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  1. In the last 10 years or so that I have cruised, the only announcements I remember being broadcast directly into the cabin were from the Captain. All related to issues of more importance than the daily Trivia Game. 1 was a medical evacuation and the other 2 were related to ongoing issues around virus outbreaks, namely the H1N1 (which caused our entire cruise to be redirected) and an onboard outbreak of the Norovirus. As with a previous poster, if we wanted to hear other announcements we had to open the door.
  2. No noise from the stairs or elevators, per se. But we once had a cabin near that center stairway and could hear the party going on in the Atrium area. Specifically the drums and loud bass of the band. We were on deck 8 so we were only a couple of floors away from the action. I don't recall it being that big a deal, but we could hear it.
  3. I have done laundry on a cruise, but I really don't like doing it. In fact, I don't like doing laundry at all. If I have to do wash on a ship it's because the trip is longer than 2 weeks and I've run out of clothes. So, no I don't do laundry on the ship for the express purpose of arriving home with clean clothes. In fact, my suitcase usually sits, untouched, for several days after I get home. I guess I'm hoping for that mythical genie to come and do it. LOL. Fortunately I have enough clothes that it doesn't matter.
  4. My 2 sisters and I went. The photographer took several dozen photos, the 3 of us in several poses and then each one of us individually in different poses. We only wanted 1 good portrait and said no to a package, instead chosing the one photo we liked best. We bought the digital format for $300. Sounds expensive but it is a really nice photo of the 3 of us and we can make more copies if we wish which adds to the value. The point being is after the sitting you can choose which photos and which package you want. Or just one. Side story; we had such a good time with this young man. He was so much fun. And yeah, I get that he was trying to sell us a larger package. Anyway, he happened to be around one night when all the photo stations were set up. We called out to him to come and have his picture taken with us and he was more than willing. We now have a very nice photo of the 3 of us (3 older women) with this handsome young man. Got lots of comments from the kids in our family, "Ummm, Mom, Auntie. Who is the man in this picture?" Made us giggle.
  5. I have stayed in an obstructed view on that class of ship with my 2 sisters. It is doable. It helps if you like each other, LOL. I have found in the past I have actually brought more stuff than clothing thinking I needed those things to organize. Then found out that not only did I not need them but they were in the way. The over-the-door shoe organizer for instance. The cabin bathrooms are too small to hang anything on the door and it not be in the way. If you want something like that to store things try to find one that hangs in the closet like a hanger. I have one like that and it is great for storing jewelry, cruise cards (now Medallions) and all other kinds of loose items. Love the hook idea and the packing cubes or gallon zip-top baggies for keeping clothing items together so they don't fall all over everyone else's clothes in the storage cabinet. There are 5 shelves in the cabinet. And as stated, start at home and try to not bring so much stuff. Share where you can (shampoo and body wash for example) and then make it a rule that everything has to go back where it's stored after every use. Some photos: The first one shows the shelf below the bathroom sink. The next one is to the left of the mirror. There are 3 more to the right. The next 2 are the closet and the cabinet located in the closet area. The next photo is the bar area. There is a refrigerator behind the door. The last photo is the bedside drawers with 2 drawers and a cubbie, and the desk. Behind the door in the desk are a couple of shelves and there is a second bedside drawer on the other side of the bed. In this photo the bed is in a north/south configuration and set up like a queen bed. I believe when the room has bunks it will be turned the other way with the head of the bed under the window. In this case (and if the bed is in the twin configuration) the drawers will both be between the beds. All together that is 4 drawers, two cubbies and 2 shelves. Hope this helps.
  6. We flew into LaGuardia, took a taxi to a hotel about a block and a half from the World Trade Center Memorial. I can't remember the name, but there are a few in that area. It was within walking distance of the Statue of Liberty ferry, the World Trade Center and a subway station which we used to go to "Broadway" for a play. We used a car service from the hotel to the port at Red Hook.
  7. The way I think about it is how much would the breakfast cost at a restaurant? Twenty dollars, twenty-five? And how much would you tip? 15%, 18%? These folks carry that breakfast a lot farther than the wait staff at a restaurant so I don't think 20% is unreasonable. 20% of 25 dollars is $5. That's what I would do.
