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  1. We are on Insignia now and have Churchill as our butler.......totally great!
  2. We are experienced cruisers and one of favorite all-time excursions was in Valencia. Checkout www.seasaffron.com. It's an all day experience.....walking tour and nibbles in old town, walking tour or City of Arts & Sciences, and then a multi-course, sit down, private meal. All was excellent! Cost is about $90 per person.
  3. We are aware of the potential problems with having 2 separate tickets...all part of the adventure! Our LHR layover is 4 hours. In April of this year, we took this same SEA-LHR Virgin flight. Since we were in Virgin's "Upper Class", we were able to use the shorter immigration line (5 minutes) but did take notice that the "normal" immigration line looked about 10-15 minutes long. For our May 2020 flights, we are in Economy delight......hopefully the immigration lines will be about the same. BTW, Virgin's Upper Class is not worth the premium price.
  4. Yes, these are separate tickets that we booked ourselves. One is RT SEA-LHR using Virgin and the other ticket is LHR-FCO/ATH-LHR using British Air. When selecting flights (like most people), we try to balance equipment, schedule, price, and airline. We strongly prefer to fly on 787s on long flights......hence Virgin (we have also flown Norwegian's 787s). The pricing was excellent and the schedule was acceptable.
  5. Thanks for the "which terminal" link! It looks like ATH-to-LHR will arrive terminal 5 and LHR-to-SEA will depart terminal 3. The Sofitel at terminal 5 looks great. Any thoughts about the Hilton Garden Inn at terminal 3? Is it really at terminal 3 or is it off property?
  6. Our May 2020 cruise ends in Athens. We will spend a few days in Athens and then take a British Air evening flight to Heathrow (arrives 9:45pm). Our Virgin flight to Seattle leaves 11:30am the next day. Does anyone know what Heathrow terminals we will be using? My goal is to determine a very convenient hotel for our 9 hour stay. TIA!
  7. If it were me, I'd go to the Carrera marble mine...it looks fascinating! BTW, the mine is located in Carrera, Italy and can be seen from the freeway.
  8. In September 2017, we took a 3 night Vancouver BC-to-LA Princess cruise. No ports.....just relaxing days at sea. We had a nice room with a verandah. We thought we got a great deal at $100 per night/per person. After the cruise, I thought it was "worth" $75 per night/per person. That probably sounds like we didn't like it....we did...to a point....but it's just so different from Oceania.
  9. In summer 2018, we booked an April 2019 cruise as an A4 GTY. About a month before the cruise, we were assigned an A3 cabin. No issues, no complaints.
  10. I like dayuse.com. It has nice “filters”.... including the time needed.
  11. We stayed at Hotel Continental in May 2018. It’s a very funky 3-star hotel. My hubby loved it! We very much enjoyed the included 24 hour buffet with beer and wine on tap. One night I was having trouble sleeping, so I had a few cookies and tea from the buffet and read a book in the lobby. Our room had a balcony that overlooked Las Ramblas....noise was not a problem. Two things a bit strange.......1. the room keys are enormous. They are so big that when you go site seeing, you leave the key with the front desk. When you return, the key is handed back to you (without you telling your room number).......2. A couple of rooms have their door weirdly close to the lobby. Have fun....it’s a great city!
  12. Both Regent and Oceania sell their bedding and mattresses. Go to their homepage and scroll down to the very bottom and you will see the bed option under “Resources”. I think Regent and Oceania get their mattresses from the same manufacturer in Italy..
  13. We will consider any airline that is offering a good "value" for the money......sometimes it's 1st class and sometimes it's coach. When flying to Europe, we strongly prefer to fly on a 787. Virgin Atlantic flyies 787s direct to LHR and has some great "values". Norwegian Air also flies 787s, so want to compare with Virgin Atlantic's offerings.
  14. I don't know why, but ITA Flight Matrix does not search Norwegian Air. I had an on-line chat with a Norwegian Air rep......they do not know/cannot provide flight schedule release dates.
  15. I have flown on Norwegian long haul in 2018 and 2019. What is currently offered for 2020 is significantly less flights. I was thinking (hoping) that Norwegian hasn't release their full flight schedules yet.
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