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  1. It's called *****. It's not a travel agency so it's fine to mention.
  2. Sure, I get that, and I've referred to the naming as unfortunate on many occasions. But once inside the stateroom, any reasonable person must realize that the jig is up and there really isn't an exterior space. Thankfully, OP has figured this out prior to sailing while there may still be options.
  3. I don't know what it is about IV cabins that makes some people so delusional.
  4. What you describe was the process I experienced on Meraviglia last month.
  5. Setting realistic expectations shouldn’t require posting on an internet forum. That said, I’m glad that, after comments in this thread, OP’s children suddenly acquired characteristics that will serve them well on Celebrity
  6. Exactly. I don’t know why this is so complicated. Enable wifi calling on your mobile phone, purchase an internet package on board, and you’re always available in case of emergency. It’s simple and responsible.
  7. Before I booked my Meraviglia cruise, I spent upwards of an hour researching the area school calendars. That research led me to book the 3/17/24 sailing. In choosing to sail on Easter Sunday, you never really had a chance.
  8. Ah, once again we are like-minded as this was pretty much what I was going to post. Not knowing OP's children, all we have to go on is their posted comment, which seems to indicate that yes, they made the wrong choice. I suspect, however, that all will survive the trauma of an Alaskan cruise on Celebrity.
  9. Last month while on a cruise, I had no problem sending and receiving txts with a friend who has an android device. I have an iPhone that was in airplane mode with wifi enabled.
  10. Thank you. This is exactly the kind of information I'm looking for.
  11. Your mobile phone number.
  12. My last Celebrity cruise was on Summit. We went through 3 different stateroom attendants. Issues finally subsided when we got to #3.
  13. Chef Lisa was on board last month. Food was very good.
  14. Nope. Anyone from any deck or stateroom class can walk right up to the door of any Retreat suite. There is no “enclave” for Retreat staterooms.
  15. I was following along. Thanks for both reviews. Yes all Retreat staterooms are in public areas of the ship on all Celebrity ships. I did enjoy the true ship within a ship concept in YC.
  16. No thanks. That’s clearly your lane. I’ll stick to asking reasonable questions.
  17. Yes, down 1 deck and pay the specialty dining fee. Your question doesn’t get any less inane the more times you ask it.
  18. We went to the Captain's welcome party, which was well attended. One of the singers and a couple of the dancers performed. We enjoyed it. High Tea was on the last sea day and was pleasant, even though the ship was really rocking and rolling on our way back to Brooklyn. We didn't visit the casino, which is typical for us.
  19. Our butler was Faisol and his assistant was Roque. Both excellent. I can’t recall the Somm’s name. We let our waiter handle the wine for the most part.
  20. Thanks. Your comments have me warming up to the idea.
  21. I have 2 daughters getting married in the next 13 months, so I have 0 cruises booked 🤑
  22. Answering my own question: I just found another Meraviglia technical sheet via google and it says 103 YC cabins. cc: @Two Wheels Only
  23. Interesting, thanks. So does that mean that the Meraviglia YC cabin count is actually higher than 95 as well?
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