  8. I have never checked a second suitcase. Not because I'm opposed to doing so, but because I try to keep things down to what I can personally handle. I have been to Alaska 4 times, usually in July or August. I have seen overcast, drizzly days which do feel cooler. I have also experienced non-stop rain that wasn't all that cold. Except my feet were wet so I felt colder. I have seen days that were warm, sunny and stunningly beautiful. I have also seen it raining unbelievable hard but only on one side of the ship. 🤪 I have never felt so cold that I needed anything more than a sweatshirt or fleece jacket. Except glacier day. On that day I wore the sweatshirt AND the fleece jacket. Layers is the key. And dry shoes, of course. An extra pair or waterproof shoes is advisable. Gloves, too. But, IMHO only 1 suitcase is needed. Just make sure the clothes you wear in Seattle will also work for Alaska. Also, just a note but you can buy sweatshirts and jackets everywhere you go in Alaska, usually at a pretty good price. Makes packing less easier, knowing if you get really cold you can pick one up. Having said all that, if you decide you need a second bag then take it. And don't let anyone else tell you it's too much. The worst that will happen if you're overpacked is you'll come home with stuff you didn't wear. Big deal. It's your vacation. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  9. You get to check out a different port each day. Someone else does the driving. You can do as little or as much as you want both in port or on the ship. Food is plentiful and available anytime you want without having to drive around in circles looking for a restaurant. Your bed is always there waiting for you as well. Basically it's like seeing the world from the comfort of your own "home". Maybe because after a few cruises I feel at home and at the same time still feel quite adventurous (casting off the bowlines so to speak) or maybe it's something about being on the ocean. But, there is no other trip where I feel as free.
  10. I most often travel with one or the other (or maybe both) of my 2 sisters. We don't pack particulary light, but not real heavy either. One suitcase each and a smaller carry-on bag of some sort. Plus purses. We have sailed in mini-suites and also insides and have never really lacked storage space so I don't bring anyting extra for that. I would much rather use my luggage space for clothes. Same with decor of any kind. Maybe for a much longer cruise I might change my mind, but mostly I don't want to waste the space. I do bring a small donut shaped power hub. Non-surge, several outlets and I think 4 USB ports. We share and it's plenty. Most cabins we've been in have three 2 drawer units, 2 by the bed and one by the desk. The insides have a cabinet with shelves rather than drawers by the desk, I think. And there's always some other open shelf areas. We try to share equally and there is always room. I do bring 2 small, collapsible bins from the dollar store for catching all the loose stuff that you end up with. The shelves on either side of the bathroom sink are also split between the 3 of us and has always worked. I carry a travel toothbrush holder and use that for my toothbrush. My sisters both use a baggie for theirs. I also bring a quart baggie filled with my "first-aid" kit. It consists of some band-aids and a small amount of certain OTC medicines. In fact, baggies would probably be my numer one tip. I use them a lot. Even in the closet where there are shelves I put my undies and shirts in either luggage cubes or gallon size baggies so they aren't falling all over everyone else's stuff. I don't carry a hamper, instead use a pillow-size drawstring bag for my dirty clothes. That's about it. Oh, except for the magnet on the walls. We all buy magnet souveniers from every place we've been to and just use those to hang tickets and other paper work on the walls. For comfort the only thing I bring extra is my own pillow. It's a neck pillow and pretty small so packs easily.
  11. One of my favorite "shore excursions" is to just wander around whatever port we're in. Pre-pandemic you were limited only by how far you could walk or what public conveyance was available. The only restriction was time; you needed to get back before the ship sailed! As far as land resorts those are not appealing to me for the most part. I really like being on the ocean. I could stand on the promenade and just stare at the sea forever. Well, not forever, eventually I have to eat. I like waking up in a different port and imagining what the new port will be like and how the day will unfold. I like coming back "home" at the end of the day knowing all I have to do is relax and let someone else do the driving. I like standing on the promenade at sailaway; sometimes local folks will come down to the pier and play music or just wave goodbye. I like talking to people I don't know while in those crazy long lines. I love to hear about all the places they're from, the places they've been, how their trip is going so far and all the different languages and accents. And no, you are definitely not being a bore. Different strokes for different folks as the saying goes. Maybe someday down the road when things are back to normal you can try another cruise and see if you don't change your mind. Until then, enjoy all your journeys whether on land or on sea.
  12. Last cruise was to the British Isles. We stayed in London for a few days before the cruise. It was sooo hard to choose a decent, inexpensive hotel that is also centrally located. The one we finally picked was adequate, but just barely. Stepping on board the ship and going up to our cabin was a real "Ahhhhhhhhhhh" moment. It very much felt like coming home.
  13. I haven't done this on the Majestic but have on other Princess ships. There will be 2 twin beds and 2 bunks. I found the pictures below using Google. They are not specifically the Majestic but are similar I believe.
  14. Well, I took that info directly from the website, see attached PDF. Am I reading it wrong?captains-circle-loyalty-benefits.pdf
  15. I like Princess and will still sail with them regardless of loyalty perks. We always go over the free internet minutes anyway and end buying more. This was sometimes due to overuse but mostly forgetting to log out. Ultimately I think the new internet program will cost us less. Besides my favorite perk, which is priorty boarding, still exists.
