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  1. You'll love Regent. We did our first cruise on Mariner in 2018 and were sold! Hopefully all will be under control and we'll be talking about this last year as we sail out of Yokohama in Nov.!
  2. Are you on Explorer? We are doing Explorer from Tokyo to Sydney in Nov. We have the first Covid shot, should get the second in a couple of weeks. Hoping the vaccine will be widespread enough that the cruise will go. 🤞
  3. Sorry to be so late answering. Our cruises were June 5 and June 15 (back to back).
  4. Filed for Refund for back to back cruises on Apr. 24. Received refunds over a few days with final refund deposited June 26. Total time from filing to full reimbursement was 63 days.
  5. I am certainly not a lawyer. And I completely agree that if a cruise line cancels a cruise they should make a passenger "whole." And Regent has done that. All cancelled cruises, to my knowledge, have been offered 100% refunds. However, if you read their Terms of Agreement, an agreement we all committed to when we booked the cruise, you'll find these statements: "Regent Seven Seas Cruises shall not be liable for delay or inability to perform any portion of the cruise or cruise tour caused by or arising out of... government restraint, ..., Acts of God, or other circumstances beyond its control." Additionally it says: "Regent Seven Seas Cruises reserves the right to withdraw and/or cancel a cruise or cruisetour or to make changes in the itinerary and hotel accommodations whenever, in its sole judgment, conditions warrant. In the event of charters of the vessels, truces, lockouts, riots or stoppage of labor from whatever cause or for any other reason whatsoever, the Owner or Operator of the vessels identified in the current brochure may, at any time, cancel, advance or postpone any scheduled cruise or cruisetour and may, but is not obligated to, substitute another vessel or itinerary and Regent Seven Seas Cruises shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever to Guests by reason of any such cancellation, advancement or postponement." Again, I am not a lawyer so I don't know how a Court of Law would look at this. But it is in the cruise contract that we all signed. So, it seems that FCC as a "default" position is quite reasonable. For the record, I have requested a refund for our cancelled cruise. And I intend to use that refund to book the same itinerary (if offered) in 2022 with Regent. https://www.rssc.com/media/hostedfiles/legal/US_TC.pdf
  6. I will only disagree with you because in reality once the final payment is made, it becomes, effectively, non-refundable. So the default position should be FCC. That's what cruise insurance is for. This is a horrible, but unique, situation. All cruise lines are struggling to "stay afloat." There may actually not be enough money available to give everyone 100% refunds. Having bookings, especially heavy bookings, for the next 2 years will serve the cruise lines well as evidence that they will have significant cash flow in the future when they approach creditors for loans, etc. So naturally they want to keep as much cash as possible and they want to have obligations for future sailings. So a default FCC is normal. I believe ALL cruise lines are doing this. The airline I was booked on isn't even offering refunds, only e-credits. I guess that's what you agree to when you book "non-refundable." As for the forms... the forms are a paper trail to protect both the cruise line and the passengers. As for agreeing to wait 90 days, that's their rules. If one doesn't want to wait 90 days they can take the FCC or file a lawsuit. But Regent isn't offering any refund without the up to 90 days timeline. I hope in a year we are all looking back on this and laughing about our unfounded concerns over a drink on board one of Regent's beautiful ships.
  7. Mariner is sailing in the South Pacific in Jan. and Feb. of 2022. Check Regent's websites. You can start in San Francisco and go as far as you want, or join in Papeete. The best itinerary for Tahiti and the South Pacific would be to go from San Francisco to Auckland or even Sydney. We did something similar In 2018, Honolulu to Sydney and it was definitely the cruise of a lifetime!
  8. We are taking the Refund. Our Navigator cruise in June was cancelled and we plan to rebook, likely in 2022. The 2021 sailing is similar but at least 3 ports the we were most interested in have are not on the itinerary. Additionally it is very full at this point so cabin selection is too limited. When the balance of 2022 schedule is released we will look at it. But as Pappy1022 said, taking the refund will allow us to pick a cruise line that offers the best itinerary. We have a cruise booked in Nov. 2021 from Tokyo to Sydney. Right now, we are simply considering switching the deposit if we find the 2022 cruise we want. Not sure yet. As for price increases, Regent has been increasing the price yearly for a while. And as much as I'd LOVE a "price guarantee," that would be "death" to the cruise line. They have lost hundreds of millions so far an counting. They have thousands of passengers with FCC who would sail "free." Likely, without restrictions (none on FCC yet) they could end up going out of business. So the price is the price. I know I'll pay more for the same or similar cruise in 2 years. The `125% FCC would have mitigated that cost a fair amount. But that was my choice. I think, personally, that 125% FCC is a very fair offer under the circumstances. I also understand that the offer, like all other cruise lines, is to keep cash flow as well as keep people cruising. It benefits both parties.
  9. scheduled sail date 6/05/20 and 6/015/20 cancelled excursions 4/24/20 cancelled cruise 4/24/20 no refunds as of 5/11/20
  10. The Butler will do about anything you want from tour tickets to dining reservations to bringing nightly canapés and mixing drinks. Just one quick example, we had a couple of back to back tours with minimal time to change from beach gear to land wear. So we told our Butler and lunch was waiting in our cabin when we returned so we could eat while changing. But about anything you can think of, the Butler will do for you.
  11. Hmmm......I've seen Stephen King's "It." 😱
  12. We just had our cruise cancelled and are taking the refund. The cancellation confirmation states : "Refund requests will be validated, and refunds will be processed within 90 days of the request." So it might take a bit more than a month. Since you cancelled a month ago, your's will likely be quicker than ours.
