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  1. As an unbiased cockapoo mummy I would say they are just wonderful. However don’t be lulled into a false sense of security - they are full of energy, are mischievous, clever in getting their own way and generally just love life and their family. X
  2. I’m sorry to hear about that and hope grandson and SIL continue with mild symptoms. I hope the vaccine hesitant mother feels a tad guilty.
  3. Oh no….. That's so frustrating. It certainly looks like a major IT issue at Tesco and it seems like loads of people have the same problem as you. Tinternet is grand when it works, but when it goes wrong……🥵 Gill x
  4. Hello Avril, Sorry to hear you’ve had one of those nights. I dropped off to sleep soon after Strictly but then woke about 5am. Mind you the dog was quite happy to go out for an early patrol of the garden…… Hopefully you’ll get a good catch up sleep tonight. Gill x
  5. Oh my goodness - such cute photos. They will be such close friends…… But, be warned, Teddy will take over all your lives (and I speak from experience 😂)
  6. So sorry to hear about your Dad. Your Mum is obviously, and very understandably, fretting - a difficult time for all. Hopefully your Dad is getting good care and will soon be home. Make sure you look after yourself. Gill x
  7. There was a very funny comedian on Aurora in the 00s called Nicky Martin (I think) who always referred to the her as the Horora and used to recite a very funny poem at the end of the cruise life on board.
  8. Sorry to hear that news Graham. Hopefully the next appointment will come sooner than you think. Gill x
  9. My first cruise was on Victoria in 1991 (she was called Sea Princess then). A lovely ship. It was all set dining then and no-one disappeared from the tables to eat somewhere else. Many of the tables were hosted by officers or the entertainment team. Lots of change in 30 years. Some good (freedom dining, more affordable balconies), some not so good (eg ships too big, cost cutting) - but still a great way to travel and see the world.
  10. Best wishes to you and Pauline on a sad day. Those anniversaries never get any easier. Gill x
  11. Yes, I have read it and very interesting and informative but it looks like that thread has now been locked. Be good if P&O could copy Seabourn’s example especially as all part of Carnival.
  12. Seabourn seem to be dealing with a bad situation as well as they can from reading their forum on here.
  13. Food looks lovely and well deserved after successful shoe shopping. I moved to Dorset three weeks ago and am a couple of miles north of Poole. I love it here too. Gill x
  14. Hope you successful with shoe / boot shopping! I’m only a few miles from Bournemouth and it’s sunny here so maybe a paddle to relieve tired feet afterwards….?
  15. Oh yes. The flaming cherries jubilee were lovely and a great favourite of mine since my first cruise P&O cruise 30 years ago……. Suspect the amount of brandy poured in became too costly! I also heard that the Baked Alaska was withdrawn due to H&S (one fell on a passenger apparently 😂). Altho silver service is lovely if on a small table it often meant on a table of 8 that your meal was cold by the time all the veg had been served. Gill x
  16. Have a lovely time. Wise decision re transfer coach!
  17. Oh no. I am so sorry to hear about your dog……they are so precious and such loyal friends. X
  18. Everyone who took part in the trials etc are absolute heroes in my book. So thank you….. Goodness knows what life would be like without the vaccine.
  19. Sadly I think we have to forget what it was like pre Covid as it is never going to revert to what we loved and enjoyed so much. Because cruising is such a wonderful way to travel, I will cruise again, but not yet. As a solo I want to be sure that I can sit at a table for 6 or 8 and enjoy other people’s company without worrying I may catch something that might end up curtailing my cruise. My guess is the booking of restaurants and other venues plus theatre via the “app” is here to stay. I would not do a long /world cruise again but am hoping to return to my beloved Aurora on a cruise before she is retired. Gill
  20. This thread had been great and it has been so wonderful to get to know all of you and long may it continue! It has helped so many of us during the ups and downs of the last 18 months and given me many chuckles for varying reasons 🙄 Gill x
  21. That went thru my mind too……😢
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