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  1. I agree with the OP in post #1. I have had Covid. I know I got it from being in school 5 days a week with students. I was not one of the people who were asymptomatic. I was in a bed for almost two weeks with one run to the hospital. My concern isn’t necessarily about me getting Covid again, and I probably should be worried about it, but my concern is if there is an outbreak not involving me, how is that handled and how does that affect the rest of my vacation. Do we miss the rest of the ports and head back? Are we quarantined in our staterooms? That’s my concern with having it be a free for a
  2. Yeah that looks good. The steak looked a little on the well side tonight again. Was it good?
  3. I could use this in my life right now. What’s for dinner tonight?
  4. I'm glad dinner was finally good because the food hadn't appeared to be amazing yet. Being in sun and on the beach cures a lot but if the food is average, that would be a big negative. Do you find yourself wanting more entertainment yet?
  5. We all have passports in our family. We have had them for cruises but now we are going to be heading to Austria in 2022 for my son's wedding. His fiance' is Austrian and we look forward to going to her hometown in the Alps for the wedding. I have both the passport booklet and the card. I keep the passport card on the boat for if/when the Canadian border opens. We venture up to Canada on occasion on one day trips. Don't leave home without it. It's just not hard to get a passport. It's good for ten years. I don't understand the aversion to having one.
  6. We also sailed on the Victory and Liberty out of San Juan. This is a fantastic itinerary and our favorite embarkation port. I would hope another ship will find its way there.
  7. After our Magic cruise was cancelled for April it's now going to be the Glory out of NOLA on 10/17/21. Added the drink package deal to this when I received the email. Will wait to book anything else for the future.
  8. We have two on the books for 2021. April, now on the Magic, 8 day to the southern Caribbean. Originally this was supposed to be on the Breeze. We also have Oct on the Glory out of New Orleans. Not terribly optimistic about the April cruise.
  9. Work day vibes. Currently 82 and breezy with winds out of the SW about 15 knots.
  10. We are booked for two in 2021. We will see how that goes. We are now on the Magic in April taking over the 8 day itinerary from the Breeze and just booked Oct 2021 on the Glory out of New Orleans. I hope at some point things calm down and we will be able to sail. Need something to look forward too. We miss our off peak trips.
  11. I fully understand what a staycation is. We aren't going anywhere. Working, sleeping and eating on the boat all summer. At least it's summer and the weather is nice. Otherwise I'd just be moving from room to room in the house. We aren't leaving the state for the near future.
  12. Update. So here we are at the end of June staycation. It's a warm one today Not even sure I should be counting down to our Breeze cruise in April. Until then, it's sun and fun on the water all summer. I just need to find someone to bring me food drinks food. It's not quite 100,000 tons but it works.
  13. This is our summer staycation. Unfortunately I have to cook for us instead of being served. The drinks are cheaper and much heavier pours.
  14. We are on the 8 day Breeze to HMC, Grand Turk, Bonaire and Aruba in April. We are beach people and this just seems like a great beach itinerary. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X304F using Tapatalk
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