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  1. Both shows showed twice on 2 consecutive nights
  2. It’s a shame that NCL’s East & West proprietary wines are over the $15 mark. Not that it was my favourite but you’d think they’d price it within the beverage package.
  3. I have an interesting story regarding amounts owing. I called to inquire as to why my attempt to buy a dining package hadn’t gone through. No problem says the helpful lady, and she fixes it. But, then she says there’s $81.30 owing on your excursion & if you don’t pay it, it will be cancelled. Nothing is showing on my end & I have a receipt that says paid in full. She snaps “well I can see it”. I ask her to send me a screen shot & she declines. At my request, she tracks down a supervisor. Then she comes back to say the supervisor noted that my ta had declined commission, therefore the 81.30 is no longer owed! *****? My ta has certainly NOT declined her commission!
  4. I’d be interested to know which nights & times the big shows like Six & Burn the Floor are scheduled. We do the same cruise Feb 5-12
  5. I checked in yesterday about 9am and when I looked this morning at 7 they were there. Make sure all members of your party are 100% checked in.
  6. DH just cropped photos of us from last summer to a head & shoulders shot. Accepted.
  7. When I purchased Manulife through Costco, they asked a LOT of medical questions but a broken bone wasn’t one of them. When I purchased last September my left arm was in a cast because of a fall. You didn’t have a joint replacement, and assuming your leg heals well, I would think it would qualify as a “stable” condition. please let me know your experience with collecting from Manulife-I’ve read good things about them. Heal quickly!
  8. We booked through air Canada vacations and this is what shows up on their website. But my ticket (sent this week) clearly shows a $35 fee. Thus my confusion.
  9. Rather than spending hours on hold with Air Canada, I have asked my ta the question. Surely agencies will have current info! I’m also asking about luggage fees-my ticket says $35 plus tax per checked bag. Yet AC Vacations website says free checked bag. Makes a difference financially-2 bags each direction.
  10. We’re sailing on the breakaway Feb 5 out of NOLA so I’m ready to read your posts!
  11. Thanks for the recommendation, but we have non-refundable obc to use up so we are looking at an excursion from NCL. A family member took a private tour in Roatan that ran into traffic & did a marathon run as the gangway was being pulled in.
  12. About 50% of the time I travel, both on cruises or to a resort, I come home with either a respiratory infection or gastro. They didn’t stop me from travelling. I’m vaxxed & boosted and caught Covid in September (was at a Cuban resort but my 3 travel partners didn’t get it). I’ll take reasonable precautions & continue travelling.
  13. Looking at this excursion. Would appreciate feedback if anyone has done this through NCL.
  14. I found another website that clearly states if you’re CONNECTING in TO from China then you need testing. The wording was much more clear. Seems we’re good!
  15. In reading my ticket through Air Canada Vacations, it looks like we may need a negative antigen test because we’re connecting through Toronto Pearson. Am I reading this wrong? Just adds one more (paid) item to think about before cruising. If anyone has travelled to the US through TO or Vancouver recently, I’d be interested in hearing your experience.
  16. You should only be charged for one. We pre book for 4 for a family of 3. Once on board, we reduce it to the correct number & only get charged for the 3 that have the dining package.
  17. We had a similar issue a few years back in Miami. Booked the NCL airport shuttle & after waiting for 45 minutes in the hot sun, we hailed a cab instead. The bus was there but they didn’t have a driver!?!? NCL refunded our shuttle cost. We’re trying the shuttle again in February for a 12:30 flight out of MSY. I’ll report back here after the cruise.
  18. We are sailing on the Breakaway out of NOLA on Feb 5. I have booked specialty dining for 4 nights. We like to linger over dinner & post dinner drinks, but I also want to see Six. Burn the Floor too, but Six I cannot miss! Anyone on the sailing to Costa Maya, Belize, Roatan, and Cozumel that can share dailies to show days & times. I am aware the days may change in the next month, but it may help me decide which nights to eat at which time. Thanks, Pat
  19. About 50% of the time I travel south, whether to a resort or a cruise, I come home with either a gastro problem or bad cough. This has happened for the last 20 years - not a Covid thing. I take reasonable precautions, wash my hands, get vaccinated & boosted. I’m otherwise very healthy and I have made a conscious decision to keep travelling. In fact, I came home from Cuba in September and tested positive for Covid 2 days later. My 3 travelling companions did not. I was moderately ill for 3 days. We are cruising in a month and I have minor Covid, gastro, and rsv concerns but not enough to keep me home. Everyone has to review their own risk tolerance. I paid a few more $ to get travel insurance that covers Covid, just in case.
  20. We like to dress up too-not tuxedo & gown but nice trousers & a jacket for him & a pretty dress for me. We are also unique that we like to linger over dinner, not the “30 minutes gobble it down & run” The great thing about NCL is that everyone can dress & time their eating to what suits them best.
  21. DH loves his single malt whiskey. Several airports we’ve flown through, including LGA , have had a dismal selection. We have previously purchased whiskey onboard the ship but it’s a nuisance to cart around while visiting NOLA after disembarkment. Does anyone have first hand experience with the duty free shop at MSY? Is the selection reasonable?
  22. So anywhere onboard? Restaurants? Duty free?
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