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  1. My theory is that this referred to the welcome cocktail party but not dinner. I walked into the Restaurant behind a woman wearing a tee shirt and nobody seemed to care.
  2. I’m sitting in the sun and can barely see these photos, but here are the early riser breakfast in the Panorama and a view of the pool deck and grill.
  3. I’m sitting at the pool deck watching the crew add loungers for a busy sea day. Gorgeous weather and a flat-calm Mediterranean Sea...ahhh. I have been thwarted by the jacuzzi a couple times so it’s interesting to read about @clarky ‘s experience. At least the pool is working and I did manage to get in the tub once. Dining so so far has been superb. I was surprised last night that we couldn’t get in to La Terrazza without a reservation as I have done on previous cruises. I guess I now know why the Restaurant has felt so empty! The al fresco experience clearly is popular. A new friend and I ate at Hot Rocks instead. Service was chaotic but we still had fun. I love breakfast in La Terrazza. They’ve been so accommodating in my quest to get avocado toast with eggs Benedict! I’m so impressed by the head chef: he chats with the passengers in every venue I’ve been in, and seems eager to get feedback, which can only lead to good things. I have heard grumbling about confusing communication: quite a few inconsistencies between the Chronicle and the tv, and excursion departures that never really seem to be by groups. (Still, that part is working if you just show up at the general time they’ve published. It’s just a little odd if you’re used to Zodiac groups.) Personally, the last thing I need in my life is another app, so I’m ignoring “my cruise” so far. I’m muddling through ☺️ Although our our itinerary and experience doesn’t feel like the expedition style I’m used to, I have really enjoyed the shore excursions. The guides have been excellent and the sites wonderful. So far, the Oracle at Delfi is my favorite, although our day in Albania was fascinating. BTW, no events or mention of solo travelers so far. It’s not a problem, but I know several people who were expecting some kind of gathering.
  4. On the Wind now in Greece, heading next to Italy. While masking indoors on the ship is encouraged, we are required to mask only if local regulations mandate it. Both Greece and Italy expect masks on buses and stores, public buildings, etc., so that affects excursions. That works for me. Many passengers (myself included) wear masks in the hallways and larger gatherings, whether required or not.
  5. The famous Suite 738 Some will already know about Vista suite 738–an oversized hidden gem that books at the lowest fare category because it lacks a balcony. I’m feeling very lucky to have booked this! The photos show one view looking at the two windows, one of which is called a French balcony, and the other looking toward the door, with a large closet and then the bathroom on the right. There’s no balcony but the window will lower from the top down. Unfortunately it’s on the fritz and they are hoping to get it fixed. The suite is huge and so well-located near LaTerraza and just below the pool, grill, and Panorama Lounge. It’s next to the tender that we used today (and will for the duration of this first leg, instead of Zodiacs). It was audible but surprisingly quiet when they cranked it down this morning. No noise from the pool at all.
  6. II’ll echo what @clarky said: the Wind is looking great and staff have been uniformly impressive. While I’m sure there are a few trainees, most everyone on the bar, restaurant and expedition teams seems to have done multiple contracts with Silversea. They exude happiness at being on the first voyage of the revamped Wind. Conrad Conbrink and some other management folks are onboard. He made really nice remarks, thanking the passengers for sticking with silversea through all the upheaval. My embarcation was slower because I was on the third/last bus and it was a bit late leaving the hotel. But the screening process (complimentary rapid antigen tests) was super efficient. People in my group who did the test In advance did save about 25 minutes. I feel like I’ve been at a dead run ever since I boarded. So much to do...so many people to meet. As a first-time solo traveler it’s been great to find out how friendly people are! Clarky and I met by chance right away, which leads to me sharing her thread with her blessing. Internet it slow so I don’t envision posting much. But I’m happy to answer questions. It’s great to be back onboard!
  7. Thanks @Fletcher. I've sent a request and will hope I can recruit some folks on board.
  8. I agree! The Alhambra is a big feature on the Cloud itinerary that stops in Motril. My husband wonders if maybe they can't acquire enough tickets to the Alhambra on short notice. I wish they would offer a transit-only option, as there are local guides who can provide tickets. The trip to Granada seems to be about the same distance as the drive along the coast, and I'd rather wander Granada on my own than go searching for jamon in coastal villages 🙂 Does anyone have a tour operator they recommend for a pickup in Motril? I'm not finding them easily, except for one that charges $600 per person.
