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  1. No additional deposit. The 21-day cruise had a deposit of $1500 per person. That deposit was evenly split between the 11-day and 10-day cruises. The final payment for the 21-day cruise was Nov 4, 2021. The final payment(s) for the 11-day & 10-day cruises is in January 2022….another nice benefit from O.
  2. Hi ORV, When I saw that my specific 21-day cruise was not part of the Labor Day, but the underlying 11-day and 10-day were part of the sale, I emailed my Travel Agent and asked about my booking. The TA wrote back....."HI Julie, as they open the promotion they will change the booking for us and send me the update tomorrow sometime.".....and that is exactly what happened. It is "interesting" how some things change with 2 booking #s instead of one. I am very happy to get 2 cruise credits. I have completed 6 O cruises, so was expecting $100 OBC.....and now will get $100 OBC for each cruise. I do own 100 shares of NCLH stock. With the 21-day cruise, the OBC would have been $250......now I will get $100 for each cruise ($200 total).......or might not get any because of the "sale" price.
  3. Travel Agent.....they forwarded the updated O invoices. I expect to receive the TA's updated invoices this week.
  4. Shout out to Oceania! In July 2021, I booked the April 2022 Riviera cruises as a single 21 day cruise in a PH3. For the Labor Day Sale, Oceania automatically changed my booking to 2 cruises (11 day and 10 day....and I now have 2 booking numbers) and gave me A3 pricing for my same PH3. Saved me $$. Thank you O!
  5. My recollection, for Marina and Riviera, is PHs, As, and Bs are all king size beds.
  6. Called and ordered my KING mattress set today. Got free pillows and had choice of feather or memory foam. Also learned that the box spring is custom made to order…….which means you can specify the height. I chose their standard height of 8 inches.
  7. I had a few mattress questions, so finally got around to calling for more info. 1. Marina, Riviera, and Nautical all have the Ultra Tranquility ( versus Tranquility). I did not ask about any other ships 2. Ultra Tranquility has 3000 springs 3. Tranquillity has 700-900 springs 4. It’s better to order via phone because the rep will include free upgrades. Additionally, the phone orders are processed faster.
  8. Does anyone know which mattress (Tranquility or ULTRA Tranquility) O uses on their ships? A total guess on my part......Maybe it's mixed.......PH and above get ULTRA Tranquility....A and below get Tranquility?
  9. Good Morning! We have always enjoyed the O mattress and bedding....best sleep ever! I am thinking about buying O's mattress set. When I went to the link on the O website, there is a coupon code (Summer2021) and everything is 30% off. Nice! Does anyone have any experience buying an O mattress set? Good or bad? TIA!
  10. In 2018 after a cruise, we rented a car in Civitavecchia. We spent some time in Tuscany and flew home from FCO, At the large port of Civitavecchia, you (and your luggage) take a bus from your ship to the port transportation center. Be advised that it is too far to walk. Europcar and Avis are located across the street from the transportation center. If you are planning to stay at the airport the night before your flight, I suggest you forgo a boring airport hotel and stay at the charming fishing town of Fiumicino.....only a 5 minute drive to airport.
  11. In late October, I booked O Air (including the $175 custom air fee and PE upgrade) for the April 30th, 2021 sailing on Marina. I have seat assignments.
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