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  1. How is removing the reserved seating at events common knowledge, when it is still listed as a perk for D+?
  2. I also thought this was tacky.
  3. Mikew0805

    I just cancelled 3 booked cruises...

    I live in the Tampa area... UGH. I would rather live in the Barcelona area. Enjoy your new home on the Mediterranean.
  4. Mikew0805

    Bionic Bar needs to GO....

    One and done for me. Also, I prefer to drink from a glass.
  5. Mikew0805

    Muster movie- ugh!!!

    I was in the Aqua Theater on the Harmony for it. It is so cheesy. I rolled my eyes so many times, I think I bruised my frontal lobe. 🤣 . Which is probably why I couldn't do basic math yesterday... but that is another story. 🙄
  6. Mikew0805

    Carnival vs. Royal

    I've sailed both. They are more similar than different, I have a great time on each. This last cruise on the CCL Horizon, really has me wanting to go back and do more CCL. It was better overall, than any of my cruises on RCI in the last two years.
  7. Mikew0805

    Navigator of the seas drydock

    Deleted. Not worth my time.
  8. Mikew0805

    Navigator of the seas drydock

    Did you not read my post... just before yours... 11 hours ago?
  9. The RCI cruise directors have never been memorable to us, with the exception of one. Ricky Matthews. In my opinion, CCL has far better CD's in general.
  10. Mikew0805

    RCI Pay day at Coco Cay

    LOL Perfect title to the thread. The $109 does seem a bit steep, luckily I will not be paying for that slide.
  11. Mikew0805

    iSkate on Symphony

    Not sure about Symphony, but iSkate 2.0 was done twice on Harmony in January. Once was day two I think, then the other was day seven.
  12. Mikew0805

    Navigator Feb 24 2019 - Cancelled

    Sorry. They also just jacked up the price by $200 p/p for the other Navigator dates in April that did this itinerary. After that, this itinerary, on this ship... is no more.
  13. Mikew0805

    Navigator Feb 24 2019 - Cancelled

    It says to cruise by then.
  14. Mikew0805

    Navigator Feb 24 2019 - Cancelled

    There is a certificate number and amount for each person on the booking. It does expire, and mine is dated for 2/28/2020.
  15. Mikew0805

    Navigator Feb 24 2019 - Cancelled

    We have never been to Alaska. Looking forward to it!