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  1. In California there is no tip wage of $2.13. All waiters are paid standard minimum which in SF is $16.32.
  2. I have been on Deck 3 before, cabin 3019, and I remember it being super quiet. I don't recall any engine noise or vibration. Because those cabins can only be accessed from one direction, there is no through-traffic of people walking down the hall. The only people down there are the people in those cabins.
  3. Have you talked to your TA to see your position on the waitlist?
  4. According to this link, people from La Palma are being evacuated to Tenerife. So if your stop is Tenerife, that is a 'safe' place. I don't see why they would cancel Tenerife due to issues on a different island. Of course, things could change dramatically in the next 6 months.
  5. Sharing tables should get you lots of options. There are limited tables for two in the specialties. However, things can be booked, changed while on board the ship.
  6. https://ocievents.com/immersion/register
  7. https://www.esteri.it/mae/en/ministero/normativaonline/decreto-iorestoacasa-domande-frequenti/focus-cittadini-italiani-in-rientro-dall-estero-e-cittadini-stranieri-in-italia.html? Persons travelling from Canada, Japan and the United States of America may enter Italy by presenting a ‘Green Pass’ (or equivalent certificate issued by the local health authorities attesting that they are fully vaccinate with a European Medicines Agency (EMA) validated vaccine), a negative swab test carried out within the previous 72 hours and a Passenger Locator Form. As others have pointed out, that is not correct.
  8. Is this Red list from the UK government or the US government?
  9. Have you contacted your hotel in Barcelona to ask if they can help?
  10. That one also caught my eye as well. However, I'm in the camp to let others pay the premium to be on the new ship, I'll wait a year or two. Plus, I have deposits on various trips out to summer 2023, so the decision it out of my hands if I become weak.
  11. I did this cruise in 2018. For Christmas there was a special dinner in the Grand Dining Room. It was overwhelmed with most people on the ship trying to get in. There was a New Years Eve party on the pool deck. We did not stay long so don't know how long it lasted. There were a few Christmas trees and wreaths scattered about, but not excessive. You knew it was the holidays but it was still quiet, in that Oceania way.
  12. Looks like those highly sought after extended balcony B cabins in the back will now be Penthouse cabins. You will need to book at least a concierge level cabin or go way up front to get an extended balcony. I prefer the dead center of the ship so no loss for me but know this will be disappointing for many. EDIT - Just noticed the Singles cabins are the last three cabins on each side so they will also get an extended balcony. Makes sense since the cabins will be narrow and having them be extended makes them more useful.
  13. Does anyone know offhand which cruise ships would be small enough? I looked at Seabourn which I think of as small and they are too large. Are there any that fit the criteria?
  14. Blue with a creamy texture of double cream? I need to put this on the grocery list.
  15. I have not seen it at my Trader Joe's, but purchase it at Whole Foods. Just an FYI, I was pleasantly surprised to discover is offered at RH restaurant in Corte Madera.
  16. Someone should start a cheese thread. Until then my vote is for https://www.cheese.com/delice-de-bourgogne/
  17. Things that can create a fire hazard are not allowed on ships.
  18. Did you put a deposit down? That increases your odds.
  19. I also drink a good deal of water and the Vero water is as good or better than the bottled water previously supplied. My last cruise, January 2020 there was still bottled water available so you could take one ashore. Two brands were offered at different times. One was undrinkable, IMO. While the Vero was always good and since my SO likes sparkling water and you can get the Vero version of that, Vero for the win.
  20. I am curious, if you renew early and don't wait until the month or two prior to your expiration date, does that shorten the 5 years on your renewal? My understanding is you can renew anytime in the year prior and I thought about doing it at 11 months just to make sure it happens in time. But I'm not sure if doing that would shorten my 5 years.
  21. Both times I took a B2B I got both, a discount and two credits.
  22. Yes, I am fully aware that a 7 day cruise and a 24 day cruise count as one credit under Oceania's (badly designed) rules. However, you pay one deposit for those short or long cruises. Robjame is booking a B2B, or combined cruise, or whatever marketing gobbledygook you want to call it that is 17 days long. If Oceania is classifying it as one 17 day cruise to only receive one cruise credit then he should only have to pay one deposit. If they want two deposits, then it is not really one cruise and the credit should reflect that.
  23. Something is messed up if you have to pay two deposits but don't get two cruise credits.
  24. You can get on a waitlist without a deposit. However, those who put down a deposit have priority over those who do not put any money down so the odds are not very good to actually getting a cabin if you don't have any money in the game. And the cruise line is Oceania not Oceanic.
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