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  1. No. While I like the music of the 90's, I do not want to see the 70's Disco Inferno party go away.
  2. Very nice.. that will be enjoyable, especially to have an extra day in it that you were not planning for.
  3. Hopefully.. I really like the JS I got (sans the connecting door) and really want to keep it.
  4. I don't understand why it is a "like" stateroom. Why is it not the exact same stateroom? It's not like they are moving this to a cruise that already exists and people are already booked.
  5. I could not figure this out either, especially with the wording in the email. We’re reaching out to let you know that due to changes in our itinerary planning, we had to revise our November 8th, 2021 Allure of the Seas itinerary. As a result, we’ll arrive a day later and unfortunately, we’ll be unable to visit Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and Labadee, Haiti. Arriving a day later where?
  6. Yes we did luck out. I only have a JS on this sailing, but I was really looking forward to the DR. Oh well, at this point I would get on a cruise ship if it just went 10 feet from the dock and sat there... so I really have nothing to complain about. LOL
  7. Edit: Nevermind... already addressed. I should have kept reading before responding.🙄
  8. Flight & Columbus are excellent. These are the best originals at sea in my opinion. I like Columbus a bit more though.
  9. 1. Oasis after the amp. 2. Harmony 3. Symphony 4. Allure (I suspect this will move up after amp'ing) I thought Oasis before the amp was tired. (Sailed on her in Sept 2017.) After the amping, I love the new Aqua show, (Aqua 80's) The BBQ restaurant, and the Lime & Coconut vibe on deck. A big part of the order I listed is entertainment. I do not like CATS, but Aqua 80's makes up for that. Grease & Columbus on Harmony were fantastic, and the Aqua show was decent. I loved Mamma Mia on Allure, but the Aqua show was a bit lacking. Still enjoyed it, but not as much
  10. Great for all those getting the vaccine. My very large Hospice has not received any vaccines. Something seriously wrong in this state when front line staff (Yes our staff go into homes with Covid+ patient/families, and our hospice house workers) have not been offered a vaccine yet. I personally am not front line and no longer go into homes... so I can wait. Our other staff cannot. Out of nearly 600 employees... 13 have been vaccinated... at other locations. After a conference call with the state, we know exactly where/who the fault lies with, and it surprised no one.
  11. March 13th, 2020 - Mariner. They made the announcement just as we finished muster. Josh & I were in the Schooner bar for muster, and were the only ones there. If I remember correctly, the check-in agent I was speaking with (Lengthy due to a problem with one of us not being on one part of the manifest... corrected in a few minutes) stated that the ship was less than 50% full. Never waited on an Elevator nor did we ever happen to be in the elevator at the same time as anyone else. I personally think this ship maybe had 800 folks on it. (That is a guess, just how it felt.) Never
  12. I am looking forward to Odyssey as well. First time for me on Q class. I too want to book Mardi Gras badly, and by the time I actually get to, it may be better to book CCL Celebration. LOL
  13. CCL Horizon's Guys SH/BH BBQ is much bigger than Vista, on the other side of the ship primarily, and plenty of indoor seating with AC. 🙂. I have to have the AC while eating as well.
  14. Yes they do, and it does make things easy. (not to mention they have better towels, but that is another story.)
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