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  1. As long as your dob, first and last name match on all your documents you are fine. My son's middle name is on his passport but not on anything else. We cruised last month with no problem
  2. To hopefully ease your stress...we had our appts this morning, had ID NOW test at Walgreens done at 9:30 and our results were in at 9:53 & 10:12 am
  3. I sail Saturday, got the email yesterday but it wasn't available to complete right then. I checked some time after 2 am, it was available then.
  4. Thank you SO much. What's your itinerary? And definitely HAVE A BLAST! 😁
  5. Fish bowl is at Red Frog Pub usually on Promenade. Red Frog Rum bar (on Lido) is different
  6. I will be getting on on the 23rd too 😁 which is why I'm trying to find out now. But thank you SO much for the offer. That's sweet 🙂 if all else fails I will just order it the day before we leave, hopefully my order doesn't get cancelled
  7. No they don't cost $20. In July a YouTuber said it was $59.95. Online now it says $69.95, plus over $10 delivery fee. It would be nice if i could SAVE approx $20 if i can purchase it on the ship....that's what i meant by getting it for 20 less
  8. That's the 1st place i checked. Not many on the current one. And no roll call for the next one. I'm going on the next one so i was trying to find out for the last one before i go
  9. Yeah I see it online. But it was a lot for delivery fee. And back in July it was 59.95 onboard. If I can get it for $20 less that would be great. Who doesn't like to save money...They didn't have any 3 wks ago on the Vista
  10. Can anyone recently sailed on the Dream tell me if they had the bluetooth ship speaker available? They didn't have it on the Vista 3 weeks ago. They acted like they had no idea what i was talking about but at least 1 youtuber purchased in at the restart. Anyway just wondering if it is available right now & maybe how much is it, $60 or $70?
  11. super fast & easy! I just bought one a little over a week ago to pay for a last minute cruise on the 4th. i got the e card email before the allstate receipt email 😃
  12. They sell silicone straws at several bars on the ship, Blue Iguana, Red Frog & Atrium bar for sure. In a capsule with a cleaning brush cost $5 both in blue & red but they are pretty thin. They also had thicker ones in blue only, straw only for $1....I kept losing them smh! Forgetting them in my cup or staff taking them before i noticed. The first capsule fell out on the sky ride. Arif at the Blue Iguana Tequila bar gave me a couple, i would tip him more when he did.
  13. I've done the no call thing as well but it did not involve Cheers. The op asked about Cheers. I offered responded to him/her with my experience
  14. Well this is what carnival told me directly. I called to ask specifically about Cheers because it was over $300 we would be losing. I was told to call back before embarkation day if possible. Yes i am aware that i could've called back & gotten a completely different answer. But point blank that's what a Carnival rep told me not what someone else told me, heard or read somewhere.
  15. I had this question last month. I called carnival. They told me to call before embarkation day to let them know 1 person wasn't going so they could refund it. At that point we weren't sure if my sil would get his military leave approved
  16. carnival only offered unlimited for a short time. now they only have 3 pkgs, 5 - 10 - 15 some include a 16x20. i'm on the same sailing as you yay
  17. You can add it on the ship either at guest services or using the kiosk. I use the kiosk, never a line. It's fast and easy just follow instructions on the screen
  18. i got one, the email subject was we miss you already come back soon. my rate was $25 pp plus port fees and taxes. total came out to 499 with gratuities included. we sail in 3 weeks, got off last week so literally 1 month later. but i'm the only one in our group that got it. can't explain why though
  19. If you can access your cruse documents the changes should be on there. My daughter's was canceledwithout notice. I lucked out that print docs link was active for a few days. If not your pvp should be able to look it up. They have access to your entire booking
  20. by muster station, no priority BUT it's not enforced at all
  21. Love it! I was on another cruise line that only did the goodbye one. It was SO boring
  22. 😄 yes it was. I normally don't answer numbers that arent in my contacts. Walgreens sent the notification in the app as if it was a prescription. So a call was a bit concerning. My heart skipped a beat
  23. YES! Got my results when i was driving to work, it was a call...weird! But OMG i was so excited! Then my daughter called, she's having trouble getting rapid in her area so the stressing continues for her LoL but we sail Saturday woo-hoo!!!! Have fun mrpayroll you deserve it more than me, i was lucky none cancelled.
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