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  1. I'm on the Liberty five day now. Mac and cheese is definitely NOT on the menu but it is on the children menu.
  2. How's Woody's for lunch for a fish sandwich? If not there, then someplace near the Dockyard. Not interested in the Onion, I want someplace the locals would go to.
  3. Both the Oasis and Quantum class have distinct areas, with a clear line on demarcation. On the Voyager and Freedom class, it seems like it's a smoking row, non smoking , smoking , non, etc. The rules say you can smoke ONLY if you're on a machine, but it's never enforced. Many people just go there to smoke.
  4. Do any in your group plan to use the casino and are non-smokers. The casino is very squeezed together and there's no real segregation between smoking and non smoking areas The entire casino smells of cigarettes no matter where you are.
  5. They just installed the new menus this past Jan/Feb. Do you really expect them to change them any time in the near future?
  6. The ship left because the Liberty is coming in tonight instead of Saturday morning because of Lee.
  7. If the asst waiter does it, I tell him I'll take care of him the last night. If it's a bar server, I'll tip him when he gives me the drink.
  8. I go there every time I m in Portland, so that's next week. I get on when you get off.
  9. Just show your seapass card and your roommate show the invitation. No one will care.
  10. Check out Becky's for lobster rolls, Holy Donuts for donuts, and Shipyard Brewery. All within walking distance.
  11. And take a walk to Shipyard Brewery. It's about 3-4 blocks from the dock. Plenty of stuff around the dock to keep you busy. It's a great food town.
  12. If you mean tribute bands in the music hall, they did away with them about six months ago.
  13. I know Royal is NOT stopping there in 2024. They're substituting Sydney because of the court issues.
  14. Not to be rude but I'm not looking for assumptions. I know they pick up at the dock, but many ship tours give you the option of being dropped off at Fanuel Hall, and then catching a shuttle back to the ship at a later time.
  15. I have a few questions about this tour. Do they pick you up and return you back to Black Falcon in the duck boat, or is it by bus? After the tour, do they allow you to visit Fanuel Hall and provide transportation back to the ship at a later time, or do you have to go back to the ship right away? Thanks for your help.
  16. In March they started showing "The Gift" again. No reservations needed
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