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  1. Amazing change. Hopefully it prevents the need to have to rush to a restaurant on the first day to check and/or fix any dining arrangement issues.
  2. To be fair, this sounds just like their policy with onboard norovirus, which has derailed numerous voyages throughout cruising history. The key word is "threshold" and they'll have to investigate how far-reaching the spread was in the case that COVID became endemic on the vessel, which already seems like the worst-case scenario. So I'd hope that Princess' policy is going to resemble Royal Caribbean's. In fact, I really hope CLIA adopts an industry standard that all lines can abide by, which makes things much easier for guests.
  3. The biggest advantage is getting the cabin you want before the public does. Of course, you're battling out with other elites on the same day. But in the case that you ever have a specific preference for a possibly-rare itinerary, then you try and get your preference. You're hardly alone in terms of not getting emails as an Elite. Princess' IT leaves a lot to be desired, though I'd make sure to check all your account settings if you book independently or get in contact with your PVP/agent if you use either to get comms from them.
  4. The "daily newsletter" Princess distributes is called the "Princess Patter" and I know you're interested in an Alaska itinerary. So an example of an Alaska trip's patters (from the pre-pandemic era) can be found here. If any sailings happen in September from Alaska, I would personally expect a pared down assortment of activities, so just note that when you peruse through the attached patters. Also note that the ship seen in the patters here is the Royal Princess, which is a sister ship to the Majestic. (Disclosure - website is not mine; they belong to a vacation blogger and agent who has frequ
  5. Thanks a bunch. Wow this is definitely a new look. The real test will have to be seeing if the tech gremlins have been neutralized. Did you find any troubles confirming the Medallion order? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi there, I also read about Princess rolling out changes to their apps on this forum, but I just logged on to my app and don't see any changes? Were you asked to update the app? I wasn't prompted to do so on my phone. Please share with us if there's anything new or interesting that you see.
  7. Just dropping a reminder here to bump this thread that today's the day to book, for Elites! May you all receive your desired cabin(s).
  8. Hi J_Bronco34, Yep, you posted in the right place, although you also have your cruise's roll call and this website's Alaska boards to inquire at as well. As for your question, since Majestic and Royal are sister ships, then based off of what happened in 2019 with Royal's debut Alaska season, this means, yes, the Majestic will most likely be sailing along the west side of Vancouver Island. It mostly has to do with the size of the ship, if I'm not mistaken. I don't have a status on whether or not Princess was able to "clear" the Royal-class size of ship, so I will let others answer that. Bu
  9. This is a great way to put it, in my view.
  10. The assortment of entertainment options will be slightly expanded. This might include an additional variety act. 7 day cruises usually have only about 2 shows, but 10 day cruises might have 3. However, note that if the ship you're booking is typically sailing 7-day cruises, with the 10-day you're booking being an anomaly, I would not bet on the additional show. Lastly, the pace is slightly more relaxed. It can feel like the 7-day cruises are operated like things are being rolled out like a conveyor belt with a strict schedule, but the 10-day cruises feel like they have more variance to their p
  11. Steamers is a seafood restaurant put on during some nights of the cruise in the back half of the World Fresh Marketplace buffets (this includes Emerald, Caribbean, and Sky; Majestic is also a WFM buffet but since it was primarily deployed in Asia and Australia, I'm pretty sure it didn't have it). I know it says Regal has it as well on the Princess website, but I can't seem to remember if it was actually there. Others can correct me. Menu here. Planks is a BBQ restaurant that operates the same way as Steamers. They do not operate concurrently, I don't think. Menu here. B
  12. I apologize that I cannot be of more help. Hoping you can find the recipe soon. Do not fret; just book a short cruise on the Emerald or the Ruby (the two ships with the restaurant) whenever you can and you can try it out then. I do feel your expectations could be too high -- it was just fine to me but not exemplary to the extent that some might make it sound. Hope you can try it out soon.
  13. It is different. Princess has a bit of an extended partnership with Stone, who has also designed some dishes for the MDR. That includes the two shown at this link (seafood stew and pork belly). Yes. Crown has Crown Grill and Sabatini's as fee restaurants. Those are your two main specialty dining restaurants.
  14. Google "World Fresh Marketplace Princess" and you'll get what I mean. Offerings are slightly adjusted with more grab-and-go style and has a "trendy" vibe as opposed to the humdrum of the older-style buffet. But since you're not going to be sailing on Emerald, I wouldn't worry too much. Crown still retains the traditional wood and brass-style of the Horizon Buffet.
  15. It's in the spreadsheet/flyers shared in this thread. Please excuse the very small image of the prices, I apologize beforehand. Just click on the photo and hopefully you can zoom in?
  16. SHARE is slightly more eccentric in the offerings. Not exactly Tapas. It tries to be a trendy restaurant but it's just OK to me. Menu here. And yes, Curtis Stone is Australian. Sabatini's is all about Italian cuisine. Like others have said, Crown and Emerald are nearly identical. The only difference is, as discussed, the dining options (Crown has no SHARE) and Emerald has the newer buffet design (World Fresh Marketplace). And to answer your earlier question about "why did they need to swap?" -- it might just have to do with where the ships are right now (Cr
  17. Correct. In the 2023 itinerary thread, we discovered that the Crown seemed likely to be deployed to Alaska but the changes were not yet reflected on the website. So this would confirm our speculation that it's swapping with Emerald.
  18. Hi @trbarton, most of the Ruby discussion originated here. I also asked one of the travel advisors who frequents these boards on that above-linked thread if they were aware of a dry-dock schedule they could share with us, and they said they did not have more info to share. Princess's been more quiet when compared to other cruise lines so there hasn't been as much info to glean.
  19. Great observation. There seems to be some disconnect between the itinerary list, the pricing sheet, and what's currently on sale. I'm inclined to think the pricing sheet is most accurate. Since it indicates time spent in Vancouver, this may likely negate the time Crown spends in Europe. Perhaps Princess is sensing a lot more demand for Alaska, which makes sense, given that it's harder to manage COVID globally, leading to uncertainty.
  20. Do you have further details that you are able to share regarding itineraries?
  21. At the earliest, later this summer. The earliest they ever did was July 2019 for summer 2021. COVID has derailed that enthusiasm so I'm anticipating a little later.
  22. Nope, just promoted, and thus now less consumer-facing than she was or has to be (not that she really was to begin with).
  23. It depends on how you define refurb. Medallion upgrades, some refreshed carpeting maybe, and new soft mattresses, yes. Everything else, though? No, it looks basically like what it looked like back in 2014.
  24. Hey @Cruise Wonderland! Do you know of any other dry docks in the fleet this year? Princess is very comparably low-key with their news, so it'd be nice to anticipate anything. Thanks!
  25. Excited to see her develop, but I'm also excited to be done with the Royal-class phase. I know the new orders have already been made for the next vessels to come online, but I'm really hoping Carnival develops an actually innovative and mindful concept for Princess that doesn't indulge on the many flaws that plague most new ships today. But I'm not holding my breath.
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