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  1. I must have missed it in the fb game last night, too, but I seldom listen to the cacophony in pregame and halftime!
  2. Just an idea--please don't think I am calling for the mess that occurred earlier! Heck, all types of things could be done to make it less problematic. Continue to let people test on their own, but also provide 24/7 testing in the departure city at several locations for 48 hrs before departure, have contractors set up 50 tables in the terminals, etc. They could be imaginative instead of the mess and uncertainty testing is now. The idea of their new campaign is to eliminate the negative connotation people have, so instead of this ad hoc jumble, make it smooth and convenient.
  3. If I was trying to attract people back to cruising, I'd do 4 things: 1) testing at the pier, 2) extension of Cruise with Confidence but allowing refunds instead of FCC, 3) extension of all FCCs to Dec 2023, and 4) make FCCs transferrable up to 30 days before sailing.
  4. I know that, but I already have extras because of buying the 6 pack. When we ordered, it said you can return if unopened, but the package itself says no way. We just might want a test result for our own peace of mind before or after being in a possible exposure setting (like Christmas). With the short exp date (Feb), we are unlikely to need a documented test before they get wasted. We are flying to Hawaii in Dec but this test is not valid for that (Abbott is not one of their "trusted partners").
  5. For anyone who has taken the test: if we want to test ourselves but do not need documentation, can you do the test without a proctor? The results can be read on the test card directly, if I understand the procedure?
  6. Thank you for letting us know. So many times we never hear if something got resolved!
  7. Unfortunately, the language does not say whether the passenger or Royal is the one who makes the decision. But hey shouldn't keep holding a refund out there if it cannot be selected.
  8. My post was, I thought, obviously tongue in cheek. I like to laugh at my own mistakes, but I forget everyone isn't like that. I apologize.
  9. Remember from grade school: i before e except after c, and a whole bunch of other exceptions that have no rhyme or reason except to give teachers some chuckles on spelling tests.
  10. The article shows exp dates of Feb 2022 more than 7 months away when they were destroyed.
  11. Brilliant move. CEO so worried about a large uncommitted inventory's effect on finacial reporting that he failed to notice that the decline in cases was occurring while a new variant with unknown contagiousness was spreading. And he missed the demand cruising and other travel would create. Pure bean counter concern. Next good move would be to fire him. This corporate decision should be taught along with Circuit City firing all their experienced employees and going bankrupt 2 years later.
  12. Funny, I saw your comment right before you must have realized mine was a reply to Bo. Sure, we can all party together! I am curious, is graphic guy a description of your way of talking? Or perhaps referring to extensive Adobe expertise?
  13. My wife and I really hope to meet you one of these days!! I'd pretend to buy you a drink for this post alone! (but you'd be AI, so it's the thought that counts)
  14. Your pix have convinced me to just do a walking around visit. Thx! Are casinos open in Curacao?
  15. But....they are wrong! 😁 Like driving wrong, their strange accents... ...and one that really is wrong: their pronunciation of "aluminum" as "aluminium"...shudder! And just because it really is named aluminium internationally doesn't mean I have to give up my 55th amendment rights to my Americanized stuff!
  16. Oh, great. So seeds are out now, too!
  17. Forget the colds. It is allergies that will cause more problems if every sneeze has to be reported. Heck, my dad sneezed every time his upper cheek was lit up by sunshine in the morning. Lock him up!
  18. Back to the couple's story...to the email they claim they relied on (which says unvaxxed get tested at the port): Did the email not say to keep checking back for possible updates on requirements? I am not too conversant with RC's emails, so what type of "keep checking" language do they use?
  19. Apparently, they have forgotten. Feel sorry for them!
  20. Maybe the lack of additional posts means they made it. @Bleueyes44 Any luck?
  21. So, asking about mask rqmts on Celebrity is like asking "What's the weather like on a cruise?" Varies by departure location, destination, and maybe the time of day!
  22. I had to do cleanups in a dept store job years ago. I was thrilled when the customer just walked away. NEVER wanted them hanging around, trying to "help" or apologizing! Invariably, they made it worse....
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