ports for the past five years, not counting COVID issues. The sailing on the 7th has only four ports But on a positive note, the engine issue has been fixed. I'm on her now, and after boarding on Sunday, Captain Ban announced we will be going to Cape Canaveral after all.
  9. This past summer on a five day Bermuda on the, Liberty, the casino opened up at nine at night I believe.
  10. I agree about the wok stations, it's pretty cheap offering just a vegetarian dish with no protein available. But then again we had shrimp pad Thai on the Liberty for dinner and it had just four tiny shrimp in it We let our waiter know and he felt so bad he got us a plate of shrimp.
  11. Check out Geoffrey tours. He does a six hour tour , two hours sightseeing, two hours shopping, and two hours swimming. He very reasonable priced. I've used him many times and he doesn't disappoint.
  12. They'll be gone But some of the Caribbean ports may still have some up I've seen the port area in St Maarten still decorated in mid January.
  13. I believe they're just on Oasis class, and maybe Icon as well.
  14. A single lobster tail has been around since January/February when they introduced the new menu. They aren't that good anyway. And WJ is usually open until 9, and you can purchase food from the pub or room service.
  15. We had a special lunch on the Liberty in September on a b2b.
  16. They're still dropping Cape Canaveral next week. And the Jan 7 next year dropped a port as well.
  17. Smart move. We were on a pre COVID Yeshiva cruise on the Anthem. What a zoo!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Their printed documents are way out of date. They don't seem to care about keeping them up to date anymore.
  19. See what was already posted. 3 hours ago, smokeybandit said: You'll have to wait for Valentine's Day for those itineraries, it appears.
  20. Excursions and lunch options are at reduced prices. Don't know what you are looking for.
  21. The portions are big. If you think you can handle the three meat dish, don't. Order the two instead.
  22. Just a dumb question ❓ Why would the price of a package affect the cruise the OP chooses. And a second dumb question, why can't he just call himself instead of others doing it for him?
  23. Does Hooked replace the Portside Barbaque that is on the Oasis?
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