  16. I would start here: One 25 inch bag each. One smaller carry-on. Pack for 8 days with most clothes being worn twice. Do laundry half way through and wear twice again. In it's basic form that plan works out to 4 pairs of pants; two warmer weather, two cooler weather. Tops that will work for both temps. Ad one or two tops for much warmer weather and a sweater of fleece to layer up when it's cooler. Rainjacket/windbreaker worn over the sweater or fleece if it gets really colder. That's the basic plan. If you use a 25 inch suitcase there should be plenty of room to add clothes and extras. I carry my own pillow, for instance. And yes, in Alaska there should be no shortage of sweatshirts for sale.
  17. It was pre-cruise in London but I took a number of sites from TV shows and movies my sister watches and mapped them out. Then created a whole day of getting to these places on the underground. I didn't tell her so she was surprised to get to see a Dr. Who blue police box, the house where Sherlock Holmes "lived" and other sites. We rode on a canal boat and then went to the Camden market. It was a great day. While on the cruise we had planned to go to the Tattoo in Edinburg using the ship's tour. The ship docked in Greenock about 2 hours away and they took you to Edinburg on buses. Except I didn't get online to book the tour before they were all sold out. OK, plan B. I bought tickets for the Tattoo directly from the Tattoo website. Then researched how to get there and back. Going there we took a train and coming back I hired a private car since I was afraid we would miss the ship by having to go all the way back to the train station during such a crowded time. It worked out perfectly and actually cost less than two tickets purchased from the cruise line would have. I don't mind a good ship's tour and have also hired independant tour guides which have always been good. Sometimes we just wing it, walking into the town and maybe checking out something we read about. But, generally those DIY days are my favorite.
  18. I've worn out a number of these shirts. I would also like to see them with a more feminine cut.
  19. Not a surprise. But, I can see where some people are starting to feel pushed into a corner. As it is, flying is probably the least comfortable way to get anywhere. It's downright claustrophobic, seats are uncomfortable and I have actually had a complete stranger fall asleep with his head on my shoulder. I've also been so uncomfortable that I couldn't sit still leading me to believe my seat mate was a saint for not saying anything. Add the fear of flying (and I know a lot of people like this), the general stress of travelling, nowhere to go and a mask that makes you feel like you can't breathe. That's a lot of anxiety to hold in. Still, unless you're two years old there's no excuse for behaving badly. Hopefully on a ship, anyone feeling themselves start to lose it will have the sense to just take a walk and get some fresh air.
  20. I come from a poor family as far back as I know the history. Not really poor, though IMHO. Good people with rich histories. Just no money. As naive as it sounds I was in my 20s before it finally dawned on me that there were other kinds of trips besides 12 hours in a car to visit Grandma. You mean regular people (not just rich people) can get on a plane and go somewhere? Wow, I wanna go. So I did. But I avoided the idea of cruises because they sounded snooty. Silly me. My first cruise was through a promotion from a DJ I listened to at the time. "Join me for a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. For more info call....." We departed the terminal at San Pedro on November 11, 2001. Armed military at the airport. Armed escort out of the port. Mexican military at Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. A little freaky but I had a great time and have taken several cruises since then. I still love a road trip, but there is, IMHO, no better way to go somewhere than on a ship. This is me, ship in the background. I was standing there taking photos when a very friendly woman offered to take a picture with me in it. Crappy photo, great memory.
  21. We were on a British Isles cruise on the 4th of July in 2019. I don't remember decorations, but then we didn't eat in the dining room a lot. There was a gathering in the Atrium for us Yanks. Fun for all, but no one was forced to stay or even come in the first place.
  22. I'm not sure how small you want but on Amazon if you search for crossbody cell phone wallets you'll find little bags that only fit your phone and maybe some cash. Like this:
  23. As I said, I get watches with LARGE faces, ones I can see without my glasses. They make them specifically for old folks, like me. 😜 I don't own an iPhone and probably never will. I use a much, much cheaper Android and I cannot see the time on there without my glasses. Now, it is possible I can make the clock bigger, never really thought about it. But, you know what? I hate, hate, hate carrying that stupid phone everywhere anyway.
  24. Without my reading glasses I can't see the time on my phone which adds to the "mucking" around. My solution: a $10 or $15 dollar watch. I have been through several. The battery dies, usally after a few months, and I don't bother replacing it. I get them on Amazon because they have a pretty good selection of large face watches that I can see without my glasses.
  25. I haven't booked any cruises yet. But, I did look at all the prices and even if I don't drink a lot the Plus package seems to make sense.
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