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  1. We use the provided soap and shampoo with no problems for one week. AAAmerican: What about the tea? We had tea on our last cruise.
  2. With our 18th cruise coming in September we have reduced what we pack. We over packed so much on our first few cruises. My guess, the porters can tell the first time cruises by the weight and amounts of checked bags.
  3. Happy to hear that he will be on our cruise. Thanks for the info.
  4. I would email the maitre d' your request tonight at famaitred@carnival.com. They don't have to respond but they may help you. If you don't have early seating on our sail-n-sign card go to the MDR on embarkation day as Phillyfan33579 stated. Good luck and enjoy your cruise!
  5. Great, I hope he is sailing in September!
  6. I hope it is back by my sailing in September.
  7. Maybe until Carnival scrubs their webpages and brochures of pictures of drinks with straws, and paper umbrellas.
  8. In broad sense there are dissolving straws now. Biodegradable plastic straws on the market today. The straws are made from a plants and will break down 2 months. The problem is they can't be stored for a long time so they must be used within a month or 2 from the purchase.
  9. It is nice to keep our oceans and air clean. However, these is all feel good measures which nobody can calculate the benefit, other then cost savings for CCL, which is good for me and stock holders.
  10. We started cruising in 2001, yes, there have been changes and some I don't like but we still have a great time on CCL ships. I agree with Doggielover68, the things they added have improved the cruise experience. Back in 2001 the water slides were small with one curve, no Guys, no Punchliner, no Divein movies, no priority embarkation, debarkation, water shuttle etc. The changes are just that, changes. The only change that I wish didn't happen is the staffing ratio. But I understand that too, because like my industry, most businesses are in "the do more with less" model. If CCL started to charge for the water slides, Guys, Punchliner, etc I may change my opinion, but until then I will enjoy my time on a Carnival Cruise Ship with my wife relaxing on my balcony.
  11. I was thinking about switching to a TA but she told me that with CCL she has been only able to give is $50 OBC. She told me RCCL gives OBC, specialty dining, priority boarding and wine. I often get the $50 OBC from my PVP, for our next cruise I will have to compare to see where I get the best deal.
  12. We miss the table side Caesar salad, live bands for the shows and a better guest to staff ratio. Also, paying cash for BINGO cards.
  13. We never noticed that our drinks were short, I get the extra shot too.
  14. The zucchini salad only available on embarkation day.
  15. As I recall the cream cheese is a bulk item on the buffet and not wrapped, what's the difference it and butter?
  16. We love the Punchliner Comedy Club in the Butterflies Lounge, they have family friendly and adult shows. I agree with Chocolate Melting Cake that Maitre d" Ken is the best, we had him on 7 or 8 of our Pride cruises and his singing was a nice touch to the MDR experience. Enjoy your cruise!
  17. My wife and I like to dress up and that what we do for our vacation. The MDR dress code has been eased over the years and almost anything goes now. I think swim ware is were they draw the line now. I have seen baseball cap on "elegant" nights. As long as it is clean I would say anyone is safe. It is your vacation wear what you want and enjoy your cruise and your family!
  18. As stated the Pride's return is dependent upon the conditions. We have been on her 9 times and only had two or three late embarkation. Sign up for notifications while doing the online check-in. We drive from NE PA and have a 3 hour drive to Baltimore so when I wake up I check the location of the ship with one of the tracking website or apps to determine when we should leave. We are Platinum so we can check-in at any time so if the ship is on time we shot for a 11:30 arrival at the parking lot. This give us time to drop off our suitcases and pay for parking (the cash line is faster). We are on the ship and in our stateroom within 15 minutes. I see you are from Maryland so assuming you are parking, I would arrive an hour before the check-in time you select. Not sure which itinerary your sailing, but if you are going to HMC (water shuttle port) I would look into FTTF. FTTF gives you priority embarkation, debarkation and tendering. This option costs $89.95 for the stateroom NOT per person. Enjoy your cruise.
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