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  1. It is a repositioning itinerary. Carnival would never be able to fill the ship if this were offered consecutively to sail to Alaska in lieu of a service call with Canada.
  2. Smart thinking with combining WDW. Bonus points for referring to the Jacksonville ships as rust buckets.
  3. They still have the terminal in Fort Lauderdale. It’s an option when they are ready to use it.
  4. Fort Lauderdale and Miami are both considered South Florida. Port Canaveral is not.
  5. Thanks for the reminder of another reason not to sail on Carnival Cruise Line. At least some competitors offer Coca Cola products.
  6. I probably wouldn’t sail from Europe on Carnival again. Our most recent ones have been with Princess and next one is Royal Caribbean.
  7. Carnival Liberty, June 2009. No particular occasion
  8. Rust be gone. For real though, I’m a fan of this color scheme and hull artwork. It’s needed as Carnival is getting ready to take its next step in redefining its experience.
  9. Port Everglades just posted unpaid internships through the local universities this week.
  10. Other cruise lines allow you to use the beverage packages at their private resort based experiences.
  11. Restricted shore leave will play a big role in my vacation selection and would be a big factor when choosing between a cruise vs a land based option. This is nice to see.
  12. Any option with Princess or Royal Caribbean (excluding Vision or Sovereign class) is fine with me.
  13. And disguised these revenue optimization strategies very well as doing the passenger the favor 🙂
  14. It’s pretty cool and well planned. You’ll have a great time. Welcome to Princess.
  15. If you’re considering Alaska, just book Princess. Nobody does it better than Princess and HAL. On Carnival, you find the budget focused traveler. On Princess, it’s a bit different but you won’t notice it until you’re a few cruises in with them. The disposable income is there but, well, you’ll see.
  16. They have stated all ships with utilize Ocean Medallion which leads to a safe assumption of MedallionNet being onboard. Many ships prior to the suspension of operations were already equipped with MedallionNet even if they didn’t have the full OM.
  17. I don’t think it would have the same results on Carnival as it does on Princess. Due to a younger clientele, more people are likely to use the Internet on Carnival when compared to Princess. On Princess, Internet connectivity (limited amount of minutes) is included for many Platinum and Elite members which a majority (not me) find sufficient. The Internet on Princess also costs very little for them to provide due to the technology used in O3b. Alcohol costs pennies in the dollar for these cruise lines. Only problem is the volume of packages sold. Many passengers on Prin
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