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  1. There was a link on the other thread. It went to a specific deck on the deck plans, but all you had to do was change the deck number on the url address in the browser and you could see each deck.
  2. No pics, but I can tell ya what I know. The area is not bad, it is just more cramped, and not a lot of views to the sea, in fact in an area that there are windows, it is block by the water pipes passing by. The ceiling seems lower, and that probably has to do with the slides above. Actually as you are about to walk into the fitness center, you can hear water rushing through the wall/ceiling via the pipes that they have. There was weights, and about 8 treadmills. Also, I saw roughly 8 stationary bikes give or take. It's not as good as it used to be, but it still functions well.
  3. Yeah whatever bonehead software they use is ridiculous. This has happened to us before. We cancelled a cruise the day before sailing once, and we had to get the 75% credit form the insurance company. That is fine, but RCI was to refund the taxes and fees. I paid for both of us, with one card, all at the same time... and I got 4 different credits back to my credit card that totaled the amount of taxes. One of the 4 credits came nearly 10 days after the first 3. 🙄 .
  4. I found a lot of similarities between Fine Line & Hiro with a slight edge to Hiro. I really like them both quite a bit. Then again, I really liked Oasis of Dreams as well. I didn't get to see the daytime AT show on Oasis or Harmony.
  5. Yep... should be asleep by then. 🤣 I kid. Kinda.
  6. I do not print them anymore, I use the app. Are you able to log into the app and see your Set Sail pass? I think they have all the information there so even if you have neither, they can find you.
  7. Not to mention all the additional offers that pop up throughout the year. 👍
  8. Hmmm.. LOL I have not done that Breakfast. I'll stick to the cooked to order eggs in the WJ, as they come with less talking I'm sure. 👍
  9. If there has been news that Oasis is going to Galveston... I have not heard. I know an Oasis class would go, but that is the last I have heard of it. Any news.. as I have been behind the last two weeks with the storm?
  10. I know... and I wish they would change those once in a while as well. It does not stop me from cruising. Also, looks like they merged this one. Oh well.
  11. I'm glad for you, because I know you like it. I guess for me, I will go to the shortened one, and see if I can try to enjoy it more this time around. I still wish it had been changed, as 5 years is enough for any show on the same ship.
  12. I know you are a disgusting person based on your ignorant comments earlier... but in this case how about read her post. She is not a smoker. She was making light that the smoke in the casinos keeps her out of the casino, and the money that would have otherwise been gambled, is saved.
  13. I'm lost on this? Why not? If they are paying single occupancy in two different cabins, why should they not get double. They are paying $$, which is what it is all about to Royal. So maybe I am not understanding something about your post?
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