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  1. I question that. They are operating in Florida. Florida law states you cannot put an expiration date on credit memos (FCC), gift cards, and gift certificates. I don't know if that applies to non residents??? I am a FL resident and I emailed the AGs office with that question. I have noticed 2 things, on my NCL account it uses the words "coupon" but the letter I received regarding cancellation stated Future cruise "credit". So they, as the maker of the letter, the language defaults to credit. I also question them cancelling cruises paid with FCC and not
  2. Too a point yes. There is a point months in advance that they will know the end is near. But with those months knowledge, will they stop selling cruises? Stop taking people's money? They always have the option like CCL did to raise cash at high rates. But it gets to a point when they can see their bottom line increase by wiping out debt, rather than dealing with it. If they file, I would like to see them broke into pieces and sold. They have big assets. The home ports are worth a fortune. Steve
  3. If you purchased the correct insurance you would be covered for a refund even if its all credit. I would assume the extra 25% would not be insured but your original outlay. Also do you think NCL would file bankruptcy, cause everyone to lose their money, restart and think all is well? I personally would not want poed people on my expensive ship. Steve
  4. I have 35 days on the Sun on 1/2/2023 so too close together and I have 36 days on the Jade ,Athens to Cape town November 2021. Steve
  5. No, I am referring to this week. Jewel from NZ to Sydney, Sydney to Papeete. Since I had 1 booking number, they also canceled my Papeete to Hawaii leg. STeve
  6. When will NCL allow us to use FCC for 2023 cruises Well 3 more cancelled for 2021 by NCL. I still have 6 booked and plenty of FCC. I thought we had 1 year to use FCC, but when we do they cancel. Steve
  7. Got out at a 1% loss earlier today. Watching it tumble more. I will wait to rebuy and then sell it again at a $2 per share profit Steve
  8. Nothing at all. 100% waste of my time. I will think twice about booking in advance. Now I have to deal with insurance company for unused policy STeve
  9. Those Q&A do not address a contract breach. When I agreed to FCC, I already had a 2021 cruise booked so I took FCC and applied it to the existing booking. Now that it's been cancelled, I don't want the FCC back. Steve Sent from my Pixel 2 using Forums mobile app
  10. So far it's just the FCC back. No refund for insurance which was paid not using FCC. I also have TA on it. I have a new wrinkle as well. Gift cards, gift certificates, credit memos do not expire in Florida to Florida residents. So my FC credit, which fits the "memo" does not expire on 12/31/2022??? Sent my question to the AGs office and got an auto reply so far. Steve Sent from my Pixel 2 using Forums mobile app
  11. I expect the next big dip on July 27 I think. CDC will extend the no sail order. Will it be another 100 days??? Steve Just got in at $18.98
  12. I agree with you. I keep buying the dips and selling the highs. But bankruptcy could be possible is why I keep getting out. I am starting to see that we may not cruise till 2022. I am looking to get back in today. I want 5000 shares under $19 but I will wait for the opening bell to see if it drops further. Sell order for $21 Steve
  13. It is in the FAQ, but I am starting to question that now. If we back up a little. When my Spirit cruise was cancelled, I agreed to take FCC for a future cruise. I did book a future cruise, actually 5, and they now cancelled 4 so far and the 5th is coming I am sure. I kept my end of the contract by booking future cruises. Once you cancel on me, you broke the contract. I should either be compensated again or at least offered a refund now. I was given time frames in which I needed to book or lose it. I did. On two that were refunded back (FCC no additional comp) I used
  14. They were back over a week ago. I did not like the qualifying cabin thing but, free inside to Balcony so who cares. Plus I got my cancelled cruise points back. Steve
  15. Your state is good. Wish ours would have stayed shut down like South Korea. I am disgusted with it all. I now have lost 8 cruises. The only thing keeping me going is I feel confident my b2b2b2b in January of 2023 will happen. Steve
  16. Its just starting. Our Moose lodge is now having dances every Sunday night with almost a 100 people. Elks lodge about 80 people. We now have Bingo open. We have 50 tables. only 1 person/group/family per table. Our bars are packed on the weekend. Beaches are open now and its party city. Our local park had a church picnic this past Sunday. 200+ people, but there were signs posted saying no groups larger than 10. No one cares!!!! Steve
  17. It will probably happen again statewide. I see going back to phase 1 in places that are in 2 now. I have my beach rental in July and I have just received an odd notification. "In the event restrictions are placed again my rental will be prorated" meaning I will have to leave as all services will be shut down. Actually Miami is still in phase 1 No cruising this year, I bet 1st half of 2021 is gone as well. Steve
  18. Not cruising from Florida. We hit our all time high on infections today. South FL another 500 Just wait till the kids go back to school in August, Colleges start. By late August early September we will be hitting new highs. Lets not forget 4th of July!!! So July 18th should be a big day. Lets not Forget the 20,000 person rally coming up in Tulsa on Saturday, So 14 days later......... No cruising in 2020 at all. Just found out 2 of my cruises in February 2021 are now cancelled. Steve
  19. I realize that, I was referring to the billions the ships themselves make and don't pay taxes on. Thats why I excluded land based stuff. But we are on the short end of that.We don't even build the ships here. But the ripple effect of infections has gone global
  20. OK research..... According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Panama, Liberia and Bermuda are all countries that have reciprocal tax agreements with the U.S., so none of the other aforementioned cruise lines pay federal taxes in the U.S. They’re not really US companies. Carnival Corporation is incorporated in Panama. Royal Caribbean is incorporated in Liberia. Norwegian Cruise Line is incorporated in Bermuda. These three cruise companies combine to make up around 70 percent or more of the global cruise ship market, depending on how you measure it. And while
  21. Please enlighten me then? What do we reap in taxes directly from the ships sailing themselves? Not land based?
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