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  1. My theory is pools are kept on the cool side in order to control the number of people using the pools. This is not just for princess ships but for all cruise lines. Safe travels, - WYB
  2. Juice Bar Mar from the Sapphire Princess Jan/Feb 2024
  3. Does anyone know if the passengers have travel insurance, and if so what kind and any idea of what would be covered or not covered? While I've not yet experiencing missing the ship (knock on wood) I've seen it happen on a few occasions myself. On a recent voyage on the NCL Sun, I was in Montevideo, Uruguay and it was getting close to all aboard time (10 minutes before). I was traveling with my mother and the ship had my cell phone number. Ship's security went to my room to verify I was really not on the ship and my mom was in the cabin. Security also called me on my cell phone to find out where I was, (I was just outside the ship in the terminal using the wifi). I reboarded with a about 2 minutes to spare before the all aboard time but surprised that they actually called me before all aboard time. I was also not the last to board. Once I got back on board, security stopped by the cabin to inform her that I was back on board. I learned that they were there when I got back to the cabin. Safe travels, - WYB
  4. I’m currently sailing on the NCL Sun. Yes, bicycles now seem to be on the list of banned items with NCL. That’s unfortunate as I enjoyed them very much. ya know, large batteries as a description are vague and are in most mobility scooters which are left overnight in the hallways. strange how they added bicycles as (24) as if it’s also been policy and not to the end of the list. Been brining a bike since 2018 with no injuries or complaints. oh well, on to the next cruise line until something changes. - WYB
  5. The way to go would seem to create a new brokerage account or an additional brokerage account using your real name and then fake made up information. Get creative, use wacky info that is outdated or just made up, then transfer all the cruise lines stock (NCL, RCL, CCL) in to that account and then just link the newly created account. - WYB
  6. The way to go would seem to create a new brokerage account or an additional brokerage account then transfer all the cruise lines stock (NCL, RCL, CCL) in to that account and then just link the newly created account. - WYB
  7. For an upcoming princess cruise I submitted by email my share holder information and about a day later I was requested to use the StockPerks app by a princess rep. I gave it a try and a few days later the credit showed up in my account. Granted for some that are technically challenged the 1st time may seem daunting but it's the future. Yes I'm also concerned that I linked my brokerage account to a company i never heard of and I found no press release about it, but it also seems that I have the ability to link and unlink my account as necessary. I'm keeping a daily eye on my account. Go with the flow until something goes wrong. - WYB
  8. I would contact your TA to cancel. TA are really the easiest and most efficient way to cancel a cruise. - WYB
  9. The purpose of this forum is to educate and share information. It was then answered by mscdivina2016 who actually understood the question. You still do not seem to understand but hopefully one day you will. safe travels, wyb
  10. Yes, I understand that you don’t get it. Anyone in a haven can bring anyone in to their haven cabin. I’m also NOT seeking a refund or to cancel the 2nd reservation, (not sure where you were getting that). it’s a bid upgrade to haven where the bid submitted is for 2 regardless if it for a single. A bid upgrade is always double My question is that would a 2nd person be allowed to eat with me in haven at no additional charge since the bid upgrade is always for 2. mscdivina2016 was able to answer my question already. The question was a bit beyond some people’s ability to comprehend but it’s related to the NCL MC upgrade BoA. wyb
  11. Agreed. Hence why I won’t be submitting a bid for a haven room (not even the 3 bedroom penthouse). just wondering if anyone had tried. I’ll stay as a single in the club balcony suite but submit a bid for the 2 bedroom (non haven) - WYB
  12. Yeah, that’s not what I mean at all. I’ve booked 2 cabins with 1 person in each cabin. I received an invitation for 1 of the cabins to bid for a haven cabin. If the bid for haven is successful it’s also for double the amount. So will the 2nd person I’m traveling with be able to use the haven services as I’ve paid for the 2nd person, during the bid? they of course would be able to use the haven cabin that I won. wyb
  13. So, if you originally booked 2 rooms each as a single cabin and you then were offer to bid to a haven cabin, if the bid was successful could you then both share the haven services although you originally booked as a single for both original cabins? The bid to upgrade is for 2 people but the cruise had no single supplement on the original booking. I’m thinking about placing a bid for the 3 bdr penthouse but if I win the bid I’ll pay double but I’d like to be able for another person to use the haven services. - WYB
  14. The medallions used by princess are the same size as an apple airtag. So I bought an apple "airtag dog collar" (silicone) from either amazon or ebay, and then attached that to my watch band. Safe Travels, - WYB
