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  1. Nothing for sure but I'm seeing the seven will likely be: - Caribbean - Majestic (west coast) - Emerald (likely bound for the west coast; current destination is Panama) - Grand (west coast) - Royal (west coast) - Coral (likely bound for the west coast; current destination is Panama) - Ruby (west coast -- for those curious about what's up with the LA voyages on Crown now showing "not available"? I think this is the one to look out for, if it does go ahead) --> speaking of which, having another upheaval of their summer LA schedule is so chaotic
  2. According to this here (featuring some pictures), the view is not very obstructed.
  3. Of the Grand-class ships, only Emerald and Caribbean have retooled/redesigned their buffets. Otherwise, the same small layout is what's there.
  4. They've been less active on the forums since the pandemic started, but if @idahospud is able to share their experiences, they'd be a great resource. As the above user stated, you could make this a much more relaxed trip and chill on some of the port days instead of needing to plan for everything. You could also use the time you have on the B2B to do two different excursions on each port as you'll be visiting them twice. I'm not an expert on unique excursion opportunities so I will let others share their insight.
  5. This question is asked yearly so make sure to search the forum for feedback many have shared. The page for that is here. But as for suggestions, most prefer smaller ships for Alaska cruising because it provides more optimal opportunities for scenic cruising. This is not to say Majestic would be awful, but that you'll be gazing among larger crowds and there isn't as much unobtrusive deck space (unless you mainly spectate from the pool decks). Among the three, that leaves Grand and Sapphire, and among those two, I think a lot have mentioned they'd choose Sapphire because of its parti
  6. For the curious who just want a quick glance at what ceilidh1 is mentioning, I've attached pictures below: [I'm not logged in; these prices are public view] The two 5-days replace the original 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise on April 24, 2022. The 5-day Cabo is your typical overnight Cabo itinerary. The 5-day Coastal has one sea day between LA/SF and between SF/Victoria. There hasn't been a 7-day Coastal posted yet, but for those interested in that option from LA to the Pacific Northwest, based on the 2022 Alaska schedule posted in the other thread, I've deduced that
  7. I have not personally cruised on this itinerary but I perused through the roll call of the 2019 cruise (found here) and learned a lot about how people planned their time and what opportunities they found. I also recall reading some people's comprehensive overviews of their cruise after they came back, though unfortunately, I can't seem to find them anymore. But in terms of a bit of a drawback, what stuck out to me from what some said was the tendering issues in Greenland. Some cruisers above mentioned that the villages themselves are small and really not used to handling or seeing a vessel lik
  8. Agree that Princess is shooting themselves in the foot a bit by not making a bigger deal about it. A lot of people who do care about their ship choice will know about the negative reviews so Princess should do a bit of PR to correct that image (but I'm just assuming they're still doing some work onboard to fully transition the ship to Medallion Class). However, I'm optimistic we'll be getting a lot more fleet news in the coming weeks/months if the industry picks back up, especially since Princess issued this Medallion press release this past week.
  9. Agree that the decision is a conundrum for us in the public to ponder, but I think Princess abandoned its idea of market-specific ships (barring Diamond) and is more willing to return to their previous idea of deploying ships wherever they see fit; thus, this makes Royal a ~1:1 replacement for Majestic and should be suitable enough for Taiwan. Here are some of my thoughts on what Princess felt about Majestic: I think Princess regretted designing Majestic specifically for the Chinese audience and they likely realized how much more valuable fleet flexibility was, especially now that
  10. Agree on this and would also add that unless Princess leaves the summer Taiwan market, this is another consideration to make. I'm a bit more inclined to believe Royal might be going there based on its last known itinerary.
  11. Just letting you know that you might get some more advice from the Italy forum, so I don't want you to miss out on that. Personally, I feel pretty stressed out about your times, but I acknowledge some of my fears could be irrational, and I'm sure there are many who've made your situation work for them like cakewalk. But to me personally, there are several factors to which I could see this go wrong, and that includes the ship arriving late in port, a traffic jam on the freeway from Civitavecchia to Fiumicino, or something going all wrong at the airport (e.g. security, check-in, etc.) and I like
  12. It seems like they've also gone ahead and put Caribbean on the Sky's original 7-day Canada/NE itineraries as well in fall 2021. I also see additional 7-day summer Caribbean itineraries in place of the original repositioning from Florida to Quebec. As for that 4-day, the pricing is indeed undesirable, but the itinerary itself is something I genuinely see Princess doing through the more unpredictable winter 2021-2022 season. I'm interested to see if this "filler" type of itinerary will be carried out on Regal, whose months are still yet to be filled.
