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  1. We had a local incident years ago where a grandmother intentionally dropped a toddler from a pedestrian bridge at a local shopping mall. No signs at all in advance that made anyone concerned. Again, you only get what news makes it into an article, never first hand, and who would ever say "I had concerns but I still let them watch my child?" after the fact? While I don't think this incident was intentional, I rarely rule it out.
  2. We had a terrific one on Liberty OTS a few years ago but last spring on Indy it was something like improv piano and we left within the first song, we just wanted a true piano bar so I feel it can be hit or miss - I know that is true on any line as the actual performer can make or break it but I also liked that they had a closed venue for the piano bar on Carnival.
  3. The only thing I really felt Carnival has over Royal is the comedians and piano bar on ships that have them - true piano bar venue that was a great nightly venue as well as different comedy acts most nights with some very funny comedians. I do feel the newer Royal ships with the comedy club are a closer comparison but it's one comic and not always an easy ticket to get.
  4. Yep, had this happen recently on my birthday/anniversary. It worked out well for me since they didn't have what I had reserved I was comped a lesser room (I had booked a suite). Since it had been a last minute getaway I was happier with free lol! But I've often had issue changing rooms when a hotel is at capacity or expecting to be at some point at my stay and I've got the status I usually have pull.
  5. We took my youngest and his girlfriend in March for their senior year of college spring break escape on the 5 night Indy cruise and yes there were a ton of spring breakers but they didn't bother us. Now the lines at the bars were longer but bartenders usually jumped us in line because we weren't deliberating over which drink to order 🙂 We also had a veterinary conference on board and that was no impact either. We had a great cruise! But anyone cruising in March should expect spring breakers of all ages!
  6. We love cruising on Thanksgiving but stopped as finding a good dog sitter that week and costs for flights home the weekend after just priced us out being worth it. I never looked for the parade or traditional meals since what I loved was getting away from the usual traditions though I appreciated they were there for those that wanted them!
  7. I get that but I'm pretty sure they can reassign at check-in and update the records. Now I can't guarantee they won't have to make a couple trips to guest services to correct it but that can happen with any passenger who doesn't even change anything 🙂
  8. Yes they have them - sailed her in March - she's now my favorite in that class and that is still my favorite class.
  9. I've traveled with mine a few doors down and at the time they were younger than 19/20 and no one every questioned it - I remember having to call to book though since I was booking 2 cabins at once and this was years ago. They even ended up in a different muster station but no one ever questioned the booking. If you do end up having to split who is where, you can switch it back at check-in without issue too.
  10. Great review, thank you! Navigator was the first Royal ship I sailed and I was excited by what they did to upgrade her!
  11. And as long as any lower price isn't tied to a special sale only applicable to new bookings!
  12. Yes, provided the lower price is for your same cabin category. It's worth checking regularly! Or you can also upgrade if a category above you drops in price to what you paid, etc 🙂
  13. Ha, yes, I did this with my ex - and when worthy, bumped up my husband 🙂 Granted, I'm a lowly Emerald, but it's better than nothing! 🙂
  14. LOL Or it's like most of us, we stalk this site for updates, excitement before we cruise and afterwards in the letdown of it all being over it takes a while to want to rush back to the site 🙂
  15. RCCL should have a "Winner" wall somewhere on the ship where they post a couple event photos and the top 3 teams/entrants from that event - and limit it to just a handful of events, but maybe have a "highest points" board for trivia, etc, but I think it may take some extra work to man, but I expect guests would thrilled to "make the wall" and then they can take photos of themselves next to their picture/name/whatever! Marginal costs, could be consistent across ships, etc. Or just stick to the medals, those are fun while on board and easily identifiable/conversation starters on board and can be hung or flung after the cruise!
  16. Love this! 11 year vegan here, know the travel struggles but am also a cool vegan - just hope you all have an amazing trip! I love the Liberty! Can't wait to follow along!
  17. We have Global Entry and Clear so if the airport has both it makes security a non-issue. But we have seen other issues that are time-sucks - checking a bag can often have a long line, printing boarding pass if kiosks are down, etc. That said, I've made flights like the one mentioned with time to spare, albeit stressful! We do always want to try to get home as quickly as possible to our pups, so we'll often risk it. We haven't ever missed one, but of all the ones we've taken, only 1 or 2 were risky, we usually try for after 11AM. Also while Global Entry and TSA-Pre both should get you in the TSA-Pre security line, the Global Entry folks told us with Global Entry you are considered a KNOWN traveler and are less likely to ever get bumped from a flight if it's overbooked.
  18. We went to Quest on the last cruise because we had a new cruiser in our group and my youngest hadn't ever been either since he'd been too young on previous cruises - they had a blast but my husband and I (who have the medals from our Quest wins of the past lol) said likely if we don't skip it on our next cruise we'll be grabbing on of those high top tables at the top to just watch. My knees aren't a fan of getting up every time that song comes on anymore lol! All my kids are young adults now and my older 2 have significant others who have not yet cruised so I expect we still have a few more to attend more passively. Now on Carnival, I think my girls are scarred from watching us compete 🙂
  19. Awesome, thank you so very much for posting this!! And sorry for the runaround you all got, the steamed veggies have nothing on them, I lived off them many years back when they were my only options lol (been vegan 11 years).
  20. I agree, this is unfortunate for the OP but you should always check travel docs (plane, train, cruise, etc) as soon as you get them for accuracy and any information you may not expect as you typically always have 24 hours to cancel without penalty.
  21. Individual shelf stable chocolate soymilk landed us there one cruise - they were certain there was something more nefarious in the bag when I showed them the only liquid was soy milk. Eventually they let me go with all contents. I appreciated the experience though as it was amusing to see what others had attempted to bring on. My daughter though was not amused, it was her bag I was retrieving 🙂
  22. Yes, done it many times, even when my kids were younger. Booked it that way (by calling in) or swapped rooms/occupants at check-in. You can also get a spare "key" just to open the room too if you want to ensure you can access their room!
  23. Still bummed we didn't have a 2020 cruise on the books yet to try and snag this deal too 🙂 It really seems too that while a good # who booked the deal recognized the deal because it was so cheap, I expect also a good number would never have booked the DBP at "prevailing rates" and won't really cost Royal any money. Now I'm just hopeful the "prevailing rates" still go as low as the $4Xs and I'll try to still find that a bargain when I book 🙂
  24. Great review and love the photos - especially those around the ship with your daughter in her pointes! 🙂 I would have come to see the show too, thank you so much for sharing!
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