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  1. This is your best option, I’ve done this in the past, you’ll be refunded the taxes and port fees.
  2. Prices on all cruise lines are crazy these days. As far as having to walk a bit: I welcome it to keep me active between meals on the ship. I understand if you have mobility issues it may not be as inviting, but the scooters they have now are just the cure for that. As far as food quality: certainly subjective and subject to individual tastes. Unfortunate you found it not to your liking the majority of the cruise. As far as medical attention: the medical professional and the patient both have responsibilities, if the patient needs pain medications they need to make that request clear. Give HAL a try, you may or may not come back. Our experiences change and sometimes we just have one that doesn't meet our expectations, it doesn't mean we have to give up on them forever. May the wind be at your back!
  3. As stated by other posts, excursions through the cruiselines generally are not as intimate and more a larger “herd” type of experience.
  4. It really depends on you. If you’re comfortable finding your way around and doing some research ahead of time on your own is great. When we travel places and want to see things and don’t want to do all the planning or figuring out transportation and everything we’ll schedule an excursion. We generally don’t use the cruise line excursions unless they happen to be the only one’s available for the sights we want to see.
  5. I think time for a moderator to check in and lock this thread……
  6. Sadiwest: so refreshing to see a positive post….thank you!!!!!
  7. Sometimes it takes several days before your cruise is actually cancelled, sometimes it's almost immediate, but eventually it will be cancelled.
  8. It’s really no different than any other company downsizing. They can’t accommodate all butlers so he was at least offered an alternate position…better than unemployed.
  9. I’d recommend something like an Italy Greek isles itinerary. I did both Caribbean and Mediterranean cruise solo a few years ago and had a much better time with the the Italy/Greece itinerary.
  10. You'll want to do premium economy or business class for sure!
  11. Last year on Wonder of the Seas left my cell phone on a tour bus. Went to the excursion desk, they called the excursion vendor, found the phone (even sent a picture of phone to identify). We had already left port so Excursion desk they'd pick up next time in port and ship to me. Home a few weeks later I get email from Wonder of Seas excursion desk they'd picked up phone and would be shipped to me. That was June 2022, still no phone. Replaced phone with insurance fortunately.
  12. You say that in jest but I really think there is some validity to your observation.
  13. We were there twice last year and both times the bus had restroom.
  14. I always bid what I’m comfortable paying for the particular room and cruise. The amount is different each cruise so really can’t give an amount. So far running about a 40% success.
  15. Same here, I was on the Wonder two times last year: once out of Barcelona and once out of Rome, both had a lobster night.
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