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  1. Absolutely not, your pictures are great! It's awesome to see a ship from so close up, since most ports here in America actually make it so difficult to walk up and be able to gawk at them like this. I agree Emerald (and sister vessels) could use a repainting, but I definitely understand the nature of the current circumstances that make that prohibitive; however, instead of simply repainting, I actually wish Princess would seek out a new paint vendor altogether because it seems their ships always rust at a seemingly faster rate (subjective perspective, of course) I send my thoughts
  2. First off, Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa to all of you. For those who celebrated Hanukkah this year, Chag sameach! (even though this is very late, so I apologize). And for those who do not celebrate any or are irreligious, I hope you've been having a healthy week thus far and wish you a happy new year! Here's Emerald coming and going in San Diego on Christmas Eve. I took this from the San Diego Webcam and sped it up 20x: Emerald Princess_12-24-2020.mp4 It turns out she will not be heading for LA as previously reported and will, instead, be drifting along with other Car
  3. The ship was delivered on December 22 [https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24083-costa-takes-delivery-of-new-costa-firenze.html] and looks the same as Costa Venezia on the outside. But here's a great overview of what she looks like on the inside: Love it or hate it, anyone can admit Costa will always have unique, not-cookie-cutter decor that is clearly inspired by key themes on each of their vessels. I think this ship's interior design reflects the vibe they really wanted to project for the "Florentine Renaissance." I know she was initially sch
  4. Here they are! Both Grand and Majestic sliding into San Pedro one after another. A great sight to behold after Princess ships last appeared on the West Coast roughly 9 months ago. San Pedro 12-23.mp4 Other significant moments to anticipate: (all local time mentioned) - Emerald will dock in San Diego on December 24. It is then scheduled to leave for San Pedro the same day. - Royal, as already mentioned in prior posts, will arrive in San Pedro on December 26. - Ruby, as already mentioned in prior posts, will arrive in San Pedro on on December 27. - Crown is currentl
  5. In the case that the ship is delayed to this extent, then I would describe this more as an "inaugural" deployment rather than "new." But for the sake of the many guests who've booked, I hope they don't have to derail too many plans.
  6. I'm going to assume you booked the 7-day itinerary leaving June 4 or 25, from Athens to Barcelona (attached image below) I won't answer to the ports as I don't qualify to talk about them. Agree with the above user that posting in the Europe forum would help you out a lot. I see that you have cruised Princess once before and I think you'll really love Regal. I know it can feel crowded at times, but I loved the feeling I had cruising onboard regardless. I think if you explained specifically what about the ship you would like to know, we may be of better assistance to you.
  7. Just wanted to share with you another article that might be of good info for you in your shipspotting adventures: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24081-port-of-san-diego-expecting-technical-calls-from-six-ships.html All ships will be docking at the B Street Cruise Terminal. I don't have knowledge of what the exact times will be (other than what's already mentioned as tentative). Emerald is also slated to leave the same day it arrives, on the 24th. It is currently scheduled to arrive in SD at 6:45AM local. Hope this helps!
  8. If you find the any of the upper deck bow areas are far too crowded, then this above mentioned area is a great alternate. But for any spot, make sure to get to them early for a prime spot. And I'll be blunt here, but don't have too many liquids if you plan on standing anywhere for long, because it will be a long one.
  9. Excellent itinerary. Very port-intensive and the sea day between Greenock and Invergordon is highly appreciated (not sure if that's exactly your itinerary). It was very sad to step off the ship at the end. I also had relatively great weather and seas as smooth as silk, but your experience may be different. (And also I know you said it's your first time on the Crown and since the itinerary is so port-intensive, I'd doubt you'll find much to complain about the ship; the cruise will almost be like a taxi service between ports since you'll be so focused on exploring the destinations) I
  10. Thank you; not sure how I couldn't put 2-and-2 together that they would just transfer the repo over. Only thing is I didn't see it being sold, but I'm sure it'll appear soon.
  11. This thread should be cross-posted here, as originally shared by above user: I also noticed a slight bump in available itineraries to book and couldn't think of which ship was affected without going through every single one. Interesting that they're considering an October British Isles cruise---will be quite the rainy voyage. The new 15-day transatlantic is also interesting (rarely offered by Princess), but the variety of islands it's visiting is sort of cookie-cutter. Also, did we finish theorizing on Caribbean's blank schedule between November 6 and 20? My fir
  12. The ships are both fine choices -- if you're really strict on ship choice, many others have already mentioned that Sapphire is the superior ship in Alaska of the ones offered for 2022. If you're not fussy on price and you're just looking to cruise, then 10 days is always > 7 days because...you know, more cruising! 😄 If you're really dedicated to getting the most out of Alaska in one trip, though, I'd really suggest an Alaska cruisetour (or any land-based experience in addition to the cruise, whether it's with Princess or another company). This means Sapphire would be
