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  1. A sea sickness tablet like Avomine or Phenargen will also give you a very good night’s sleep!
  2. I remember when everything was sent to you - tickets, luggage labels and the great excitement of receiving the tours brochure six or seven weeks before sailing. Some changes are good, but some (and I totally agree re luggage labels) have not. The labels sent generally with tours brochure never tore or fell off like the ones I print off do!
  3. Despite it being a horrid day for you - it might actually have been a big turning point for you in starting to step back from all that you do. Good luck. Gill x
  4. If you look at the Seabourn CC site (Post. “Seabourn not accepting UK passport holders”) there are posts from UK passport holders that have been denied boarding Seabourn Ovation based in Athens for the next few weeks because of insurance issues. It appears to be a current issue with travelling against the advice of UK FCDO advice. Friends of mine were bumped off this cruise with 48 hrs notice last week so I know it to be true. Lets hope it’s just a one off…..
  5. I got the challenge tower fan yesterday (my dog was pictured lying in front of it on earlier post). It is 28” high, it oscillates and cost £31 and I have to say worth every penny and it is quiet.
  6. What I wouldn’t give to be doing that right now…… x
  7. 30c here so just been to collect a cooling fan tower which both me and the dog are greatly appreciating. This morning I said local shops and customers all wearing masks. Not so in Sainsbury’s a few miles away where they do Argos click and collect. As I was waiting several young men were at the tills buying multipacks of beer and without exception none of them wore masks……
  8. Just been down to local shops. All staff appear to be wearing masks and they asking customers to wear them too. Looks like people are happy to comply - but I suppose there will always be a few!
  9. Under “normal” circumstances I’d say go alone….. But if not currently allowed to freely mix with other passengers and only three nights I’d suggest finding someone to share with who is double vaxxed and doesn’t snore!
  10. Just a quick post to say look after yourself and maybe suggest to in-laws they have carers in on a temporary basis whilst you sort out house move. If they think only for a few weeks they may be more amenable to it and then find it works well for them. If you become poorly they’ll have no option. Sending a hug. Gill x
  11. Totally agree, but it does no harm to use everything on offer. No substitute for hand washing tho.
  12. Totally agree with all you say re the buffet. We all been witness to some dreadful hygiene behaviour there! In the Casino i have always used the gel and wipes if I’ve fancied losing some money in there as have long thought it a source of spreading Noro.
  13. Well worth having keyhole……. Hopefully she will sleep like a log tonight. x
  14. I hope your pup is not too sore and doesn’t mess with her wound. Glad all is well after the op and bet you will be glad to have her home with you again.
  15. Really nice to hear that a large majority are getting “dressed up” for the formal/gala/celebration night. I really think that it enhances the cruise experience for all (but I appreciate that this is a purely personal opinion).
  16. I agree. I’m not a fan of Djokovic but he did deserve to win.
  17. Don’t worry about it. I did it myself last week with an 18 month old thread!
  18. That’s exactly how I feel Sharon and I’ve been at the Black and White Ball in Carmens on Aurora and there were couples dancing in what I would wear at the beach…….
  19. I bought my tablets in Boots ( A Vogel was the brand, but don’t think it matters). £5 for 40 tablets.
  20. Oops. So sorry about that everyone…🙄 Didn’t spot the date. I was just going down all my unread posts and got a bit carried away……..
  21. I totally agree. I always take Echinacea for 2 weeks before the cruise and also during cruise. It certainly does no harm and I have found it beneficial too.
  22. It’s great to be able to dress up and wear something different to what has been worn every day for the last 18 months. Very envious of everyone off on a cruise and wish you all a fabulous time.
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