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  1. My wife is Platinum and we got 1130am check in time for 12/26 cruise this past week. our adult kids are first time Carnival cruisers and separately checked in, 1130 am check in time. usually I don't care when I get onboard but this time is only a 4 nt cruise and we have the DRANKS! package, I'll be ready to hoist one midday.
  2. I loved the Manhattan dining room, same food as MDRs but with entertainment. Love the area sauces gift idea, they were popular at our M&Gs...things that suck: a coffee cup, potholders, dish towels. I spent 2x allocated funds on my gift HOPING someone liked half of it. Have fun!!
  3. Casino bar had all the national televised games a few weeks ago. I only made it to red frog once and didn't notice a tv....but it was late evening with Cheers package.
  4. I cant say that I've seen the steakhouse totally book up on Carnival before cruise date. I'd say its a temporary thing and you'll be able to book a table in near future.
  5. We were on Epic 11 nt last november...We are pushing 50 and were often the youngest folks within eyesight. I think the longer cruises attract an older crowd...and yours starts/ends at different ports.
  6. I liked Escape and Epic. Sure one has odd bathroom setup and the other has more bells and whistles but I'd say I would book either again but select on itinerary/cost. (Disclosure: I'm a hotel "snob" on land but don't need a cabin more than balcony when at sea.)
  7. I know Carnival offers a 7 day out of San Juan that goes to Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts, St Maarten and St Thomas. that's the best 7 nt itinerary I've sailed. but...we hit Tortola on NCL and it was ridiculous. Went to Marina Cay and basically had the island to ourselves, drank painkillers on the beach and swam around and walked around island in awe.
  8. i just google searched it and it led me to a thread on CC with pictures. i'll be darned, it is different than I anticipated. very interesting option.
  9. we prefer balcony midship near elevators, preferably a couple floors below Lido and 2-3 floors above the common areas (casino, shops, bars) sadly, we don't enjoy hiking up stairwells any longer so we try to only walk up a floor or two. otherwise it's elevator time! we certainly don't mind going down stairs however.
  10. im looking forward to seeing the answer to this question. I can't fathom a "premium" balcony is worth $300 over an extended balcony but we'll see!
  11. the minor cruise line, Bahamas Paradise, if memory serves correctly offers 2 nt cruises from West Palm Beach to Freeport exclusively. I don't think they have arrangements to sail anywhere else. im stunned that Grand Bahamas is having any cruise ships this soon after a catastrophic storm. earlier this morning I read that Bahamas Paradise now has another ship beginning stops in Nassau in the near future.
  12. If so inclined, order a Caribbean Old Fashioned - fantastic! another option is to ask the Alchemy bartender to craft their own concoction - most have creative ideas for non-traditional drinks that aren't on the menu.
  13. Sooooo.....me and the fam will be on a late December cruise on the Paradise, four of the crew will be first time Carnival cruisers. I was excited to watch a dive in movie with them one night until I was fairly surprised to learn that class of ship doesn't have an outdoor screen on Lido. My question is do ships in that class size show movies indoors at all? just curious, not really an important inquiry
  14. I'm a huge seafood fan and planned to eat there. After walking by 2x and trying to convince myself to go for it I finally just decided to walk away.
  15. Most surprising? Dude getting hauled to brig after what best would be described as harassing a woman. Second wouuld be a fistfight. Third was from my first cruise, a guest really giving wait staff in buffet a hard time to the point the fellas boss had to get involved. I was naive but I used to think none of that would ever happen on a glamorous international cruise. The sweet bird of youth!
  16. The biggest ships I've been on are NCLs, about 4k pax. I liked them but it was, at times, crowded especially at popular places. The shows required reservations (which I liked). The biggest I've been on Carnival are Magic and Breeze and they had the same problems. I can't fathom being on some of the ships that carry 5k or 6k people, just overwhelming. my sweet spot is well under 3k. I think NCL is ordering ships in that size moving forward, not the behemoths.
  17. Well said Cgal. (My son is in army and being stationed at Guantanamo in '20. I've never attended one of these events on a cruise, truthfully I've never even been aware of such event and I do read the daily schedules.)
  18. For folks who have cruised several times or more do you have any stories on unexpected precruise "oddities" occurring? Our next cruise is 95 days out and as Bill, or Ted, once stated, strange things are afoot at the Circle K....(disclosure: we knowingly paid higher airfare and cruise fare to make the day after Xmas final family trip with adult kiddos, on a shorter itinerary on folders, smaller ship than we are used to sailing) *wife just recommended we stay at local airport hotel since we have a 6am flight. Not a bad idea, cuts 30+ minute commute for most of us. Their airport shuttle starts 430am. It will be weird to check in a hotel on Xmas, no? I offered rooms for all and my two eldest, boys, declined and both said, separately, they were just gonna stay up all night. Say What? *I got my first upgrade offer ever on the hub app. Only $300pp for 4 nt cruise! Egad. Oh well, it was fun opening the offer and anticipating an offer I couldnt refuse. Maybe next time! *I decided to start researching airport to port transportation options. As a lark I messaged a private car (van in this case) operator and got a quote. I relayed quote to wife who was stunned. Why? Turns out she booked a private Tahoe online right when we booked cruise AND I WAS A PART OF THAT DECISION. Oh boy. I plum forgot. That's very unusual. And scary! I bet others have much better stories, can't wait to hear them!
  19. First, pack light. 4 suitcases and/or carryons will be difficult to store, much less contents if they are full. I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of the ship's laundry service midtrip. I packed less undergarments, socks, shirts and shorts a couple weeks ago. I tried to allow my wife extra space in my luggage. I can't imagine 4 adults in one room...maybe during my early 20s, but not now.
  20. The only port that I have really not enjoyed was Freeport and I hate saying that now.
  21. MSC had better buffet and entertainment. Much, much slower MDR. Like 90-120 minutes long. Carnival wins at onboard activities. Except MSC has a make your own wine activity, which was awesome.
  22. I wonder if river cruises feature more banjo and, therefore, more country milusic. I'm fine with Caribbean cruises sans country.
  23. Come to think of it there was another bourbon option at the Alchemy. it was a brand I didn't recognize. im a fairly big bourbon fanatic and live in the heart of bourbon country...I think it was a call brand, definitely not top shelf.
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