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  1. We have Vibe passes for our upcoming cruise and yes they are pricey but it is a spring break cruise and my DH and I are "older" so we figure it would be and escape from the crowds....
  2. On NCL's home page scroll to the bottom and find the required documents. Look for age requirements for travel will tell you all required documents. We are planning on taking our daughter and grands without their father and this gave us the exact info we needed.
  3. I know the OP stated the 3rd person did not want the tine 2nd bedroom but my SIL has cruised with us in the 2nd bedroom and had no problem, infact she loved it...she had her own bathroom and the bed was large enough for her. We did request a mattress topper for her. She enjoyed having the Haven and suite perks.
  4. Would you please come back and give us an updated review of Coral Beach?
  5. We sail in March and have decided to use Cruise Control private transfer to our Hotel. We have also chosen to fly in on Thursday and are staying at Springhill Suites Cape Canaveral for two nights. A shuttle hop on hop off type) runs all day long with a stop near our hotel. We will use that to head down to Cocoa Beach and sightsee on our own. Post cruise we are taking the excursion to KSC with airport drop off.
  6. Looking forward to more!! We will be in a 2 bedroom Haven suite in March. It will be our first time sailing from PC. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences
  7. We used them post cruise in September and enjoyed our tour. They picked us up infront of the Convention Center...loaded our luggage and off went. We took the tour that also went to Capilano with the airport drop-off. We had an early morning flight the next day and chose to stay at the airport hotel. Everything went as planned.
  8. Mine are spoiled rotten and when I go to work they make a mess because I keep them in one room. They decide to pay me back for being gone by tossing their hay everywhere....When I go on vacation by pet care neighbor tries to keep it cleaned up to no avail.
  9. Thank you for the information about Haven boarding. I believe I am a bit spoiled after boarding from the new NCL terminal in Miami.
  10. Slavetoabunny this is completely off topic but your name just makes me wonder if like me pet rabbits rule your life?
  11. Would you recommend The Green Grotto for someone that is claustrophobic ?
  12. TSUmom


    I would be curious also. We plan on spending two nights pre-cruise and have been looking at Caribe. We have been to OSJ twice as a port stop so have no interest in staying there. Thinking a relaxing resort on the beach.
  13. We were just on the Jewel and did a pre-cruise tour. We really enjoyed it as it gave us an introduction to Alaska. We plan on going back but will now plan on our own. We want to spend a few more days in Denali. Our plans are taking the train from Fairbanks to Denali and spending a few days and then the train again to Anchorage for a few days followed by the train to Whittier to board the ship. NCL will be sailing from Whittier in 2025 and yes it is a lot of train rides but my DH loves riding the train and neither of us can drive do to health and vision limitations.
  14. I also booked and paid for one in Jamaica just last week. It no longer shows up on MyNCL but I have not had an email of it being cancelled either. They might just be updating the excursions for these cruises?
  15. We are also booked on the Escape in March but the Jamaica Itinerary and all of the options for Ocho Rios have disappeared also
  16. Although a different cruise and ports my cruise now shows zero excursions for Ocho Rios. I had booked and paid for an excursion and it is no longer showing on MyNCL either. A glitch or excursions are being updated? I also get the Uh-Oh when I try to look at booking another cruise.
  17. I am booked on the Escape but not until March...My excursion that I booked for Ocho Rios has also disappeared from my account and it does not show any excursions available in Ocho so my guess is a glitch.
  18. That is exactly what happened with my DH's picture...after my two attempts it said photo will be taken at port and I was able to complete check-in...
  19. TSUmom


    An update: Each person of the group emailed and requested the "consultant" to check into the information she had given them....They all recieved a response saying they fly into Anchorage and will be bussed to Seward and also and apology for not having her facts correct. Maybe a new consultant? I don't know but I am lucky because I have an awesome cruise consultant and have had him for 10 plus years.....
  20. TSUmom


    I told my friends they might look for another consultant because when questioned she did not even check just kept saying they fly into Seward. They even asked about the train transfer from anchorage to Seward and they were told not needed.
  21. TSUmom


    I have a group of friends planning an Alaskan cruise for next year. Their cruise consultant told them they fly into Seward. We are cruising next week and fly into anchorage. I told her two check with her cc and again they were told they fly into Seward. Am I incorrect? Is there an airport I. Seward?
  22. I hope our tour makes a stop in North Pole...would love to tell my Grandkids I was there and take a few pictures....
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