  13. Hey Tom, I use cruisemapper and marinetraffic! They're very helpful tools for tracking. Hope this helps!
  14. As of Saturday, December 19, 2020 at around 0630 GMT Any notable changes: - Grand left Puerto Vallarta and is now bound for Los Angeles; tentatively scheduled to arrive the same day as Majestic SHIPS FOR THE AMERICAS (poised to resume in spring 2021) NAME OF SHIP DESTINATION (STATUS) SCHEDULED ARRIVAL TIME (all local) CARIBBEAN Bahamas Anchorage (anchored) December 18, 2020 CORAL
  15. Have you ever been on Royal/Regal? Much of the sister ships are very similar. Unique to Majestic is the Hollywood Conservatory, which sits where the usual Sanctuary is. I'm unsure if they will start charging when the ship begins to operate in North America but when I last cruised with her, the place was free. It's a lot of glass (though tinted) and is a warm spot for viewing from upfront. There are numerous "cubicles" and also several coveted "nook chairs" (for a lack of a better term), so if you want to stay warm and just view from a more relaxed perspective, you can do that.
  16. I don't know your cruising history so I can't tell you how you might actually interpret as genuine rocking/rolling. But for Royal-class vessels like Majestic, yes, I felt rolling at the bow, especially with choppier waters, but I've never cruised between Whittier and Vancouver, and it depends on how much you like that sensation to determine your level of enjoyment. It's definitely more pronounced if you're sitting still, standing in your room, or crouching by your luggage to get something or to pack, among other more "still" activities. I definitely relate to what @Italy52 said about their exp
  17. Here's a video of Caribbean Princess sailing out. I know Celebrity ships have been in and out of the port over the past few months, but this was the first sail-out I actually watched live and it felt surreal as I reminisced about when I used to eagerly watch ships pile in and out every week, brimming with waving guests. Caribbean Princess sailing out.mp4 (timelapse; courtesy of PTZtv) Yes!! This sounds amazing and I'm glad you're able to do this for us. It will be interesting to see a Princess ship on the West Coast again after what feels like years. Thanks again for s
  18. Thursday, December 17, 2020 as of around 2030-2100 GMT I'm glad you're all enjoying this thread! Thanks for the nice comments! Today's map: The most significant movement today has been: - Caribbean docking at Port Everglades Continued updates as follows: (* = new) SHIPS FOR THE AMERICAS (poised to resume in spring 2021) NAME OF SHIP DESTINATION (STATUS) SCHEDULED ARRIVAL TIME (all local) *CARIBBEAN Currently: Port Everg
  19. Having been inspired by the work done on HAL's forum to check up on where ships are, I've decided to create this new thread to observe the impending restart of Princess ships and where those ships now are in light of the current circumstances. As we know, Princess ships are already on the move back to tentatively scheduled homeports for spring & summer 2021, if they're not already in their respective regions. Re: specific test cruise dates In THIS webinar for travel agents on December 10, John Chernesky (SVP of Princess North America Sales & Trade Marketing) said that
  20. Honestly, without Pacific Princess, I see a bleak future for Princess cruising to any destination regularly in the Adriatic, as opposed to HAL or Celebrity. Until it gets new vessels or reduces deployment elsewhere, the choices on Princess are slim and it's unfortunate 😞
  21. I'm just here to throw out something absolutely unconfirmed and unverified but I...think Beyond should actually be debuting in summer 2022, or later during the fall/winter like the Edge? Either way, this should mean that we're awaiting a yet-to-be released Beyond schedule later next year as the timeline for her debut gets more established. I'm sure Beyond will come to the Caribbean and if all of the same ships from the '21-'22 season move back to the Caribbean for '22-'23, then we'd have a surplus (unless there's a new itinerary or new port Celebrity is planning on operating from).
  22. Great destinations, although I'd echo some of the concerns already mentioned. I will add on to the point that for Kusadasi, if you are seeking to tour Ephesus, be wary of crowd levels as it's become an even hotter tourist destination in recent years. Assuming you will take independent excursions by then, I'd be sure to schedule tours for yourself ahead of time and solidify those plans so that possible barriers (traffic) are accounted for to and from the ship (as in, give yourself some cushion if possible). The summer 2022 Europe voyages are already on sale. Island will visit Kus
  23. @trbartonThere was supposed to be a 28-day transpacific voyage between Seattle and Sydney. Due to the CDC regulations banning all 7+ day voyages until November 2021, the 28-day voyage was cancelled. I might add that if the state of the travel industry rebounds in AU/NZ before November 2021, then I would expect Emerald to appear in Australia earlier than November 13. The ship would just sail empty between America and Australia.
  24. Yep I was anticipating this switch might happen after they began moving Ruby over to the West Coast but not Crown. It's too bad Princess moved heaven and earth to get Crown to LA only for it to not happen. And it's still unknown if any summer 2021 voyages will go on as planned, but I'll hand it to Princess for at least trying.
  25. Cielo, deck 6 aft Estrella, deck 6 midship Includes Club Class Traditional early, Anytime late Soleil, deck 5 midship All anytime What Steelers36 said is all correct as we know it pre-pandemic. What we don't know is if Princess will somehow come up with a new plan to deal with social distancing or anything else; time will tell if dining arrangements will maintain the same separation and scheduling.
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