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  1. Keith, you take such great pictures. You really capture the beauty of Moorea ,(I have not been to Bora Bora yet )and your other ports .I enjoy them very much .Next best thing to being on board 🙂
  2. I JUST SAW THIS-MUST HAVE BEEN ABOUT THE SAME TIME AS PSOQUE I am following the situation via the website below-it is in real time btw https://systems.jhu.edu/
  3. I just saw this: https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/map-shows-where-coronavirus-spreading-174327979.html
  4. This is precisely one of th ereasons you should buy travel 9nsurance-illness,acts of God,change of mind-->cancel for any reason is really worth it .. I'm just sayng .I hope you can get the ret of your money back(?) bt of course will be out of the goodness of the business's heart, and by no means are they obliged to do so(as you know)
  5. That is what travel insurance is for! Also, if you would read your cruise info, it says that Crystal is under no obligation to reimburse for lost ports due to anything out of their control ie weather, terrorism etc
  6. Sorry for restating the obvious, but this is just another reason why all travelers should have travel insurance!!
  7. I live just a mile away from the crash site where Kobe and the other 8 passengers died ,here in Calabasas. It is literally straight down th road from me… RIP Kobe and the others on that helicopter 😞
  8. I have booked the January 3, 2021 less16 day cruise because it is the ony one I can really afford HAL maye but the shorter duration is a plus me.To eposter who said this cruise has fewer Antarctic days, that is not true.What we are missing are the days in Chile/the Chilean fjords and I am not paying $3000 more for part of the itinerary that I can easily do some other time and for a reasonable fare. am paying $5500 vs $8600 on HAL. 20 day for an inside stateroom A no brainer for those of us on a tight budget. Look at the itinerary and Coral Princess has the same 4 days as the
  9. well I get a bit embarrassed I guess when asked about affordability as it looks like I want something for nothing, price wise. I should have been upfront about that.at any rate I found something that I can better handle $ wise and that's what counts .I wont be posting here again, but will be on the roll call tc everyone!
  10. The $1 deposit was awesome! I just booked the South America and Antarctica cruise for Jan 2021 for just $1.00! Unbelievable. It will be a bday present for myself(birthday earlyDecember) 🙂
  11. well $8k really is not affordable for me, so I have booked an inside cabin with Princess, for a lot less $ and granted, and a few less days, but still the same number of days in Antarctica. I am much more comfortable with the lower fare .Thanks all for your help. Antarctica 2021 ! 🙂
  12. I cant afford to go anywhere atm as I just returned from Japan and went on the Westerdam ,with a 1 day Eurodam to start from Seattle to Vancouver and will be paying off this, and my spring 2019 trip to India and Japan, for months 😞 I am going with Princess as it is the least expensive I have found, with a fare that is low enough that it is worth missing the Chilean fjords on that trip and see them on another, as I understand they are spectacular! And it is a bit long for me I have not taken 3 week long trips-my longest has been 17 days on a crossing from LAX to Australia
  13. I just looked and those cruises are way beyond affordability for me as a solo.. Oh well 😞
  14. It is very frustrating to see the crazy high fares for most cruises which include Antarctica. I have however decided to bite the bullet and book a year plus out so I can save my pennies:) I will be turning 60 in Dec of 2020 and have decided to ease the pain of changing decades( i.e becoming officially old)by treating myself to a once in a lifetime experience-to Antarctic and the Chilean Fjords! I looked primarily at Celebrity an Holland America only as the other lines I looked at are well above my affordability(unless someone has knowledge of one which has cruises in the price range
  15. I have 8 Magic Castle passes that I haven't use and I live under an hour from it! I did se tickets a few years ago, and though we were late, thoroughly enjoyed myself! 🙂 If anyone wants a couple and or will be in Los Angeles In the near future, I would love someone to have them and or go with me-the problem is you have t reserve weeks in advance to months in advance as the space is limited and certain performers are more popular than others, and weekends sell out faster than weekdays, for obvious reasons
  16. I would say the reverse to you.I have a paddle tennis racquet that I bought in Barcelona(older one from Acapulco)and my bf is a former Davis cup captain, Wimbledon semi finalist etc and am a life long tennis fan, so I am not going to change LOL The pickleball court is smaller than a paddle tennis court and a ridiculous kids like holey ball is used NO thanks QQ
  17. ypaddle ball is a lot more fun than pickleball for those of us who actually like to take more than one step on the court and get some exercise LOL :P~ At least with paddle tennis you play somewhat like regular tennis- with a slightly deflated ball and you serve underhand..just no lines for doubles. Sorry but no no interest in pickleball or badmitton or any other net sport where you pretty much stay in place... I am used to playign paddleball on ships and have my own racquet. No courts on HAL aor most mainstream lines have courts dedicated to any racquet sport.I understand Cunard and S
  18. Thanks you Essiesmom for mentioning your stateroom on the Westerdam. I am about to go on my 2nd(1 day) and 3rd(Trans-Pacific) HAL cruises and the TP will be on the Westerdam. I have a J category large inside cabin on the main deck and I am so glad to hear the large inside worked out well. I noted the size of the stateroom before booking and I am relieved to hear that is quite spacious(obviously more than the standard inside) I usually travel on ships without inside cabins and so am used to an ocean view from my stateroom. The website does not give specific dimensions and I had to
  19. I have just booked a 1 night cruise on the Eurodam from Sep 28=-29,before the start of the Trans-Pacific cruise to Japan on Westerdam. I can get a balcony for the same or less than a average priced non-oceanfront room in Vancouver as the rooms in both Seattle and Vancouver are crazy high! So I am going to fly to Seattle from Los Angeles and sail from Seattle to Vancouver, then walk a few feet and board the Westerdam 🙂 .I can't wait!
  20. I just booked the Trans Pacific cruise coming up at the end of September on Westerdam, and was pleased with the fare via HAL.$107 from LAX to Vancouver(plus the frickin cost of seats-Apparently my luggage can go free on Air Canada but not me! GRR :P~~
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