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  1. I found this on YouTube a while back. Definitely looks like they do celebrate on board...
  2. I'm so glad that CMH got rid of the "Cowtown" merchandise. Columbus has a hard enough time shedding that image without selling t-shirts and magnets in the airport. Sorry you won't be on this sailing. The silver lining is you won't miss any good college football games lol.
  3. I haven't yet but I intend to. I did a brief search for this cruise on the roll call page a days back and yielded no results but I wasn't exactly trying my hardest to find it. We enjoyed the "Meet & Greet" we did on the Divina. in September 2017. On the subject of Halloween, I'm hoping they play a couple horror movies in the theater. When we were on the Divina they had a nightly Jack Nicholson film series that was a lot of fun and was unique compared to a lot of the onboard cinema I've experienced. I'm not sure if Trick or Treating is a thing in Europe/Italy but I'd love to see some European Halloween flair since that's one of the reasons we enjoyed MSC so much the first time, it felt distinctly un-American (aka Carnival, which we've enjoyed previously).
  4. You've certainly got a great cruise ahead and you'll get a little bit over everything going north and then heading south. We had thought about doing the New England/Canada cruise but repositioning angle really sold us on the cruise departing on 10/28/19. See you onboard!
  5. Sailing on the Meraviglia repositioning cruise from NYC to Miami on October 28th. This will be our second MSC cruise and our first on the Meraviglia and our first over a "major" holiday. We're looking forward to there hopefully being some Halloween festivities onboard. A YouTube video showed some Michael Jackson Thriller crew dancing, on the Divina I believe, but we're curious what else we may get to experience. Thanks!
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