  13. "How would you feel if someone did not honor their agreement with you in this situation?" Based on what you have told me (or failed to tell me), I would have what I agreed too. Regent didn't deduct a single penny of commission from the Refund, so they fully paid back the entire cruise cost PLUS remainder of the "courtesy." You just want more money. Bottom line is that if you pay $10,000 for a cruise, agree to $1000 rebate, your net out of pocket is $9000. If you use 50% you are entitled to $4500 plus $500 refund. If you got $5000 back in refund from Regent, then you have your $4500 PLUS the $500 that your TA promised. Anyway, clearly we don't see eye to eye on this. So on that, I'm out of this conversation. Take care, Happy cruising.
  14. Ok, so by that I assume that the refund you mentioned in your first post when you said "Recent Regent cruise was cancelled while we were onboard. Took 100% refund offer from Regent for days not sailed." has not been issued YET, but is coming, correct? Again, not trying to be contentious, but you do seem to dodge my questions with every answer.
  15. Sorry, not trying to beat a dead horse or argue. Let me ask this simply..did you get 50% of what you paid back?
  16. Sorry, I'm not trying to be contentious, I really don't seem to be following your logic. Can you use hypothetical numbers please? For example, as I seem to understand, you paid...say....$10,000 for a 10 day cruise. Your TA gives you a 10% "courtesy," so $1000 back. So your net cost for the cruise would be $9,000. So, Regent cancels on day 5 (half way). Regent refunds you $5,000, or 50% of what you paid. Your TA wants to prorate the "courtesy" and give you 50% of it back, or $500. So your net refund is $5500. But you want the other $500 back? Is this the case or am I totally missing your point?
  17. I'm confused... you are getting 100% refund for days not sailed from Regent, and you but you want 100% of your "courtesy" back? Wouldn't that actually give you MORE money than you originally paid? Or am I completely missing the problem?
  18. Yes. I should have said "may," not "likely." It's absolutely imperative that if someone has a policy, that they check the wording and definition. Our policy specifically says pandemic's are exempt. However we purchased it last Dec. but not that it's officially a pandemic, if I get sick from Coronavirus they can deny cancellation. Fortunately, the cruiseline will allow a Future Cruise Credit. But as you say, the coverage is specific to each policy, and if you purchase past Jan. 21,, you're out of luck. Thanks for the expanded info.
  19. That would be my guess. It's been like this for awhile. Additionally, on a TA website that I use to see what cabins are available, there are no cruises listed until mid August. My guess is they don't want anyone booking a cruise that they're likely going to cancel.
  20. We did our only cruise so far with Regent on Mariner. 44 Nights Honolulu to Sydney. I upgraded to a Penthouse and we loved every minute of the cruise. The penthouse on Mariner is beautiful and large. Well worth the upgrade if you are on a long cruise. I would highly recommend Mariner for that Tahitian cruise. We are supposed to do Navigator in June from Montreal to Dublin including Greenland, Iceland, and the British Isles. I was very excited about this cruise knowing the limitations of Navigator. I had a forward of midships cabin booked and don't need all the specialty restaurants as this is a fairly port heavy itinerary. But I was looking forward to the small intimate ship. So in my very limited experience, I'd say go with the itinerary but pick your cabin carefully.
  21. This is a very unique time. If you read your contract you will find, likely, that a cancellation due to a Pandemic or Named Event is not covered. So, if the cruise were to go, but you couldn't because you got coronavirus, your insurance would not cover the cancellation. As was mentioned, once you purchase the policy, you are being covered. If you want an option to cancel for any reason, you need to purchase Cancel For Any Reason waiver. The insurance companies are being pretty responsive, with Allianz being most responsive. I have a policy with General and they are currently allowing either a change of dates, or if the cruise line cancels my cruise, they will issue a voucher for use in the future, Don't know how long that "future" is, but suspect I'll find out. I'm hoping they'll follow Allianz's lead, but am happy with the voucher when my June cruise finally cancels. That is way above the contract that I agreed to when I bought the policy. You need to go on your insurance company's website and read their posted Covid 19 policy,.
  22. Fair enough. I guess I'm just more patient. I assume our June cruise will be cancelled, probably sometime in May as this progresses. I suspect that Regent is also hoping beyond hope that they can resume the cruises. I also assume that they must be at minimum staffing as much as possible, after all, they too are being asked to isolate as much as possible. I don't know how much access their agents have to account information, but I can only imagine it's fairly limited from a home computer. I also assume that the refunds or 125% FCC offered for cancelled cruises are going through the Travel Agent who booked the cruise, so a lag time there. I guess what I'm saying is that for me, they have been pretty straight forward on the Regent Website, and I suppose I am more willing to allow things to "shake out" before they cancel anymore cruises. And I will say that, IMHO, if they put out a statement daily saying "sorry, no further information," it would only enflame the ire of some people. It seems as soon as they get the word and come up with a decision, they do their best to get the word those who need it most, followed by an official posting. Anyway, I appreciate your points, but these are extraordinary times that change almost hourly. So I just feel that tolerance and patience is a must. Hopefully we'll be back to the discussions of what brand champagne is in the cabin on boarding day. 😎
  23. I don't disagree, they do look to be as generous, except Crystal which has a 7 day cancellation vs. Regent's 48 hours. But my point is really that bbtando was upset at how the cruise line is "handling" the situation, yet no one else seems to be handling it any better, so what should one expect the cruise line to do? And of course they're trying to hang onto their customers. But they are being somewhat altruistic in that they really could simply refer you to your Travel Insurance if you want to cancel a cruise that is going to actually sail. Not trying to argue, I just think all the cruise lines are getting "attacked" for something that no one saw coming, and they're doing everything they can to be able to stay in business, and customers are complaining about not "handling" it well but no specifics. IMHO we're lucky that they're offering us the chance to cancel without any real penalty.
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