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  1. Unfortunately, there isn't much information about things to do when it rains. The bulk of the responses have been that if it rains, it puts a really big damper on the excursions that they did.
  2. I will be on the Carnival Vista for the 10/30 sailing. The ports will include Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. Unfortunately, forecast shows showers and thunderstorms for all 3 port days next week. My original plans are most likely not an option now. I am hoping to pick some brains for ideas on what to do on these port days. My original plans: Roatan: Was planning to get a day pass at Infinity Bay. This isn't going to work if there is going to be showers and thunderstorms. Belize: Wanted to go to the Altun Ha Mayan Ruins, but I read that when it rains they do not allow you to climb the ruins due to safety reasons. Not sure if it is worth the hour drive there if I can't get the full experience. Cozumel: Mr. Sanchos. Same reason as Roatan, don't want to be stuck on the beach and not really get to enjoy it due to the weather. Lastly, if I decide to stay on the ship on port days, what activities tend to be offered? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
  3. Yes they are. On the Mardi Gras there is no self-laundry rooms so we had no choice. Over the course of a week long cruise, I ended up doing 3 bags for 4 people. It fits quite a bit of clothing if you do it right. Just roll the clothes and don't overstuff to where the paper bag rips.
  4. After getting approved, you should get an email like the picture on the left. Expect the email from guestadmin@carnival.com. Unfortunately, to check if it has been applied, you have to wait until after you have checked-in for the cruise (currently 2 weeks before sail date) to be able to view the Invoice which has the breakdown of itemized charges (picture on the right).
  5. Carnival Cruise Line extended their Covid protocols through February 2022 last week. Your SIL should be able to cancel their cruise since she will not be vaccinated and be able to get a refund. Since the 18 year old still wants to go, I see several options. 1st option is to change your current reservation to include your 18 year old nephew. There are rooms that can hold 4 people. You would have to move staterooms and might lose any promo that might be tied to your current booking. 2nd option is to book a solo room for your nephew. As an 18 year old, as long as his reservation is tied to your reservation there is no restriction on where his room is located on the ship. 3rd option is to have your nephew bring a friend and they can bunk together. This option would usually be only a couple hundred dollars more than option 2 due to not having the solo supplement. Last option is to have 2 rooms and split up your current room. Since you already have a room for 3, why not book 2 rooms with 2 people each? I suggest the last option as it might be cheaper than having a room for 3 and a room for 1. Sources: https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-cruise-line-extends-protocols-through-february-2022/57511 https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2544/~/minor-guest-policy
  6. The eMed website says that they can only guarantee the test kits are good through at least December 1st. For those that bought recently, what is the expiration date for your test kits?
  7. Full dinners, yea that would be weird. However, comedy clubs ashore do serve snacks and appetizers all the time. So I do not find it strange seeing people snack on popcorn, fries, wings, or even a cheese board during the show.
  8. Is this really a rule? I have never seen any signage, nor is anything posted online about it. The only signage that I recall are put out about age restrictions when the show is an 18+ show. If it is really a thing, I will be sure to stop doing it.
  9. My suggestion is to book closer to the thrill theater because the forward cabins are right above the liquid lounge. Therefore, the forward cabins are worst in my opinion. In addition, 90 days before the sail date when final payment is due, a ton of rooms always open up. This is because the travel agents have to release the rooms back to Carnival since they did not sale them all. Take a look at the pdf for the Horizon: https://www.carnival.com/~/media/63FE638ED9C941208C11CECDBB3990E1.ashx. When the rooms get released back to Carnival, you have the potential for more options within your stateroom 8B category (the yellow orangey color) to switch rooms. The other option is to track down the travel agents who are holding up all those rooms and book your cruise through them. Unfortunately, I have no idea who those travel agents are that are hoarding the rooms.
  10. The last dividend that I received was on 3/13/20, right before the world went to (insert bad word here). I got 50 cents a share. I do not expect to receive any quarterly dividends for several years. But its all good, as I am redeeming $200 worth of stockholder obc this year alone.
