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  1. Yeah, I'm starting to wonder about that number too. I do remember it was millions of dollars though. Edit: I found it. John Heald said it was over 20 million dollars in repairs
  2. Carnival just ordered a fourth excel class ship, so there is a possibility that it could bump another ship to San Juan, would probably be a smaller ship
  3. I wonder what condition Sunshine is in places like the engines. I think they wanted to keep Ecstasy for longer but it needed 20-40 million dollar engine repairs (I can't remember the exact number) When it was beached it was all bright and in great condition from what you could see at least
  4. The 200,000 GT class was supposed to be delivered starting in 2029, (according to the reports) but Josh Weinstein was saying 2027 one would be order for, so this makes sense. For names I think maybe Holiday, Tropicale, or Festivale to keep the former ships names going like the other excels have had. The 200,000 class (don't know what to call it) might be a little early for Fantasy class? Destiny could be a good idea since the original crossed the 100,000 line and this one would cross the 200,000. Sunshine might still be in the fleet but the Destiny name was retired 10 years ago. There could also be a new name for either of these classes, but I think the 4th Excel will have a former ship name
  5. How much are taxes and port fees? I was doing a few mock bookings and I couldn't view them unless I put names in and went to the final page. Thanks in advance!
  6. It would be nice if they added a date range option on the booking engine so you can look for cruises on a specific day
  7. There she is! We're booked on her in a couple weeks. Same ships are scheduled to be in Cozumel as today. I guess that makes sense
  8. Nope! We found that to have the fastest service out of all the restaurants.
  9. Carnival doesn't need to replace the Fantasy, Spirit and Sunshine class yet. They still have years left in them, some way more than others of course.
  10. Jubilee made it to Nassau! Anyone on Conquest or Liberty right now? (Also in Nassau today)
  11. John Heald hinted that the Statue of David will return and will be placed on Carnival Firenze when it is transferred to Carnival next year Iconic Statue Returning to a New Carnival Cruise Ship (cruisehive.com)
  12. Well now Panorama is anchored near Victoria. Does anyone have any updates?
  13. Not all the crew members on the stage are holding the flag of the country they are from
  14. What would be the difference of a Long Beach to Seattle cruise or a Seattle to Hawaii, compared to a Tampa to Baltimore which Pride is scheduled to do next year?
  15. For what its worth, there's a gap in Magic's cruises in October to November 2025, mostly likely for a dry dock
  16. Does anyone know how far out you book it? Like can you book it on a Horizon 2026 cruise?
  17. Beside the propulsion issues, yes a great ship It's been the whole Vista class having propulsion issues. In 2019 Vista needed that floating dry dock (After a crane fell on Oasis OTS) and in late 2021, Horizon needed an emergency dry dock causing Liberty and Sunshine to have to rush back in to service in it's place. Norwegian won a lawsuit against an azipod company for faulty azipods. (Not a great explanation of the situation) I sometimes wonder if there is a similar thing with the Vista class ships
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