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  1. Which ships do not have it? The dropdowns seem to list them all?
  2. We had no forms to fill out in Ft L in April, just asked us orally what we bought on the cruise and how much it cost. 4 bottles of booze and a watch, plus some shirts and hats. Waived us through. 75 seconds total. I had the recepts in my hand if needed, but they never asked. Duty if assessed is based on actual alcohol content, and is approx $3 per 750ml bottle I believe.
  3. 20, 22, 26 at various times for Allure in late Oct. Also varies in the combo with Voom, as does the soda/voom combo.
  4. I used Google to find it, not my planner. There are dropdown menus for ship and date once you click on any of these, and it seems to include all the Royal ships. But whether they are available or not I don't know because I only did a mock for the Allure Oct 20. No gratuity in the Cart. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/royalgifts/wine-liquor/alcohol-packages
  5. Tell Royal what your TA said about Royal not allowing the TA to participate. Maybe they will let you switch if they know the TA lied.
  6. @Host Clarea I tried the URL this morjing and it still has the specials for this week. Does it vary when the new ones come out, sometimes later on Friday instead of Thursday? Thx!
  7. The ability of people to lie to themselve and other about gambling is mind-breaking Someone did an exit survey outside a number of casinos years ago. A small percentage of people said they won. A small percentage said they lost. And something like 2/3 of the people said they just about broke even. If the answers represented reality, casinos would not be able to stay in business.
  8. Maybe the port fees are separately itemized, too.
  9. A few months ago, there were lots of complaints about the Freestyle machines on several ships either not working or running out. Does anyone have any recent experience with them?
  10. @ryano For more realism, get a sound machine that has ocean or wind sound!
  11. How to make a small fortune? Start with a large fortune.
  12. The questions you aptly suggest take up our attention are ones where no one is saying RC should drop everything to clear those issues up. Unlike the tragic smell of squishy seaweed Gary is demanding should be gone a week after a 24 hour Cat5 hurricane devastated neighboring islands. I cut innocent mistakes and even what sometimes seem like naive idiocies a break. Not entitled ranting and double-downs like the OP's!
  13. Since it stinks, too, nice tie-in to the topic!
  14. Op: Something stinks all right: your attitude. Go clean the beach yourself, and then please wash your soul. If you can find it.
  15. That is where I won $62 in April on the roulette slot machine. You can generally afford a slight progressive system on those machines if you start betting a couple of pennies and restart whenever you are up to risk of a dollar. Takes awhile to win very much, though!
  16. Seems the big difference is that you take responsibility for the effects smoke might have in your home, but do not care about the effects in the casino because RC has told you it is okay. Even though people have delineated the overflow of smoke out of the casinos, and even though the casino is also frequented by nonsmokers who, if they want to use a common venue, have to put up with the same stuff you are careful not to expose your children to. The nonsmoker has no choice if he wishes to use the casino, but you have other choices for smoking. Frankly, it is okay with me if you feel that way. I just wish you'd be honest enough to own up to the fact that you care enough to protect your children, but don't give a tinker's dam about the effect you have on other cruisers.
  17. @ReneeFLL "I'm sure we must look like alcoholics, but we aren't." My family decided we are alcoholics when we got married. We wanted nothing as gifts, but they insisted so we asked for our favorite wine. Poof! Total drunks in their minds! We built a big bar in our dream house in VA. I got very good at some really cool specialty martinis we "borrowed" from the Bellagio in LV (our previous preferred vacay spot).* We then brought about 80 bottles with us when we unexpectedly moved to SC 2 years later. We still have much of it, and it is all still good, 13 years later. I swear, some of the really good stuff tastes richer after all this time when we pop a bottle! ___ * Almond Joy: 1. In a shaker, equal parts coconut milk and vodka, plus 1/2 part Godiva dark choc liqueur, and 1/2 part Frangelico. 2. Freeze a martini glass. 3. Toast some shredded coconut on a small cookie tray (doesn't take long--about a minute at 300; just until crispy). 4. Dip the rim of the glass into Hersheys chocolate sauce--it should start thickening as it runs down the sides when you turn it upright. 5. Immediately dip the rim into the coconut and twirl it to get a nice coat. 6. Add a cherry if you wish, and pour. 7. You should be able to figure this step out!
  18. The belongings info, and the info about room access, are great to know. We are doing our first B2B in late October (staying in same cabin). Does anyone have tips on how to handle gratuities for those of us who might want to add something? Do it at turnaround or wait til end?
  19. @legaljen1969 You might find this article helpful. It discusses what to do when you mistakenly insult someone. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/18/smarter-living/what-to-do-when-youve-said-the-wrong-thing.html On the other hand, you did intend to insult her. You were just so anxious to write a scathing comment that you didn't bother to make sure your comment was on point about your target. That might need a different article.
  20. @ReneeFLL Consider all that alcohol as a safety feature, not a danger. It will help keep your house afloat! And keeping that Scotch this long really is a bad thing to do. So much so that my wife and I are willing, in the spirit of public service, to come remove those toxins from your environs before they explode or something. Just let us know! (Seriously, they will be fine.)
  21. I flew on a TWA Lockheed 1011 once from SL to KC. It had 3 of us on board. They intended to cancel it because so few seats had been sold, and had booked other pax onto other planes. Then they realized they needed to leave it on the schedule so it could go to TWA's maintenace facility in KC. 3 of us had not been rebooked, so we each had about 70 seats to ourselves. More crew than passengers!
  22. @TeeRick At least it is nice to know that we aren't seeing or hearing reports of a rash of it.
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