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  1. Not showing on my Amex either. But it’s good news that the offer is back. I’ll be on the lookout for it.
  2. Looks like the 2023 is just about sold out. Only availability showing for verandah category. That would be my guess as to why no segments are showing.
  3. Hi all! First time Celebrity cruiser here. I’ve booked my cruise for August 2022 and was looking through my online options. I see shore excursions but there are very few listed. Is this because they haven’t loaded all of them yet? I did ask this on the Roll Call board as well. Hoping to get some good follow up on what to expect and when to be on the lookout to get things booked. Thanks!
  4. Great info. Beautiful picture! Enjoy your cruise.
  5. So exciting! I just got back from an Alaska road trip. Can’t wait to hear about your cruise.
  6. This is the best advice and is what I do. I always buy the thermal suite pass. I spent a year on chemotherapy and my veins collapsed during treatment and my “thermostat “ has never been the same. I am always cold. We’ve sailed Alaska at least 6 times and I always get the pass and spend time warming up on the heated loungers or the hydro pool. With that all being said, I’ve never been so cold in Alaska that I’ve been uncomfortable. Another person mentions bringing long Johns and that is also excellent advice. The new ones are basically like leggings. You could always just use leggings as a layer too.
  7. How very exciting for everyone! Can’t wait for the live thread. Enjoy and Bon Voyage!!!!
  8. Yes, our last cruise in December 2019 it was cheaper online than it was on embarkation day. I can’t remember how much exactly but it was enough that it caught my husband’s attention.
  9. If you go to halfacts.com, you’ll find a picture of 6116 on Amsterdam (sister ship). It doesn’t look like it has a solid metal balcony. https://halfacts.com/6116-amsterdam-v/
  10. I cancelled a cruise not long ago and the refund took approx 2 weeks.
  11. I don’t think you can see it on the website. They should have sent a new confirmation and it can be found there.
  12. I chatted a few days ago and it was a real person not a bot. I was able to change my stateroom.
  13. This actual itinerary is on the NCL Prima in 2023 that also includes Iceland. Just before the pandemic, we took my husbands parents to Alaska on the Oosterdam. Now they want to take us on their favorite line NCL. Although they loved HAL so much they’ve booked two more cruises too☺️
  14. Hi CC friends. I am looking at two Norway cruises that have similar stops but different times in port. Having never been to Norway, I am leaning on you all for advice. Here's what I have: Alesund 11am to 10pm Geiranger 6 am to 5 pm Bergan 8 am to 5 pm OR Alesund 7 am to 5 pm Geiranger 8 am to 10 pm Bergan 7 am to 4 pm There a bit of difference between the two but is it enough that one is preferable to another? Thanks for any help or guidance. Andi
  15. Prayers for KK and her family. May she Rest In Peace. ❤️
  16. I also have xfinity and am getting the same forbidden message.
  17. Even though this is not HAL related, I found it interesting as it shows how anxious people are to get back out there. Hopefully the link works, but if not, here’s a brief excerpt: ”What Happened: On March 3, the company opened its bookings for 127 itineraries, according to a report by Cruise Hive. The itineraries include cruises to Africa, Antarctica, Asia, the Caribbean, South America, the South Pacific and Australia and New Zealand. The top-selling itinerary was a 35-day cruise around Australia over Christmas and New Year's. https://m.benzinga.com/article/20104898?utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fr.search.yahoo.com&utm_source=https%3A%2F%2Fr.search.yahoo.com
  18. This is a really interesting idea. They get to keep business going but in a slightly different way.
  19. My mom is having the same problem in Tucson. She is 65 and works as a school nurse normally. But since she hasn’t been able to get the vaccine she won’t go back to work for the days where there are in person classes. Too dangerous for her. Since she’s not technically working she doesn’t qualify as a medical worker but she does qualify for age. Just no availability.
  20. I think Cruzin Susan started a roll call for the Copenhagen to Boston cruise. At least I think that’s what she meant since she quoted Cruiser Bruce’s post.
  21. This looks like an awesome itinerary. I don’t have the vacation time to make it happen though so I hope to see something similar including Greenland but a little shorter.
  22. I asked this question on Facebook a few days ago. Canada New England itineraries should be released in the next 2-3 weeks. No specifics given on Greenland RT Boston even though that was my question as I was also scheduled for that trip.
  23. I absolutely plan on sending an email to the office of the president. We’ll see what happens.
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