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  1. For someone allergic to cats…they sure do follow you!! Perhaps they know you’ll make them famous with your shots.
  2. I just found (after quite a search…curse you Steve Jobs) a photo I took early in the morning at Ft. Lauderdale back in November 2019.
  3. I think the feline assumption is that if I’m sitting or lying down…I am a resting place. Do not get on the couch before visiting the restroom as you may be stationed there for awhile…
  4. It is in fact a three cushion sofa. We have one love seat in another room that only seats two…but all our others are big boys.
  5. Keep us posted on the checkin contretemps. We were able to checkin for our November 28 cruise weeks ago. Now the website and app say checkin is not available until October 14. I wonder if all the info I uploaded will still be there…or if I’ll have to do it again…
  6. Glad that you have family to come get you. What is the further plan to get you back to Little Rock?
  7. Go to a site with the Reflection’s deck plans. Find the symbol that indicates a cabin has a drop down bunk or a sleep sofa (a cabin that sleeps 3 or 4.) These cabins will always have the bed by the bathroom. The cabins alternate so the ones on other sides will have bed by the balcony. Count cabins till you get to yours. Extension cords are generally not allowed onboard. You can request the distilled water and a cord ahead of sailing or from your steward once onboard. Lots and lots of people have them so they’re used to these requests. There is not a plug behind the bed. The cord will need to stretch along the floor from the desk to the bed. Your steward can tape down the cord if you want.
  8. Dani, your story of innocently repeating something your parents had said reminded me of a story Art Linkletter told in his book Kids Say The Darnedest Things…(or words to that effect.) A young child was taken to a hospital to visit a sick older relative. The child was told if the sick person said they felt ill to say “I hope they pull you through.” The sick relative said “I feel like I’m at death’s door.” And the child replied “I hope they pull you through.”
  9. If she indeed has to wait until the 18th for the MRI, I would use the time to find, perhaps, another physician who would be more understanding of the whole patient picture.
  10. In typical cat fashion, the cat selected a chair that has a cushion and wood that perfectly accents it’s beautiful fur!
  11. So, in other words, your head’s in the clouds!
  12. There is an issue with the online or app checkin for ships that have been sailing already. I had already completed online checkin for our Edge November 28 cruise. Now the app and website say “Checkin is unavailable at this time.” I check periodically. Wonder if all the information I uploaded will still be there when checkin reopens or if I’ll have to do it all again…
  13. My refunds from canceled cruises way before covid were always broken into two odd amounts.
  14. Your cloud photos made me want to share two cloud paintings I have that a talented friend painted.
  15. Seasickness stories make me remember my worst experience. I was on a cruise using the Scopolamine patch. One day I was horrified to find that my eyesight suddenly went wonky. I’d recently had Lasik surgery. I finally looked in a mirror and saw one eye was dilated. Got out the Scopolamine package and seems if you accidentally touch the patch and then your eye you will dilate the eye. I took off the patch. Without reading the rest of the fine print…. Then took a small tender into Dubrovnik. About an hour later I thought I was going to die. The idea of getting back on that bobbing tender in the sun back to our ship…absolutely impossible…. Your photos and videos are simply stunning!!! Thanks for taking us along!!
  16. Oh dear. That will make for a long weekend. Prayers it’s nothing serious.
  17. So, so, so easy to simply move on if one is not interested. Instead to write a somewhat condescending response. Twice. 🤔
  18. I’d love to be as limber as my cats! Sling that hind leg up over your ear…
  19. This is Minnie this September and Minnie last September…auditioning for the rabbit door stop’s job…
  20. If you are actually waiting for a desert you’ll be there a long time…
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