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  1. We assume that cabin pressure and humidity are the reason we feel dramatically better at our final destination.
  2. All Marina's mid-May Med cruises are "waitlisted" in all categories. I suspect Marina will be re-furbished then.
  3. Being from Seattle, we are open to flying long haul from SEA, LAX, and SFO. Our next cruise is on Oceania Athens-to-Venice (I expect we will fly home from FCO). We have flown on 787s a few times and feel much better after long haul flights on those aircraft. In the past, I have done lots of manual research to find our flights and was hoping there was a nice search engine to find flights easier. Our 787 experiences include: 1. Norwegian FCO to LAX...back of plane, but an exit row seat over avionics. The floor got so hot, it melted my duty free chocolates.....but my feet were toasty warm. Really comfortable flight....would absolutely book this seat again. 2. Virgin Atlantic SEA to LHR.....front of plane...I believe they call it Upper Class. While the seats do lay completely flat, they are very very hard and very uncomfortable. It was also weird to sit on the diagonal with my back to the window. This class of service is NOT worth the cost. 3. Norwegian BCN to LAX....front of plane. Not that much different/better than our Norwegian back of plane experience. If we ever fly Norwegian again, don’t know what class of service we would book.
  4. We booked a May 2021 Med cruise using the 4th of July promo. Here’s hoping for safe and uncrowded travel!
  5. We prefer to fly long flights on Boeing 787s. Is there any way to search flights to Europe and specify the equipment (Boeing 787) in the search criteria? TIA!
  6. The 4th of July Sale is from July 1-10 and is Oceania’s typical 4 category upgrade promo. I will book a May 2021 med cruise.
  7. Three days pre-cruise, we will be staying near Herculaneum. I am very interested in more info on your limited tour.
  8. We did a back-to-back in Europe in 2018 and were not required to leave ship during disembark/embark process.
  9. For Valencia, checkout www.seasaffron.com. One of our best excursions ever!
  10. When cruising out of Vancouver BC, often times the first port is in Alaska. The Alaskan ports are small and do not have immigration services. So you actually go thru US Immigration at the Port of Vancouver. This happens after you check in/get room card and before you step on the ship. In Vancouver, I expect that you can’t leave the ship after initial boarding because Canadian Immigration won’t allow it.
  11. We are on Insignia now and have Churchill as our butler.......totally great!
  12. We are experienced cruisers and one of favorite all-time excursions was in Valencia. Checkout www.seasaffron.com. It's an all day experience.....walking tour and nibbles in old town, walking tour or City of Arts & Sciences, and then a multi-course, sit down, private meal. All was excellent! Cost is about $90 per person.
  13. We are aware of the potential problems with having 2 separate tickets...all part of the adventure! Our LHR layover is 4 hours. In April of this year, we took this same SEA-LHR Virgin flight. Since we were in Virgin's "Upper Class", we were able to use the shorter immigration line (5 minutes) but did take notice that the "normal" immigration line looked about 10-15 minutes long. For our May 2020 flights, we are in Economy delight......hopefully the immigration lines will be about the same. BTW, Virgin's Upper Class is not worth the premium price.
  14. Yes, these are separate tickets that we booked ourselves. One is RT SEA-LHR using Virgin and the other ticket is LHR-FCO/ATH-LHR using British Air. When selecting flights (like most people), we try to balance equipment, schedule, price, and airline. We strongly prefer to fly on 787s on long flights......hence Virgin (we have also flown Norwegian's 787s). The pricing was excellent and the schedule was acceptable.
  15. Thanks for the "which terminal" link! It looks like ATH-to-LHR will arrive terminal 5 and LHR-to-SEA will depart terminal 3. The Sofitel at terminal 5 looks great. Any thoughts about the Hilton Garden Inn at terminal 3? Is it really at terminal 3 or is it off property?
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