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  1. Be aware that it looks like Bermuda has changed the navigation to the TA process for cruises. It is not a separate link under the main page, but under the "Are you Immunised" limk.
  2. Jamie, To be clear (and I am asking NCL for complete verification) the 72 hour negative test for NCL to assist in any costs associated with a positive test at the pier and you need to quarantine. The language specifically used is as follows and it states TRAVEL date. On my cruise, I am flying (using NCL air) on Friday, so technically per the language, the PCR test for Bermuda would be enough to meet the 72 hours before my travel date. Please note: If a guest receives a positive COVID test at the pier testing at arrival, they will be denied boarding and will likely be required to quarantine by local officials. Guests who are unable to provide proof of a negative test taken within 72-hours of their travel date will not qualify for reimbursement should the applicable expenses not be covered by their travel insurance. Norwegian Cruise Line will assist with expenses related to any mandatory quarantine only if the guest provides proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test taken within 72-hours of their travel date.
  3. Bermuda is requiring a test before you can get off the ship, I am not assuming that the one NCL administers prior to boarding will satisfy that requirement per the web site All cruise passengers must take a COVID-19 PCR test on arrival into Bermuda. Results will be emailed to passengers. Upon receipt of a negative arrival test result, cruise passengers will be allowed to disembark in Bermuda.
  4. Here is the actual website for all the details on cruising passengers. I would expect that NCL may be administering the antigen test on the 2nd sail date, or we will be staggered off the ship to allow for Bermuda to test. https://www.gov.bm/cruise-travel-authorisation
  5. There is an excellent article on BERNEWS web site on the upcoming Bermuda cruising season https://bernews.com/2021/08/current-2021-cruise-schedule-shows-33-calls/
  6. The only way to get CAS benefits is actually book thru CAS. I get cruise benefits from Caesar's as well as CAS and when I booked the most recent cruise (via CAS), they told me I had a free cruise thru them as well, so decided to book the CAS "freebie" instead of the Caesar's cruise. They were very helpful in actually telling me which offer was the best and what benefits I would get for each of the offers.
  7. I just updated mine and had no issue.
  8. I have been impressed with NCL's approach to resumption of cruising. As has been stated, they have been a leader in this effort and has not aggressively reacted to changes in CDC rules. They never removed the Alaska cruises, just stopped booking them. One thing to remember is that the ports all need to be ready and possibly a new port added to iternaries to replace the Canadian stop. Other cruise lines may be trying to keep our interest, but I have real doubts if all the announcements by other cruise lines on dates on the cruises may be tough to make.
  9. NCL, in the past couple of years, have been not sailing out of New Orleans during "hurricane" season.
  10. I also feel for the OP, but I do not rely on anyone to tell me what the requirements are to travel to any foreign country. I take the time to research the travel requirements, customs, local laws, etc to any foreign location and this includes cruise ports. Yes, I said cruise ports. It is amazing the number of ports in the Caribbean where the wearing of camouflage is illegal. I want to be totally informed on all destinations I travel to,
  11. Ship security can get into any and all safes. If you miss the ship at port, ship security will try to locate your passports, including looking in the safes so that they can provide them to the Port Agent. They do not drill holes, but either have a master key or a master code to get into them.
  12. I would say any cabin which is mid ship or forward should be just fine since the smoking areas are mid/aft of the ship.
  13. Last poster is correct. You need to contact the airline directly to change seats and/or add your known traveler number.
  14. Regretfully, it is human nature to complain more than you compliment. I have always had positive interactions with NCL and have nothing to complain about them or their policies. I read before I sign and totally understand what I am getting into as well as MY responsibilities when booking a cruise with any cruise line.
  15. Supposedly with the app, you can download the edocs and have they scan the bar code on the PDF and, other than presenting the required documentation, that is all that is needed to board. They need to accommodate folks who travel early and get last minute upgrades, so they have made the process easier. My one concern is getting thru security which may require the paperwork.
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