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  1. We are on the same sailing, and I was hoping for Coco Cay if we couldn't have Grand Cayman.
  2. There was a big difference in size in both the room and the balcony. 10724 was a larger room by about 25%, and the balcony was double the size if not more.
  3. Yes it was the J4 setup... also we had 12234 on Sept 25th, and it is the same way. I don't usually post photos so hopefully you can see these.......these are of 10724.
  4. I have sailed on her twice. Aug 14 & Sept 25. We are schedule Dec 4 & March 26, and cannot wait. It is a great ship. (especially at the reduced capacity) Playmakers is the best on in the fleet in my opinion. The only thing that I don't like so much is the casino layout. It seems like they wasted a lot of space.
  5. Hmmm We are talking breakfast & lunch? On Freedom, Odyssey both times, Symphony, and Mariner there was no reservations, just walk in like normal, scan your card in, wash hands and go get your food. When done, we scanned out.
  6. The J4 config is better in my opinion. The complaints I heard from a few people we met onboard is that the shower tub combo in the J3 was uncomfortable, and the J1 looked to be about the same.
  7. I stayed in the cabin 10724 and got to see 10722 and I do not remember a second balcony. However, I did see the bathroom, and I chose J4's for all my Odyssey sailings because the separate tub and enclosed shower, with a separate toilet room is better... IMO.
  8. To clarify... generally if they honor, they will reprice at current rates.
  9. Yeah I was on last week. 728 total guests.
  10. I don't mind as long as they come off. I take them off in the cabin and while sleeping. If they dont come off, I guess I will cut them off everyday, and they will have to replace each day. The silicone ones are fine.
  11. Usually the $$ off can be used for any sailing within a year of the cert issue date. If they follow their rules, they will not allow you to apply to an already booked reservation. However, if you get someone willing to consider that you just booked it a few days ago, and had the certificate at time of booking, you may get lucky. Can't hurt to try.
  12. Pre covid it seemed it was about 10 days. The five I have taken since restart I am getting at about 6-7 days post return. I got off the Odyssey on Oct 3, and last night the points were not there. They are there this morning so that is 6 days.
  13. Im sure I will roll my eyes for not knowing this... but what does the acronym FERU stand for?
  14. Wow, never thought I would say this... I agree with you. Especially this guy, who does not seem to be trying to be a troll, there is just a language/culture barrier.
  15. Sorry, but I enjoy JS's the way they are. They are not a full suite, and do not come with the price tag that a full suite does. You are paying for a bit of a larger room and balcony, and that is what you are getting. If you want the other perks, you can always pay for them.
  16. You spent all your time cruising with Royal just to have free drinks from a limited menu, in a lounge that is over crowded and sometimes without windows, between the hours of 5pm-8pm? Wow... very interesting.
  17. Prior to this "double points" promotion, the mathematical fact is.... It is double for solo and it is also double for suites. It's actually triple for solo in a suite. These are just words that are as true as the words "an additional point per night for solo, and an additional point per night for suite."
  18. Nice. I am joining Mariner on the 17th. Also, I was on the July 23rd Freedom. Have a great B2B!
  19. Got one on the Symphony last week. It's still the scrunched up Oasis Class image. 🙄
  20. Feedback for what? Extra point or 1 to 2 = equals double... no difference. I don't understand why anyone would be triggered by either terminology.
  21. This one would probably be the exception for us. LOL
  22. Smoking is allowed, and yes even with the printed new "policy" there will still be some smoking without being at an active game, and RCI will say nothing. See, when my partner and I are at a slot on the non-smoking side, and he or I, decides it is time for a cigarette and goes to the smoking side to have one while not actively gaming, and then come back... they will not stop us from doing so. I promise you! As far as smokers being in there when it is closed...well that will continue as well, and I am not quite sure how that affects non smokers, as they have no reason to be in the casino when it is closed anyway. If you don't like smoke, stay out of smoking areas... end of story. We would never smoke in a place that is non-smoking, but we will also not accommodate those that are in a smoking area, and bothered by it. Personal responsibility.
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