  15. So the Emerald Princess is currently (Aug 05th - 21st) on it's 16 day round trip Hawaiian Island with a scheduled stop on Mon, Aug 14th to Lahaina, Maui Island, which I don't think they will be making due to the fires currently burning in Lahaina, https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com Prayers for the all that are effected. Does the ship typically need to re-provision food and/or bunker fuel in Honolulu before returning to the mainland? I also wonder how weather and specifically the smoke from the fire will effect this voyage overall. I'm guessing that the ship instead of Lahaina, Maui may overnight somewhere or take a slower route towards Ensenada. Safe travels, - WYB
  16. Yes there is a lost and found but it's on the ship and not at the dock. When it comes to turn around day, the person that was your cabin steward during the cruise may not be the person who is turning your cabin over. They work in teams, similar to how a table gets turned over in the dining room: The person that brings you to your table may not be the one who is taking your order. There is a waiter and assistant waiter that take your order and bring your food. After you are done with your meal there is another team that cleans the dishes from the table and changes the table cloth . Then there is another team that resets the table with a new table cloth, plates napkins, utensils and glasses. Even if that's not the case, how is someone suppose to determine what is garbage that you have left and what is not? Does everything that is left in the cabin from the previous voyage go to the lost and found? You should try and label the stuff that you want to keep with your name and email. Don't forget to tip your cabin steward which may increase the chances of you getting the stuff you leave behind back. Safe travels, - WYB
  17. Just wondering, as BoA worldpoint have an expiration of about 4 years, has anyone ever earned or redeemed enough points for the 7-Day Caribbean Or 7-Day Mexican Riviera Cruise For Two? I myself have not but just wondering who has earned enough points in a 4 year time frame. 227,900 world points would mean that you spent about $76,000 over 4 years or $19,000 per year on NCL using the BoA card. - WYB Inside Stateroom 137,900 Oceanview Stateroom 157,900 Balcony Stateroom 227,900
  18. I believe it's the Merrill edge that laudergayle is referring to. Summary: If you have a average of $20k or more in a Merrill account then your BoA card could receive a additional 25% Rewards bonus. Additional information can be found here: https://www.merrilledge.com/preferred-rewards All you need to qualify is an eligible Bank of America® personal checking account and maintain a three-month combined averaged daily balance of $20,000 in your Merrill investment accounts and/or your Bank of America deposit accounts. Certain credit cards are eligible to receive a Preferred Rewards bonus. Enrolled Preferred Rewards members with eligible Bank of America® credit cards can receive a Preferred Rewards bonus of 25% for the Gold tier, 50% for the Platinum tier, or 75% for the Platinum Honors, Diamond or Diamond Honors tier on each purchase. If your card receives the 10% customer bonus, the Preferred Rewards bonus will replace the 10% customer bonus. You will not receive the Preferred Rewards bonus when you redeem your Cash Rewards or Points. The Preferred Rewards bonus for eligible cash rewards credit cards will be applied after all base and bonus cash rewards have been calculated on a purchase. For example, a $100 purchase that earns 3% ($3.00) will actually earn $3.75, $4.50 or $5.25 based on your tier when the purchase posts to your account. For all other eligible card types, a purchase that earns 100 base points will actually earn 125, 150 or 175 points based on your tier when the purchase posts to your account. The Preferred Rewards bonus is not applied to any account opening bonus, if applicable. The Preferred Rewards bonus also does not apply to the bonus earn for certain programs. This information can be found in the Program Rules associated with those credit cards. Other terms and conditions apply. Please refer to your card's Program Rules for details about how you will receive the Preferred Rewards bonus. Program Rules are mailed upon account opening and are accessible through the rewards redemption site via Online Banking or by calling the number on the back of your card. Card eligibility guidelines Most Bank of America® branded consumer credit cards (such as the Unlimited Cash Rewards, Customized Cash Rewards, Travel Rewards, Premium Rewards® and Premium Rewards® Elitecredit cards) are eligible to receive the Preferred Rewards bonus as long as the card account is open with active charging privileges. If your credit card receives the 10% customer bonus, the Preferred Rewards bonus will replace the 10% customer bonus. Cards not eligible for the rewards bonus: Non-rewards credit cards Business purpose credit cards BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards® AAA® Gas Rebate Air France KLM World Elite Mastercard® Alaska Airlines® Allegiant World MasterCard® Amtrak Guest Rewards® Amway™ Celebrity Cruises® Royal Caribbean International® Sonesta World MasterCard® Spirit Airlines® Virgin Atlantic Airways® This list is subject to change without prior notice.
