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  1. I hear you loud and clear about Internet access. Our December trip in South America on the Pursuit featured appalling connection issues. I was chided and demeaned by the “IT” guy who had trouble getting my iPhone (7 for heaven’s sake) connected. Then he discovered I run a VPN and proceeded to lecture me with “so you do not realize the number of firewalls we use” kind of language. Spare me. 25 years in telecommunications tells me you don’t know how I can keep an iPhone 7 working cleanly and quickly! I retrieved my phone, gave up on receiving help, and fixed the problem myself. I’m retired and I
  2. This is an area where Azamara falls down hard - “Eco Boutique” in an ironically un-eco-friendly small bottle. Terrible product. I’ve had better shampoo in chain hotels. Last month, looking for warm weather, I sailed Holland America and even they had Elemis products. Those were in the large pump bottles but it was truly Elemis product.
  3. I’m not sure as I’m a first time HAL passenger, and not well-versed in the details of the packages. Sorry!
  4. I know I should have, but I’m not terribly assertive and after a couple times doing just that, it just didn’t seem worth the negative feelings I was giving myself. It wasn’t that the other passengers were pushing ahead, it was the bartenders/servers. I took it to Guest Relations and they were very apologetic and assured me they would contact the appropriate management. Your suggestion is a sound one (for someone less wimpy than me!).
  5. I may not have been too clear in my original post. The service during my entire cruise was exemplified by the napkin picture. I was invisible in the main dining room and any bar. Even when I would stand at the bar and wait my turn, the bartenders usually 70%+ of the time would turn to those holding an empty cocktail glass rather than serve me my Coke package soda. Live and learn, and I did.
  6. No, the napkin was dropped by a passing waiter who said someone would be with me shortly. There were at least four waiters, and the bar wasn’t terribly busy - maybe 40% full? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  7. What strikes me is that my service issue extended to every venue. Once I received the “silent treatment” at one, I’d try a new one the next opportunity. The poor service was consistent - even at a shared dinner table! I ordered a Diet Coke; my table mates ordered wine. My Diet Coke never arrived. I asked both the sommelier and waiter to no avail. On my way out I was asked how my meal was and I informed him of what happened. I got a sincere apology, but it happened again the next night dining at my own table. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  8. I’m one and done on HAL. Never had this on Viking or Azamara.
  9. I don’t think that was the case as couples and groups seated after me ordered and received drinks.
  10. Nancy, I spoke to MaryAnn and Hector at Guest Relations.
  11. If you like being left alone, and I mean totally alone in bars, dining venues, cruise HAL as a solo traveler. I’m winding up the 7 day Eastern Caribbean on the Veendam. I guess I can rate them highly for consistency. I’ve been ignored most of the entire trip. Here’s my delicious club soda I ordered 28 minutes ago. Why deliver a Coke package drink when you can sell highly-priced alcohol? It’s back to Viking and Azamara for me. And yes, I lodged a complaint twice regarding service (the lack thereof) twice.
  12. You were fortunate at immigration at BA. We sailed with Azamara in December and we were in line at BA immigration for three hours and fifty minutes. I felt so badly for those with mobility issues as there was no place to sit down. We were thankful the transfer to our ship was a car to a quick embarkation.
  13. I’m about to be a first-time passenger on HAL. Must I make a reservation in the MDR? My other cruise experiences (Azamara and Viking) involved showing up at the podium when hungry (as “hungry” as one gets on a cruise!😄), and being seated. We’d have to wait a few minutes at peak times, but never had to make any reservations outside of specialty venues. I’ll be on my own for this cruise, and I enjoy sharing a table with willing fellow diners. I’m just a bit confused on the reservation system. Thanks for any direction!
  14. Hi! New to HAL cruiser here. I don’t drink alcohol, but I do enjoy an occasional glass of reduced alcohol wine or beer. I’ve seen O’Douls and Buckler listed on posts about beverages, but I’ve yet to find info about the wine. Anyone know if they’re offered? Thanks for any help, and I apologize if this is repetitive info I’ve not come across. Cheers!
  15. Keeping in mind other less experienced travelers might read this thread, I submit it’s a good idea to check any visa requirements (short or long term) with your home country. What works for one passenger may not be valid for another in the multinational population on Azamara. Speaking as a US citizen, I couldn’t agree more about taking a tour that includes a short-visit visa rather than securing a Russian visa. That spendy process is tedious, at best.
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