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  1. We were in E609 for the Splendor inaugural cruise; loved it. No noticeable noise from either elevator or the stairs - it's off-set between them by a nice distance. As mentioned above super-convenient.
  2. We have done 18 Regent cruises (but never on the Navigator); we adore the Regent experience. We did the Splendor's first cruise, from Barcelona to Miami - MAGNIFICENT ship and cabins! I believe that F1 or F2 cabins are unbeatable deals on Explorer and especially on the Splendor. For Miami to Miami, I wouldn't think of a Concierge cabin as there are lots of transportation and hotel options you can arrange yourself at a far less cost. Never had trouble getting specialty restaurant dinner reservations on Explorer or Splendor (Hint: try one the night of embarkation) if I was flexible on time; als
  3. Yes, our night tour was separate - by "Tours by Locals - private to the 2 of us. So much NEON!!!!
  4. You should be at the Hilton about 7-7:30AM. There's interesting things to keep you busy (if you're not too tired) within a few blocks of the Hilton until your room is available. During our free time, we did: a large Mall with several department stores (we were fascinated with the food displays); a local shopping street (with a "Japanese" McDs and a "100 Yen" store); a lovely shrine/graveyard; a small art museum (with Van Gogh's "Irises"), a high rise office overlook of the city, etc. Very nice tourist maps on the street corners. Lots of nearby lunch choices. Again, I recommend a night tour - u
  5. This i some of what I posted here on May, 17, 2019 about our mariner cruise from Tokyo to Vancouver. "Pre-Cruise Adventure. The included “Sunrise Over Tokyo” was unexpectedly delightful and the best organized (yes I know, it is Japan) of the several pre-cruises that we have done with Regent. Not terribly fast-paced which nicely matched our conditions after a 15 hour flight and a 13 hour time change. Tokyo Hilton was beautiful; provided very nice breakfasts to about 250 of us and was nicely located for night time adventure – we did a wonderful 3 hour “Shinjuku by Night” with “Tour
  6. I can help a little. Was in Cabin 609 on Splendor from Barcelona to Miami and had no discomfort from motion, and I am a "poor sailor". I rarely go above Deck 7!
  7. Was on Splendor in February; our concierge cabin had a stand-alone shower AND a tub. We love the E and F cabins on Explorer and on Splendor.
  8. Marc: Mary and I took the Hermitage tours with both Regent and Viking River - yes, just OK, BUT also took a small group tour with Viking of the Hermitage warehouses for about 4 hours - FANTASTIC. Don't know if that is still available with a private guide. We rate our Faberge visit (during a stay on our own) the BEST of our experiences (and they were many enjoyable ones) in St Petersburg. Last visit with Regent, we were docked a good ways from town and traffic was horrendous - so I wouldn't do a city on my own now.
  9. Sorry, posted on another thread before I remembered this one. Rest of our partial refund posted on VISA this AM on 8/15 (but was received by Chase on 8/12 as Regent reported). Cruise for July 2020 cancelled by Regent on 5/20/2020. Opted for FFC on 5/25 ; was told by our TA the partial refund amount (for taxes, port fees, etc.) to be refunded within 90 days. Received 2 credits to CCs on 7/21 (57 days from our decision on FFC vs. total refund). Received 2 more credits to CCs on 8/12 (79 days days from our decision on FFC vs. total refund). Total of the
  10. Yeah! Rest of our partial refund posted on VISA this AM on 8/15 (but was received by Chase on 8/12 as Regent reported). Cruise for July 2020 cancelled by Regent on 5/20/2020. Opted for FFC on 5/25 ; was told by our TA the partial refund amount (for taxes, port fees, etc.) to be refunded within 90 days. Received 2 credits to CCs on 7/21 (57 days from our decision on FFC vs. total refund). Received 2 more credits to CCs on 8/12 (79 days days from our decision on FFC vs. total refund). Total of the 4 credits matches the amount told us by our TA (amounted to ab
  11. I totally agree! DW is a terrific cook and a superb baker - if it was just for the food, I'd prefer to eat at home but she loves "being pampered" (including not having to cook). We've met MANY interesting and enjoyable dinner companions on our Regent cruises. DW rates the freshly prepared luncheon pastas with a slice from the carving table as her favorite among the many dishes she enjoys on Regent THE OFTEN DENSE cupcakes are what gets her ire!
