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  1. I just wanted to give an update. I called technical support and in a matter of a few minutes I was able to retrieve my e-docs. Thank you for sharing the contact number Keith.
  2. Thank you - I show 100% checked in, have my email confirmation from MinuteClinic and the tab to download my e-docs but when I click that it takes me to a log in screen....I will be sure to call when I get home from work.
  3. Looking forward to more and thank you for taking the time to do this!!
  4. Great review! Thank you for sharing with us! It is so wonderful to have people cruising again and sharing the cruise and pictures with us!
  5. I am always so sad when I get the "you will be leaving us soon" papers but not near as sad as I am when I walk off of the ship. I guess that is why I am always sure to have another cruise already booked to look forward too. Only 26 days and I will be on the Gem! Thank you so much for sharing your cruise!
  6. I live in a small town - our nearest CVS is 50 miles away. They allow us to schedule a PCR test for travel purposes but can not guarantee a 48 result. We are considering a rapid but they do not offer rapid testing. I am going to call our local clinic and see what they can offer but I just don't see us receiving PCR results before our flight to Miami.
  7. My only concern with the 48 hours is right now where I live they can't guarantee results in 48 hours. I would hate to board the plane 24 hours after my PCR test and then pray for negative results received before my boarding time. We do not have a rapid test available at our local CVS or Walgreens. I would prefer a PCR but now I am thinking at least a rapid test I would have results on time.
  8. Thank you for sharing! I am enjoying your detailed review and the pictures.
  9. You are just like me. I get up early all week for work (3 am) so even on vacation I am up looking for coffee because I don't want to wake my DH. I also have everything ready to go with a bag packed and my clothes out! After my coffee I like a mimosa, you know the healthy OJ. Loving your review - just over 4 weeks and I will be on the Gem!!
  10. Enjoying your review. I too am a whiskey girl but enjoy trying other drinks as well. Look forward to reading more about your adventures.
  11. My thoughts also. Our cruise is on a Sunday - we fly to Miami on Saturday. We may not receive our results within 24 hours which means we will be on our way to Miami without test results. 72 hours gave us a better time frame for the PCR results.
  12. Oh yes the French Press Coffee!!
  13. For me french toast and mimosa and my DH steak and eggs
  14. Thank you for sharing. I have been hoping to hear more on the check-in experiences. We have moved to a DOS and are excited about it - the Garden Villa looks absolutely wonderful!
  15. I don't sail until October...hoping for great weather but if not oh well, I will be on a ship!!!
  16. I am also waiting to hear how things went boarding in Miami.
  17. I agree with you! We never turn on the TV - cruising is our escape from everything in the real world!
  18. We cruise on the Gem out of Miami in October. I am hoping someone from the August sailing does a review like BirdTravels is doing for the Alaska sailing. I would like to know how the whole boarding process works from Miami.
  19. The way it is looking you would be wearing a mask in Bermuda also - I would def take the Jade in Greece.
  20. I understand your frustration because DH and I are not tech savvy and had no clue how to upload a picture. Luckily our children (and even grandkids) knew how to do it. Now I will need their help again to do the same thing with our vaccine cards. I guess I had better pay attention this time because we plan on cruising again in the spring.
  21. I agree completely! Yes we are on a Western Car. again which we have done many times but I am happy to be getting on a ship and go wherever it can take me.
  22. We used them also. Was not sure if I could post companies.
  23. If you are planning on being there pre cruise a few days look into private tours. We used those while in Rome. You can find some great ones. Do a bit of research on some travel forums and also here under Ports of call.
  24. Received our letter also. As others have said I was afraid to open it thinking it was a cancellation. I was about to break out into a happy dance when I saw what it really was.
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