  13. I imagine Princess is trying to be a bit more non-committal with Sapphire, as there's no guarantee for the Taiwan schedule and no guarantee international travelers can travel to/from Hong Kong (repositioning voyages back to Australia usually start from HK) either.
  14. For those unsure as to what commercial is being referred to, check these out: Summary of the new global advertising campaign [Cruise Industry News] The new "Break Free" campaign was designed to encourage travelers to "look beyond the confines of 2020 and towards a future when they can reconnect with the people and places they have missed most" For the Queen diehards, the new campaign makes use of the band's hit song "I Want To Break Free" 1-minute long version of commercial [NCL/YouTube] 30-second long version [NCL/YouTube]
  15. You're right, there are certainly irregularities that you and a few others have pointed out in some of the itineraries/dates/actual first day of sale/etc and I hope everything works out for you because the unknowns definitely make it harder to sort it all out. And while I'm excited to see just something new from Princess for its future plans, I've also been reminding myself constantly about how unpredictable the cruise industry has been with its deployments so far and I take inspiration from what someone else summed up so nicely on another forum: "...any info that has been put out
  16. Totally agree. On one hand, I'm thankful they're trying to reassemble the Med schedule they had been operating before the pandemic. But on the other hand, whatever they had many years ago, including Aegean itineraries and a more diverse array of unique ports, seems to be long gone -- really a shame. Celebrity certainly has them beat, assuming they'll continue to offer as many options as they've had before.
  17. If you're referring to the file uploaded by that user, don't be afraid of any possible viruses. I'm no expert (waiting for the agents in the CC community to hop on and share any insight), but the PDF looks very real and makes the most logical sense based on predictions some of us have made about the 2022 plans. If you & @Ombud would like to see some of the tweets (am I even allowed to share these anymore idk) I mentioned, check some of these out. I have no link to the webinar, as that was open to only those in the UK. 1) 2) https://twitter.com/Sparkx
  18. All (or most, since I'm only reporting on observation, and things can always change) of the listed deployments here can be confirmed via people's tweets about the webinar hosted today by Tony Roberts, VP of Princess UK. Thanks for sharing this with all of us! It really is quite a list of deployments -- of course, we all know what happened with the 2021 schedule after it was released to much fanfare in 2019. Hoping all of the 2022 schedule can go off without a hitch.
  19. Seems like a unique case (barring other corrections) -- Sky might be redeployed to Europe earlier, for example. Or they're second guessing planning so far in advance for itineraries and want to cut their losses earlier.
  20. I stand corrected! I've been thinking that the pandemic might cause travelers to want to stay more local for some time, and I was assuming Princess might still stick with this safer choice just for one more year, but I can also understand their prediction of travelers very much wanting to travel abroad for a cruise, so it makes sense. We'll see what they work out when everything is finalized!
  21. I agree with your list of likely deployments. And indeed, it does seem like there might not be a solely dedicated ship for the 12-day British Isles (particularly a Grand or Crown-class sort of deal); I'm still leaning on the theory that Pacific will be that last-minute 5th ship addition. But I think the writing's on the wall that the new less-than-satisfactory Sky Princess 2021 Baltic and British Isles pairings from Southampton might actually be here to stay for some time, unless Princess takes a ship away from another region or removes some other usual itinerary in Europe. With four ship exit
  22. Thanks again @AtlantaCruiser72 for all the resources. Always grateful for the advance notices and insights you share. Also to @Cruise Wonderland's point, I noticed that the Enchanted will be doing the 7-day Canada/NEs that were previously done primarily by Regal (and supposed to be on Sky this year and next). So this could be a pretty solid (for now, at least) hint that Enchanted will be doing Baltic itineraries that summer, assuming we use the existing paradigm that Baltic summer --> Canada/NE fall. And I also agree with those ships you named as likely heading to Europe that s
  23. Agree with above! Of the European itineraries, I'm positive the Mediterranean cruises have the most kids (possibly besides those conveniently-timed/short break cruises from Southampton). Most cruisers on the Med itineraries have long, activity-packed days in ports, so the kids should likely be quite tired by the end of the day and might not have much energy to interact with kids clubs. Regardless, the kids clubs' staff is usually amazing and depending on the ship you choose, the facilities can be plentifully outfitted and are very modern! Aside from Princess, your concerns are valid and if you
  24. I agree, this is very devastating, both for the ship and the new company that took the ship on. They just transformed Pacific Jewel last year to Karnika and it is sad to see what came of that venture, especially as the pandemic worsened in India.
  25. Yep, thanks for sharing. Several members here called it and I agreed. The official press release is here. All Star bookings have effectively been zapped from the booking system and we can expect the deck plan, bridge cam, etc. to follow suit shortly.
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