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  1. I know... I keep thinking that if/when this moves further, they are going to need to extend that Feb time frame. I can't take all the cruises I have and smash them into Jan/Feb LOL
  2. Agree. I really like Oasis Lagoon!
  3. Yeah I saw the post its, mentioning my excel sheet could be beneficial if they didn't think of doing that. There are free spreadsheets if one does not have excel. Never needed it for the drink package... I only need it to keep track of Royal's funky math when they start doing refunds and there is more than one card on file, and the sailing date changed, and now taxes went up $x.xx per person, oh and now I can get a JS for only $78 more per person, and that is split onto each persons card, and now one person cancels, and it is a solo cruise. Etc... Etc... Etc... Their computer system for processing refunds is why I keep a spreadsheet... and my sanity.
  4. Nah.. a simple Excel spread sheet works just fine for keeping track.
  5. Understand, I am very sad with you. I also booked through Casino Royale and at least they are honoring the comps and allowing them to be moved... which is more than they normally do. I find that keeping them booked gives me something to look forward to. Hang in there...
  6. You missed.... reading! Are you saying that you have never discussed anything not specific to a cruise ship on these forums?
  7. Seriously? We were not talking about cruise ships, we were talking about Seminole Hard Rock, Tampa. I would think the mere fact that I mentioned another "building" would have made you recheck what you thought you were responding to.
  8. I don’t know for how long, but I’m not thinking it will end anytime soon. Non smokers have a part of the casino in an almost separate building, I cannot smell any smoke in that part of the building. There is nothing for non smokers to complain about. Then again... some people are not happy unless they are complaining. Nothing can be done about those type of sad individuals.
  9. Wrong. Smoking is allowed in the smoking section while sitting at a machine.
  10. Yes they do, while sitting at a machine. Same as smoking in the smoking area.
  11. I agree it will change, but it will not go away. I am great with staff serving what is requested from behind the buffet.
  12. It was FANTASTIC on Mariner March 13th. Every time I hit an elevator button, a door opened. No matter what floor I chose, I went straight to it without stopping. We were never in an elevator with another person. Specialty restaurants were empty, the promenade was empty... it was really nice. (A little sad too, but I decided to enjoy it since it will eventually get back to normal.)
  13. Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa opened tonight... Masks are required for guests and employees.
  14. I'm thinking Harmony & Mariner for sure. May even change itineraries on a couple other ships to have them sail to Coco/Labadee. I would be willing to board. Just cancelled my July 31st sailing on Navigator. 😞. Oh well.. more to look forward to. Fingers crossed.
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