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  1. You need to create a Navica account. Either via their app or via the emed.com website.
  2. I miss the Ameriprise Amex Platinum which was free with no hoops to jump through. I've considered your "engagement bonus" version but haven't gotten around to it yet. Soon though. It's a good deal.
  3. Timing, likely, now that the cruise has been shortened. Bimini/Nassau is much closer to Florida than Cozumel.
  4. IME purchased OBC is refundable. If you don't take it in cash, whatever is left will be credited to the card on file. Just make sure that card is not the same Amex card you used to buy the OBC. Amex might (probably will) claw back the $150 if they see a credit from Celebrity.
  5. Rapid test is fine. https://www.celebritycruises.com/healthy-at-sea/faqs
  6. Not even a bubble for me. It was bone dry. Backstory FWIW: When I ordered the 3-pack, they only sent 2. I had to call customer service to have them send a third. It was that third test (from a different lot) that had the empty bottle. The telemed professional took note of the lot #. I'll call customer service later to see if they can refund me.
  7. Travel days used to be the most stressful days for me. Not any more. That's been supplanted by "Covid Test Day." Today was that day for me. A few weeks ago, I ordered a 3-pack of home tests for me and my wife from Optum through Celebrity's link. The third test was intended to be a backup and I'm glad I spent the extra money. One of the activator liquid bottles was empty, invalidating the kit, and I needed to use the third one. Did I mention how stressed I already was? Thankfully, the third kit was fine and we both tested negative. Moral: Have AT LEAST one backup plan. Beyond the extra test kit, I had identified a local walk-in testing site from a flyer I received in the mail (it seemed sketchy but I would have tried it if necessary) AND we both had CVS appointments for later in the day (now cancelled) just in case. Time to exhale, then start packing.
  8. It's the CDC standard. There's no reason to believe that X has veered from CDC guidelines just on this one issue while adhering to them in every other respect.
  9. Purchasing chips at the casino with a credit card might incur a fee, I'm not sure. I wouldn't go this route. Better to purchase $500 of OBC prior to your cruise and use that OBC to purchase casino chips.
  10. For contact tracing, one needs to be within 6 feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more. That's an awful lot of elevator rides with the same person.
  11. Go to Guest Services on the last day of your cruise. They will give you cash for unused refundable OBC.
  12. Nope. You can simply purchase $500 worth of OBC using the Amex card with the offer. You don't even need to spend any of the OBC while on board. Just cash out on the last day of your cruise.
  13. @TeeRick never used the word "free." That said, they are free for Royal Suite and above.
  14. This is a case study in how to minimize the value of Amex Membership Rewards points. Don't ever use these points in the manner described above. Every time I've redeemed points, it's been for AT LEAST 1.5 cents per point. Most often this has been with transfers to Delta, British Airways, or Air France. If you want to simply cash them out, get a Charles Schwab Amex Platinum and deposit your points into Schwab for 1.1 cents per point. Still better than the redemption methods described in the quoted post.
  15. Rest assured that, despite the fine print, purchasing OBC will work.
  16. It's because of posts like this that the home test I ordered from Optum is my primary plan and CVS is my backup instead of vice versa. CVS (Minute Clinic) is simply unreliable.
  17. These are highly targeted offers. No one knows how the marketing algorithm determines who is targeted. Getting an ordinary Blue card may or may not help. The only Amex card I have left is the Amex Everyday (no annual fee) and I have the offer.
  18. You're assuming that the unavailable cabins are booked as opposed to blocked for sale.
  19. I recall taking advantage of this for an existing booking last time it was offered by buying myself $500 of refundable OBC prior to my cruise. I don't recall exactly how I did that or if it is still possible.
  20. Good luck trying to convince your local board of health of this when they call you after your positive test result. How do you think this story ends if you answer that call from a cruise ship?
  21. Agree 100%. I might pay $300-400pp to upgrade from SS to CS on Edge, but no more than that. The $800pp minimum move up bid was a non-starter. On the other hand, the $2,000pp minimum bid for an Edge Villa was tempting.
  22. Explain your situation to the Maitre D' and ask to be seated away from other passengers. I have no doubt that they would accommodate you. Stay safe and enjoy your cruise.
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