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  1. Question- Can these casino credits be applied to cruises that are already booked with they fall within the promotional dates? Or can they only be applied to 'new' bookings? I have to rather large casino credits & I'd like to use them on an upcoming Jan 2022 Panama Canal cruise.
  2. Us too, Mexican Riviera Jan 2021. I think it has a lot to do with the fact these ships aren't Medallion Class yet. I've been reading that the Medallion will be important in the future for contact tracing in the event of an on-board outbreak. We have Panama scheduled for Jan 2022 so we'll probably wait until then. Maybe we'll look for something in spring or summer where we can drive to LA or SF instead of flying. 😂
  3. Major soot + terrible room steward = No Balcony. Balcony was unusable on the Royal to Mexican Riviera. Not sure we'd ever book one again. It may be better to book one of the Penthouse Suites outside the Concierge Lounge.
  4. We love the Grand Class aft suites. Other than the one PH suite on the Royal all of our other cruises have been on the Grand Class. One Grand Suite (fabulous by the way, well worth it once before they are all gone) and the rest were Owner's Suites. Those balconies are fantastic! And we love all the extra space with the addition of the dining table for four.
  5. Be forewarned, we had an aft Penthouse Suite on the Royal last year. It was totally unusable due to all the soot from the exhaust stacks. So having the awesome balcony was pretty worthless for us. You might fare better if you have a great room steward who is consistently cleaning it off. Our's wasn't very good. I did see on decks below us that the steward was out there every day wiping off the railing; not sure if they were cleaning the furniture or the deck floor too. Good luck!
  6. Hello everyone- Quick question...which ships have indoor pools? Trying to determine best ship for colder climates. Thanks, Walt
  7. I need some information. I can't seem to find this in another topic. Probably here somewhere... If you book with Princess directly, do you have to purchase insurance during the booking or can you do so later in the Cruise Personalizer? On that same note, if you book with a 'big box' TA can you later purchase insurance from Princess via the Personalizer once the booking transfers over to the Princess website? Thanks, Walt
  8. Great suite benefits. Terrible soot on the Royal aft balcony on our last cruise to Mexico. It was UNUSABLE. And we had a terrible steward!
  9. We had an aft suite on the Royal earlier this year. The concierge made it all worth it. The suite was so so, the steward was terrible, the concierge was FANTASTIC! Go for the suite for that alone, regardless of where it is postitioned!
  10. Score! 100 shares at $9.30. Bring on the on-board credits!
  11. Hello- I can't find anything about this anywhere so I have a question. All the cruise tours indicated 'standard' accommodations. If you book a full suite on the cruise portion of the tour is it possible to 'upgrade' to a suite at the hotels if they are present? Or does everyone always get just a 'standard' room? Thanks!
  12. So I'm thinking of taking the stock plunge if the price continues to drop into the 20's. What's everyone's experience with different online brokers? Or are they all about the same? Currently I only have a 401(k) which doesn't allow for individual stock purchases so I'd need to use an outside broker.
  13. Partially covered. The entire thing looked gray there was so much soot. Just the luck of the draw I guess.
  14. Will the Star be outfitted with the new large screen TV's with VOD when they install MedallionNet? Also the new Princess beds? We've also booked the 10 Mexican Riviera for Jan 2021 and would be disappointed if none of the upgrades have been done.
  15. Honestly, I can't believe Princess continues to churn out more ships with the same soot problem. Just came back from the Mexican Riviera on the Royal. Aft penthouse, unusable balcony. We won't be booking one again, we'll have to suffer with a smaller balcony that can actually be used! Terrible, terrible, terrible.
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