  9. My Silversea finally showed the excursions for Motril; thought you should know, Wren. Sadly, it doesn't include the Alhambra.
  10. You do get credit for sailing days on P2P, but not the various Venetian discounts. Correct about the 2.5% for onboard booking--like that makes any sense at all! I found this buried in the website yesterday but can't point to the specific place. Probably in the terms and conditions.
  11. If you're sure that a rapid antigen test is permitted (as opposed to PCR, which can take longer), those can be done at a place like Walgreens or even at home with an online monitoring service like this one: https://rapidtestandtrace.com/shop/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw-JyUBhCuARIsANUqQ_LVKGHyNtQVpCRKWOz7dgHAiqgR2OgMXmcbT1Wi-EBX24TIHtDKpBcaAhduEALw_wcB Just be sure the testing window is really 3 days if you choose the antigen test; sometimes those are required with a day of travel--like when you need to return to the US.
  12. Ditto and amen on all points! I'm kind of paralyzed now that I actually need to remember how to pack for a long trip.
  13. Exactly ^. It's not that D2D is inherently bad: some folks want the full meal deal. I personally like to book my own air, normally, and I appreciate that Silversea is using P2P as a way to discount cruises that might not be selling well. But why punish those who take the P2P option by whittling away the Venetian discount, onboard booking discount, etc.?
  14. I'm so sorry this happened! Can you book your own flight to Vancouver? I would try that and then work out the refund later. If not, and since time is short, I suggest emailing Barbara Muckerman (unless you are on the Silversea Passengers Facebook group, where she monitors and responds to posts about problems like this). barbaram at silversea.com
  15. I think Silversea will be very clear about all this when they email you the cruise ticket 2 weeks prior. Maybe they'll update the language to match Canada's if you're lucky. I would think you could argue for the Canada rule if the 2 days vs 48 hours makes a difference.
  16. That's great to hear! Hope you had a wonderful cruise!
  17. The EU rule is 24 hours before boarding a cruise ship. The location where you're boarding (apparently not in the EU) most likely determines what you are required to do--it's not at Silversea's discretion if the test is meant to comply with government policies. I agree that the rules that use days instead of hours, like the CDC rules for entering the US, make things simpler.
  18. I don't recall Motril being a port of call for this cruise. I checked the tour programme pdf that I downloaded on March 11 and it was not there, so it's definitely not a last-minute disappearance if it indeed was there to begin with. The Cloud Malta to Valetta does include Motril. Look forward to cruising with you Wren!
  19. That's worse than I realized. I couldn't find any prohibition on the 100+ day discount (which is different than the Venetian discount) for port to port fares. This is really unfortunate.
  20. Well, shoot! I did discover another monitoring service for the same test-- even cheaper at around $20: https://rapidtestandtrace.com/product/observed-test-for-travel/
  21. I think that qualifies you as "intrepid", @Catlover54! I hope your trip is splendid. Maybe I can get my doc to test my antibodies, but she likely will say get the shot. Always has before, and as you note, it's the algorithmic party line.
  22. Do you have cruises scheduled in the near term, @Catlover54? This is exactly what my head is telling me to do--but I cruise in Europe in a few weeks and my emotional reaction is that I should just get the 4th shot and suffer the few days of misery. Anecdotally, though, you sure hear about lots of positive cases where the person was recently re-boosted. I'm conflicted!!!
  23. Sorry if this is too obvious but I hope you're connected via My Silversea. There you should be able to see the hotel; go to the "my activities" tab if the hotel doesn't show up in your booking details. A week ago, Silversea sent this email (your TA should have received it on your behalf if you didn't get it directly: Dear Esteemed Guest, Thank you for choosing to travel with Silversea Cruises. We are writing today to notify you of a change in the timing of our eDocs (cruise ticket) distribution. Given the rapidly evolving entry protocols and testing requirements of countries around the world, you will now receive your eDocs and pre-cruise information 15 days prior (previously 30 days prior) to your scheduled sailing date. This will allow us to proactively communicate the most current updates prior to your travels. If there are additional changes that occur between days 15 and your sailing date, we will send you and your travel advisor an email communication together with updated eDocs. We will also post the latest information on our website as updates occur. We understand that this timing is very tight, but believe this is the best timeline to ensure your embarkation goes smoothly. We look forward to welcoming you aboard for a voyage of enriching discovery and authentic beauty. Kind regards, Barbara Muckermann Chief Commercial Officer
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