  19. Just FYI depending on the voyage, in some cases the Haven and Vibe outdoor areas on the Prima may be to cold to use.
  20. 2020 was the last time you could book a B2B and upgrade using 1 meta upgrade on the entire booking. Since 2020 you can still book a B2B but the meta upgrades are now per voyage and not per booking. - WYB
  21. I've never booked in Haven, but the concierge on the Gem was Mr Leo. I used the perk when I was on board the Gem the past January and it was pretty awesome. But I didn't really want to share the positive review as more people would use it creating more work and less availability. So I'll say the concierge perk is like Opera, some people will get it and like it and others won't. Either is fine with me. Safe travels, - WYB
  22. So this wasn't me, but happened on the last day at sea (Feb 16th, 2023) aboard the Gem. There were very few people in the casino at the time and I was playing a table game when I heard someone screaming. At first I didn't think much off it until I noticed the head of the casino and security arrived and then I went to go check it out. I think the couple playing the machine are also Canadian since there weren't as many forms to be filled out. ($26,694.40) Safe travels, - WYB
  23. Just wondering if there someone here that has missed the ship but had the insurance and what the process for them was for a missed connection and what was reimbursed? I've met people on voyages that have caught up to the ship after missing boarding but never followed up with how their reimbursement went. It's unfortunate that the OP's friend didn't have travel insurance.
  24. No worries, insurance will cover the cost of the trip interruption. That is what it's there for. Trip Cancellation Up to 100% Trip Cost* Trip Interruption Up to 150% Trip Cost* Travel Delay $1,000 ($200/day) Missed Connection $500 What to do in case of a Claim 1. Notify your Travel Agent, Tour Operator or Cruise Line if you must cancel your trip. 2. Report your claim to Travel Insured International by calling the number below or visiting www.travelinsured.com. 3. Complete the claims forms that we forward to you and provide additional documents as indicated. Trip Cancellation/Interruption: Take immediate steps to minimize your loss. Comply with all notification requirements that may be specified by the Tour Operator, Airline, or Cruise Line. Return with the claim form a copy of the brochure that describes your tour, copies of paid checks, invoices and any unused tour or travel documents. In case of an interruption claim, include the passenger’s copy of the old and new transportation tickets. If you are prevented from taking your trip due to sickness or injury, you should obtain medical care immediately. We require a certification by the treating physician at the time of sickness or injury that medically imposed restrictions prevented your participation in the trip. Missed Connection: Obtain receipts verifying extra incurred expenses for transportation (such as airline tickets) to return to final destination. Travel Delay: If your trip is interrupted or delayed, we need verification of the cause, the number of hours of the delay, and receipts for additional expenses. Although I've never had to use the trip interruption portion of the insurance myself, is there someone here that has used the insurance and what the process for them was for a missed connection? - WYB
  25. Perhaps a thermal pass for the voyage. But actually use it.
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