  11. I have done it before for dinner time. My husband was back in the room with a migraine and the items I wanted to get for him weren't in the buffet. I told the hostess the situation and she took my room number down and she sat me at a table by myself closest to the hostess stand. A waiter came and verified that I wanted to order to take with me, and I was able to place the order with the waiter. He came back about 15-20 minutes later with 2 plates w covers and some utensils. This was on Carnival Splendor when she sailed out of Long Beach. However, on the Carnival Valor out of New Orleans, after dinner I ordered the cheese plate and asked for a cover so that I could take it with me (I like to eat it during the comedy shows later in the night). The waiter said they did not allow food to be taken out of the MDR and refused to give me a cover for my cheese plate. This was all pre-covid. Therefore, YMMV. You should always ask and they might accommodate.
  12. I am not a smoker, but I wish Carnival would build a cigar lounge for smokers and make the casino smoke free instead. There is wayyyyy too many smokers not gambling in the casino taking up seats in front of the machines.
  13. I can't answer your specific question, but I just wanted to recommend a knee scooter instead. It's smaller and moves around much easier than a wheelchair.
  14. Wow, you are absolute right. I live in Los Angeles and there are a ton of Quest Diagnostic labs near me. However, the closest one for the Covid testing site according to their website is 40 miles away out in Palmdale. When I checked for Port Canaveral area, it is 20 miles away at a Walmart in Melbourne, FL. I think I will stick with CVS and book the appointment 2 weeks out instead.
  15. The straws Carnival provides are horrible. Places like Florida and the Caribbean are super humid. The straws at the outdoor bars that sail in that area were already limp when they give you your drink. Just pack your own.
  16. This is the location I have to go to as well. Nothing else near me in the Pico/Robertson area. I just need to remember to book 2 weeks out before my next Oct cruise out of Galveston.
  17. I have done it with 3 mini bottles of Stella Rosa at the Port of Long Beach. The security person looked at me and I said that the 3 small bottles equal 1 regular size wine bottle and he let me through. I think it is at their discretion if they will let you through or not.
  18. There are several self service soda machines on deck 16 in the Lido Marketplace. The only other one I saw was on deck 8, to the left of the Pig & Anchor bar tucked away in the corner. For juice dispensers, I remember seeing them on deck 8 next to the soda machine and in front of Pizza del Capitano. It can also be found to the right of Javablue Cafe on deck 6 and on deck 17 next to Guy's Bugers.
  19. To my understanding, insurance will not pay for the test for something that is not medically necessary (i.e. testing for voluntary travel). However, they will pay if you were potentially exposed to the virus because social distancing was not possible. Just answer yes to question 2 so that you will not be on the hook for the cost of the test.
  20. Here is the CVS questionnaire when making an appointment for a Covid test. Just answer yes to the 2nd question.
  21. On board now, and my husband has been pissed every night for dinner. I have to keep reminding him it's only night 1, night 2, now night 3 so far and the staff is still learning. He is trying to be understanding, but it's getting hard for him as each night didn't seem to get better. For example, we ate at Cucina del Capitano today for dinner. Started off well, as they came and gave our party bread and took our drink order within 2 minutes of sitting down. I received my cocktail within 10 minutes after ordering. My husband had to ask 3 additional times before he got his glass of wine 70 minutes later. Appetizers came within 10 minutes after placing our food order. Then we waited over an hour to get our entrees. 3 out of 4 of us got our entrees at the same time, which were all cold. My husband didn't get his entree until 30 minutes after ours. Dessert took another 20 minutes after clearing our entree plates. Oh our ice creams for dinner every night has always been melted and soupy, which is disappointing. Not complaining, just noting our experience so far.
  22. I have never received any type of military credit for sailing Carnival. In fact, my TA specializes in cruises for the military and has never mentioned or offered any additional military credit either. The only mention from Carnival is this: https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2856/kw/military, but it only talks about them offering a military cruise rate (which tends to be only $15 cheaper than the Early Saver Rate for me).
  23. Under the "Booking and Order Details" tab, there should be a button called "View/Print Documents". Check "Print General Information" before clicking "View/Print Docs" button. It will be on the invoice and look something like this: Also, Carnival offers military credits? How do I get this? Every time I make a booking, their military discount is barely $15 cheaper than the early saver rate. I always end up choosing the casino rate instead.
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