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  1. At work we always say that glitter is the herpes of the craft world because you can never get rid of it once you’ve got it. 😆
  2. Looks like a fantastic itinerary so far! As a suggestion, if there are still rooms available, you can see if they have one that doesn’t have obstructed views. I know I’m a little late to the party here and it may be more hassle than it’s worth to move.
  3. Yes, I have canceled Club Orange by itself. I called the same number I used to add it to my reservation. It was really simple. Second, they can’t ask for more money than has already been deposited. So, if it was $100 each on an FCD, that’s all you’d lose. I would still ask to have the FCD credited back. They probably won’t but it won’t hurt to ask again. So, call and cancel CO. Wait for that refund to clear (probably take a week). Then call again to cancel the cruise. At least this way you get back the $350 for the CO. Fingers crossed and wishing you luck.
  4. Thank you! As far as the itinerary goes, do you see any reason to go with the 14 day over the 12 day? Are the port stops equally as good?
  5. Hi! I'm looking at Norway for 2025 since it may be the last time we can cruise the fjords on a cruise ship. I have found two itineraries, and both are on Celebrity. One is a 12 night and one is a 14 night but the cost is $400 per person more for the 14 night. I'm looking for help in making my decision between the two. 12 Night: Southampton Bruges Flam Tromso Honningsvag Geiranger Alesund Haugesund Southampton 14 Night Southampton Stavenger Olden Molde Trondheim Honningsvag Tromso Geiranger Flam Rotterdam Southampton Lastly, there is a 7-day option that is much more affordable than the other 2. It is Flam, Geiranger, Bergen, Bruges. Any and all insight is appreciated. We haven't been to Europe before. Timing wise, the 12 night is in June and the 14 night and 7 nights are in August. We have plenty of vacation time to cover the amount of time needed. The 14-day trip is really costly though (approx. $7200 for an inside room). So, I'm really trying to get the right trip at the right price. Thanks!
  6. Thank you! There’s great info to be found there. Appreciate you guiding me in that direction.
  7. Good idea ☺️ Here’s the one I’m looking at.
  8. We are looking to do a Norway cruise in 2025. We can’t go in 2024. Looking over the itineraries, I see Flam and Geiranger are no longer offered. I know that these are being discontinued as of 1/1/26 so I was surprised to see them gone already. That being said, what are the must see cities of the one HAL still goes to? Or, should I be looking at different lines that include Flam and Geiranger? Thank you!
  9. Weird question…were these taken from Columbia City Or?
  10. In 2009, my very first cruise was supposed to be a short 4 day cruise round trip Seattle to include Victoria and Vancouver. We received an email a couple weeks beforehand that the cruise was over booked. We were offered a full refund and any 7 day cruise of our choosing if we were willing to be booked. Since we live close to the cruise port, we agreed. And that’s how we got our first Alaska cruise and fell in love with cruising. We’ve been back to Alaska 9 times now so I think they made their money back 😂 So, as others have said, this type of thing has gone on for years. It’s just that normally they give you advance notice unlike what RC did.
  11. Did you comment or “like” anything on the thread? If so, you can check your activity and backtrack.
  12. My husband and I are 4 star and we don’t gamble and we receive these offers. He received them for a year and I received nothing and we’ve only cruised together. I called HAL and my marketing preferences were set to do not disturb. I had them change it and now I get offers too. My 2 cents is that we get offers because we spend money onboard; drink packages, spa, Club Orange upgrade, shore excursions . So, I’ve always thought we get the offer because of our past spending habits.
  13. Thanks for the great review. I’ve been eyeing this itinerary for next year but think I’ll have to push it to 2025. You’ve reinforced for me that it’s a terrific cruise location. Thanks again.
  14. Both make an appearance at some point. I can’t remember where though 😂
  15. I’m just on page one and have a lot to catch up with. So, forgive me if this has been mentioned. I noticed you said Africa is in the bucket list. Holland America has a 73 day circle Africa cruise that leaves in October. Too late for this year I’m sure ☺️ But, I’m not sure how often they offer it. From what I’ve seen, it looks like every couple years. I have looked at it a few times as it’s also a dream cruise for me. Right now, not enough time and not enough money but hopefully one day. looking forward to your live review. I’ll work on catching up now.
  16. That Chile rellano is one of my favorites I’ve ever had on HAL. Yummy!
  17. Oh my! What a morning you’ve had. I hope it goes smoother from here. Just an idea, in case you hadn’t thought of it yet, make sure and keep your receipts for your water and food so you can ask for reimbursement and have the proof you need. safe travels!
  18. My husband enjoyed Skagway Brewing Co. they had fun hats and t shirts and beer too😂 I’m partial to Icy Straight Point. It just feels like genuine, real Alaska. Skagway is fun too. The brothel tour was interesting as was the train ride.
  19. Yes, definitely worth looking into. We went in 2022 the second week of June and I called the company (Allen Marine Tours, I believe)before booking and they are the ones who said general rule of thumb is Memorial Day. It’s always weather related so anything is possible ☺️
  20. Just as an FYI, I see you’re going to Alaska in May next year. The general rule of thumb is that they don’t go into Tracy Arm until after Memorial Day. You may want to go at a later time to make sure you’ll make the small boat excursion.
  21. Is the fold out bed on the wall annoying? Seems like it gets in the way.
  22. Looking forward to your review of NCL. We are considering them for a cruise next year.
  23. Wow! We did an Alaska road trip in July 2021 during the “no cruise” pandemic moratorium. We flew into Anchorage and spent a week driving the Kenai peninsula. I was able to snag a room at the Captain Cook for just over $200 per night. I had no idea the normal rate was so high. I feel lucky now to have gotten that rate.
  24. This happened on my last cruise and I called and asked by I didn’t have priority/early time. They were able to change it and assign me the early group A. This was done thru my PCC.
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