  12. What a MESS! Based upon Marc's post, I checked my Regent account before lunch yesterday. My July 2021 cruise showed September 20th (300 days prior to sailing) instead of the previously- indicated October date. After lunch, I decided to prepare for the September selection - the account then showed July 7th (365 days prior to cruise) instead of September! I decided to reserve a few "must haves". Silly me! The site is "difficult" in the best of times; now it is GRRRRRR! It took 28 minutes to reserve an "included" excursion. Even with our $1400 of SBC, an attempt to reserve a Regent Choice e
  13. Marc- I don't remember the details BUT I know that Mary and I didn't limit our laundry - we sent out 1 or 2 VERY full bags every other day. When "free" laundry for all was announced, I was concerned about the turn-around but Regent kept "next day" service. It's interesting to see the NEW SSS benefits! What happened to pressing for Gold and Platinum? Am getting the feeling that we should give Viking a try!
  14. We were on a Explorer cruise last year where everyone got "free" laundry - it didn't change what we (SSS Platinum) were allowed or the turnaround time.
  15. We have done 18 Regent cruises; about 6 were in Concierge. Lots of personal preferences and consideration of SS Society status went into those decisions.We did Barcelona to Miami (via San Juan) in February 2020 on the Splendor in our favorite Concierge Cabin 608 (or 610) and with Regent Air. You have already gotten lots of good info but here's my opinion on the info you requested: 1. You have a terrific itinerary for a cool weather TA and might get a lot of use for your balcony so a larger Concierge cabin might be of benefit. (it also has the minor benefit of a cashmere blanket and binoc
  16. We had a July, 18, 2020 cruise on Explorer for 18-days to Iceland cancelled by Regent; they offered us a Price Match in same cabin category on 2 "similar" cruises in July 2021. One was a 12-day, Voyager to Iceland. No Way could this could be anywhere equivalent to our original cruise. In fact, a same size cabin on the 2021 cruise would use up all of the 25%FCC! The other offered cruise with Price Match was 18-days on the Splendor in Norway and the Baltic- a great deal for us (hopefully it'll happen). It was same size cabin at cost of previous cruise. If it wasn't for this offer and a
  17. I posted the following on April 26th on a Wendy-the Wandered thread: "DW and I have been thrilled with our 18 Regent cruises and have looked forward to the 4 more that are booked (1 paid for) BUT we will not cruise again until there is a vaccine that puts our health risk about what the flu season does. Furthermore, I won't do a "luxury" cruise that isn't "luxury" - no masks, no social distance restrictions and probably no "letter from my physician". I would accept a requirement for a letter stating that we have gotten an annual Flu and COVIDXX shot. Otherwise, we will spend the sig
  18. My DW, who hasn't been in a store or restaurant for almost 143 days, commented: "sounds TOO SHORT"! Looking forward to hearing the boat, the itinerary and the benies.
  19. Editorial revision to my post above: "We only use standard cabins which are too small for us on the Mariner on extended cruises." Again, the "F" cabins on the Explorer or the Splendor are magnificent for long voyages.
  20. We've done 18 regent cruises including the Splendor's Maiden voyage (a TA), 6 on the Explorer, and 5 on the Mariner. Here's MY OPINIONs: Until the Splendor cruise, the Explorer was my favorite ship BUT Splendor is a great improvement on even the Explorer. For cruises with many sea days, Splendor can't be beat. For itineraries with lots of shore time it still would be my favorite. The "F" cabins are great value! We use only standard cabins which are too small for us on extended cruises. For 7 to 14-day, scenic cruises, like Alaska and Norway, I'd prefer Mariner and probably als
  21. Unbelievable! Regent refund for our Deposit on 01/20/2021 Explore cruise from Auckland to Hong Kong. We canceled on 6/17 and were advised deposit would be returned within 90 days. Chase said refund was made on 6/23; I didn't see it until this morning. Mixed feeling - happy to get money promptly but it reminds me of our "lost" cruise.
  22. Yes, so many enjoyable experiences. Our best ,New Year's Eve EVER was on the then new Explorer via the Panama Canal. Our last Regent cruise, our 18th, was the Splendor's "Maiden" voyage - Magnificent - beautiful ship, great weather, terrific shipmates and Regent went all out and made it truly memorable. Next cruise is July 2021 on the Splendor in the Baltic with our youngest grandchild; can't come soon enough!
  23. Other Posters recently mentioned a Regent “Explorer Exotics Issue” brochure. Mine ( DW’s really; she also get’s birthday cards from Regent) arrived yesterday. Yes, it’s a marketing ploy with lots of the standard Regent stuff but I thought that it was a terrific read. I went through it in the late afternoon as I sat in our back yard under our new tent watching the sun go down. Far from a six PM visit to the Observation Lounge on a Regent ship but I had a tall glass of Pinot Grigio (my usual first Regent alcoholic quaff of the day) but, alas, with Triscuit crackers instead of Regent cana
  24. Yes, hundreds of them - they just Don't charge fees! You'll be amazed at the number of talented, congenial folks with top-of -the line cameras that willing to take photos of/for you.
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