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  1. Gotta say, if decor and interior design alone kept me from cruising, I never would have cruised Oosterdam and Zuiderdam. I found the design mostly hideous. Still had a good time though. 🙂 But alas, I like where HAL is going. The fresh new look is really nice, IMO.
  2. Speaking of Cruise Critic advice and opinions, it's really interesting to go back and read early threads on this subject. I find this one particularly interesting... https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2735011-don’t-go-on-a-cruise/
  3. PVSA. Simply put....foreign flagged ships have to hit a foreign port.
  4. The answer is no. No decision has been made yet. Ref Alaska, Canada's ports are closed until March. Not a deal breaker yet but at this point, we do not know if they'll extend.
  5. Yes ma’am. Solstice. What gave it away:.....the comfy balcony furniture or the portion of “X” on the glass? 😊
  6. That's funny. Canada's protection law has the same acronym as the US's organized crime law. 😆 Not sure if you're still around 5 months later or if you ever booked, but I'm in the no TA crowd. However, unlike some (well, one in particular), I'm not going to lower myself to belittling those who book differently. There's absolutely nothing wrong with using a TA and in your case, it might be a good idea in order to find the right line that suits you and your husband needs. 🙂
  7. It's basically a machine readable barcode. You put your smartphone in camera mode and hold it in front of the QR code. Used in restaurants, it automatically links to a webpage showing the menu. It looks like this:
  8. I like what I see in those pictures. I think the dining room looks beautiful. When I cruised Koningsdam, it quickly became my favorite HAL ship, probably because I think the most beautiful ships at sea are Celebrity ships, and HAL started leaning that way with Pinnacle Class.
  9. My guess is, at least during initial stages, they'll just use disposable paper menus.
  10. Oh yeah, I'm very familiar. The Lower Keys is my hometown, so I've been following that story with great interest. While I'm obviously a cruise champion, I'm also well aware as a local of the negative impact cruise ships have on the small city.
  11. I'm with you on this one. I believe there will be permanent changes as a result of COVID. Masks will be temporary but I think self-serve buffets are done. No biggie; most already have protocol to switch to served during noro outbreaks anyways and some lines, like HAL, are already served. I also think...and hope...the mega ships will be forced to maintain a minimum space to passenger ratio. 40 seems like a good number.
  12. NCL must be serving some pretty good Kool-Aid with their meals. 😆😉
  13. Balcony breakfast on those nice warm mornings while out at sea.
  14. I can see the lido buffet area being converted in to a second dining room for regular service.
  15. In my experience, Seattle is far easier than Vancouver because Vancouver also requires a Customs check prior to the normal cruise line check-in. Vancouver was one of the worst check-ins I've ever experienced. I cruised out of Seattle last year and it was a breeze.
  16. How is NCL's food "more cooked to order than most?"
  17. Ha! Yeah, we husbands know our roll. 😉
  18. Gotta admit....the camera on my iPhone takes pretty good pictures. But regardless, I don't want to be married to my smartphone on a cruise. I prefer to leave it in the safe, especially on sea days. This is not an option I would prefer.
  19. Without cruise ship tourists? Absolutely.
  20. Agreed. I was in a downtown San Fran Hilton last week and my digital key never worked. Had to go with the key card all week. Some lines like Disney and RCI already have a wristband option. I'm sure that's all this is with NCL...just an option.
  21. Of the 3 piers in KW, one is owned by the Navy, and another is owned by Margaritaville Resort. The third and smallest pier (Mallory) is the only one owned by the city. I'm not sure how much the state was tapped in the initial development and further upkeep of that pier. I'd guess minimal.
  22. RCI's Empress of the Seas and HAL's remaining small ships could visit Key West with only a minimal reduction in ship capacity.
  23. Hi Carol. 🙂 While the Navy still owns OM, it is managed by the city. The $12 per person port charge goes to the city, but the city does pay some sort of stipend to the Navy. Pier B is private property, but still subject to the laws of the city regarding ship visits. The port fees all go to the resort. By the way, I left my beloved home of KW 4 years ago. After a stint in the Big Easy, I'm living in Seattle now. So, I'm posting from memory about KW. Some things may have changed. 🙂
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