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  1. Thanks @blacksmith and @MHF for your impressions. So sorry to hear about the food and the lines! The short-staffing is really unfortunate, too; I hope it wasn't because of quarantine. Did you receive a backpack and water bottle on the cruise? Not that I need more of those, particularly , but I'm wondering if I need to bring them along when I cruise on the Wind this month.
  2. You begin earning credit for "days" as soon as you take your first cruise. p2p doesn't affect that. Once you're a Venetian member, you get a 5% discount on select cruises, but only if you take the d2d pricing.
  3. There have been a few lively threads since this policy started, including this one: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2817410-new-positioning-of-fare-options-door-to-door-or-port-to-port/?do=findComment&comment=62528629 I thinks the policy works if you happen to like a cruise that has been discounted. I'm going on one in a month that I'm getting for about half of its original offering price because I'm willing to do p2p. No complaints about this, but yes, your particular situation isn't ideal.
  4. Thanks for †he great details on this process @LeeW I don't have a laptop and it sounds like angling the camera would be impossible on a hotel business center's desktop. So does anyone think it could actually work on a phone if I simply connect to the internet via the Chrome browser? Isn't that kind of the same as using a real computer?
  5. This just seems stupid! I don't suppose they'd give you the air and transfer credits for both of your d2d trips. Are you booking via Silversea or a TA? I would insist that they ask their manager if within Silversea. If they say no, I'd just do the one-way p2p and fly myself home from Montreal.
  6. It looks like you have the p2p option on only one of the segments, so I guess the d2d segment gets you home--or you take the air credit and the transfer credit for a reduction on the d2d rack rate. Be sure you get the 5% discount for back to back sailings. IMO, the p2p is a clear yes when you are booking close to the sailing date; the refundable deposit will not help you much within 150 days prior to sailing.
  7. Thanks @sea bright - yes, I have a small stockpile of the free tests our state provides, and it turns out you can simply purchase the proctoring separately. iHealth says you need a real computer with a Chrome browser, rather than a phone. I'm scratching my head over that one because it seems like I could just open Chrome on my Google phone and be good to go. At least there's testing at the Lisbon airport as a fallback, though. Or maybe the CDC will drop the test requirement. . .
  8. Thanks for those tips and links, @jpalbny and @jollyjones . It's nice to know there's testing at the airport if tech fails!
  9. I was thinking about this scenario too, and I think you're right. I was so sorry to read that you tested positive, but WOW--it sounds like Silversea treated you very well. Even so, 7 days of isolation would require a lot of patience! Thanks so much for your detailed response. I like being able to spin through the various scenarios if that dreaded news were to come my way.
  10. So I think I understand this, but would love confirmation and any anecdotes about a couple of things I have to look forward to when I cruise on the Wind in a month from Athens to Lisbon. In the EU, and entering Portugal specifically, does Silversea still give everyone an antigen test the day before the end of the cruise? If a passenger fails that test, is it presumed that you're sent off the ship and into quarantine in the disembarkation city? (I assume Silversea is not in the habit of letting a passenger ride out the quarantine onboard at the end of a cruise, as we saw earlier.) Does anyone know the quarantine period for Portugal? I'm staying one night in a hotel as part of the cruise package. Is there any way that Silversea would give me another antigen test on the day we disembark, so that I can use it as the required test to return to the US? (I'll be prepared to do the video-monitored iHealth test, as I'm unsure about finding a commercially-available test on a Sunday in Lisbon.) Thanks in advance if you have any info! I know it could all change in 4-6 weeks, but I want to know roughly what to expect. I'm finally letting it sink in that this cruise might actually happen, and the travel jitters are setting in. . .
  11. Welcome! It sounds like you're primed to enjoy your expedition! I will sail on the Wind at the end of May and will try to post a bit about my experience--it's her maiden voyage as an expedition ship, so nobody knows much about her details in this new role.
  12. The Expedition Team gives you booties along with the full suit. In Greenland, I often wore my hiking shoes instead of the boots. The guides bring a barrel where everyone stows life jackets, and you can just leave your boots there as well.
  13. I haven't cruised since Silversea started the included excursion program, but I will mention that this last day transfer/tour can be a good way to spend your onboard credit if you have any. We've bought the airport transfer + tour twice because we had time to kill, and it was a good way to see the arrival city and not have to deal with baggage.
  14. Honestly, Silversea needs to do a better job proofreading! This is not the first confusing email posted here. Thanks for the update, @lesliedrew, and please let us know how it goes in Athens with the testing. I'm sailing from there on May 28 so it's a relief to hear that pier side complimentary testing will be available.
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