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  1. We cancelled our family Thanksgiving cruise. Still have our April B2B booked and will keep our fingers crossed that restrictions are over by then.
  2. I will be on Mardi Gras for two weeks with $1,000 in OBC to blow. Oh yeah, I'll be riding it!
  3. I was hoping to see loungers on the extended balcony, rather than regular chairs. Hopefully that's what they will have by the time we cruise in April.
  4. Did anyone notice the fountain drink machine in the Lido Marketplace? It's at about the 3:30 mark in the Lido video. No more waiting at the bar for a soda with Bottomless Bubbles! WOO-HOO! I like that the shops are spread out. Hopefully that will reduce the mash-up that occurs when they have drawings for prizes. I also agree with other posters that Carnival is betting the alternative food venues reduce capacity at the Lido Marketplace. There are so many more choices for lunch on this ship. Can't wait to spend two weeks in April getting acquainted with this beautiful new addition to the Carnival family!
  5. Below is the letter Carnival emailed us early this morning. Carnival.pdf
  6. I'm not disagreeing, which is why we will just cancel. I won't be posting tirades against the cruise lines. They have to do what they have to in order to survive. Hopefully we will be able to get passed all of this in the not-too-distant future.
  7. We have a November cruise booked and if we haven't heard anything by our final payment date we will cancel. We have five adults and two cabins, but one person won't be vaccinated. If he is going to be treated like third-class steerage then we won't be going.
  8. The protocols aren't working out so well for Disney Cruise Line or families. And how long can the cruise companies sail at half to two-thirds capacity, especially considering the massive losses they have to recover from?
  9. Yes, but not for vaccinated. My question was why would they be testing vaccinated people between a B2B if they aren't testing other vaccinated people before the cruise?
  10. My B2B isn't until April, so I'm hoping all of these requirements are gone by then.
  11. Yeah, I get that, but I have a hard time seeing it be any more of a risk than people coming from areas of the U.S. with very low vaccination rates and yet they aren't being tested.
  12. What is the purpose of testing people in between a B2B, when they aren't requiring tests on all the other vaccinated passengers coming from who-knows-where at the beginning of the cruise? Is there a link to this news?
  13. If someone is this worried about COVID being spread through people touching things, then they should probably not be cruising anyway.
  14. We have been to Mahogany Bay and will be going back again in April 2022. The beach area at MB is fully controlled by Carnival, so it's very self-contained. When you come off the dock you can go to the left toward the shops (including the obligatory Diamond International) or to the right to go to the beach. Getting to the beach can either be done by walking or by taking a ski lift-type contraption. You can walk over to the beach for free, but using most of the amenities is an extra charge. There is a beach rental hut where you can rent snorkel equipment, floating mats, kayaks, and lounge chairs/clamshells, though if you want a clamshell it might be best to book it in advance. There is also a restaurant, bar, and restrooms. Towels had to be brought from the ship when we were there, so I assume that will still be the case. They also have private cabanas that can be rented. We have one reserved for our day there in April. They are air conditioned and include floating mats, a hammock, loungers, and wait service for food and drinks. They are in a semi-private area on the far end of the beach (the furthest end from the ship), so it's much less crowded than the rest of the beach. When we were there previously we saw several sea turtles swimming around the beach area, so I'm hoping we will see some again next time.
  15. I have cruised both CCL (5 cruises) and RCI (2) and have yet to see this purported "anything goes." I suspect this is an urban legend spread by people to make themselves feel superior and who have either never been on a Carnival cruise or haven't in the last 20 years.
  16. It wouldn't surprise me if they are, at least for a while. If so, I will just have to stand there holding up the line until they hand over the appropriate amount of porky goodness.
  17. Ha - nope. My typical daily alcohol consumption on a cruise consists of either one frozen drink or an Alchemy cocktail, with wine at dinner. But do not get between me and that beautiful pile of bacon at the breakfast buffet! 😋
  18. I've only seen it once and reported it immediately. The utensil and food it was in was immediately taken away by a crewmember. That said, I do still eat at the buffet. I have a high capacity for denial. 🤣
  19. Yes, today is the due date. Has anyone heard anything about what the CDC is up to?
  20. This certainly makes it sound like the second they are out from under the CDC requirements it will be back to normal regardless of vaccination status, and they are on the edge of their seats just waiting for that to happen since they haven't released any information on sailings beyond August. Interesting...
  21. Or even worse, licking the spoon and then putting it back. Once you've seen that, you can't unsee it. 🤢
  22. We're on that cruise and I started the roll call! This is the first half of a B2B for us.
  23. We always fly in the day before, so Carnival transportation to the cruise terminal is not an option. However, we have used it after the cruise. I don't mind using Uber/Lyft for a short drive, but when it comes to transportation between Orlando & Port Canaveral - nope. I hate I-4 even when we rent a giant SUV (think Land Rover or Suburban) and my husband is driving (who has never gotten a ticket and I can nag him to slow down whenever I want), but put me in the backseat of a Kia or Altima with a stranger driving and my stress level will be through the roof on that drive. It's much more relaxing for me to be on a giant bus sitting high above the traffic.
  24. Here is a video that explains the bed placement really well. The video is long, but the part about the cabin configuration starts at about 7:30. Basically, if you're looking at your cabin and the door is closer to the left side of the cabin, then the bed will be next to the balcony. If the cabin door is closer to the right side of the cabin, then the bed is next to the closet and the couch is closer to the balcony. I didn't learn this until after I booked our cabin, which has the bed closer to the closet. Oh well, I'm just happy to get to spend two weeks on this beautiful ship!
  25. Could we please not turn ANOTHER thread into a COVID thread??? This thread is about what we are all looking forward to about the Mardi Gras, let's keep it that way. We have never done any specialty dining on cruises, but since we will be on Mardi Gras for two weeks we have decided to try all the specialty restaurants. I am most looking forward to the Steakhouse, with Emeril's a close second. I'm also looking forward to the Serenity area on this ship - it looks amazing!
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