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  1. We recently cancelled our Enchanted Caribbean cruise round trip from Ft Lauderdale January 19, 2022. I couldn't bring myself to make the final payment with so many unknowns. The day I cancelled, all 6 of our scheduled ports were listed as either '3/reconsider travel' or '4/do not travel' on the State Department's website. We're taking the $$ and doing a nice land vacation instead. We still have 3 cruises booked down the road, but right now I'm spending my money elsewhere.
  2. We're going to cancel our January 10-day Enchanted Caribbean cruise. Final payment is due next month and I just can't bring myself to pay it. All six of our scheduled ports are on the State Department's travel advisory list as either '3/reconsider travel' or '4/do not travel'. Between that and all the uncertainties around advance testing and the state of the pandemic down the road -- we've decided to take the money and have a really nice land trip instead. We've been to the Caribbean before, and while some of these ports would be new for us, it's just not worth the hassle and uncertainties at this time. Hoping our European cruise in September 2022 will be a better bet.....who knows.
  3. Per the Princess website: https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/food-and-dining/beverages/
  4. Fellow Kansas here 🙂 We have driven to Galveston MANY times for cruises, which is about a 12 hour drive. For us it made sense for several reasons: Where we live, we'd have to drive to KC (2.5 hours) or Wichita (1+ hour) to get on a plane. Typically non-stops from Wichita are non-existent, so KC is our usual first choice. By the time we did that driving, arrived 2 hours early per check in instructions, sat through the actual flight(s), sometimes it just made more sense to drive! Driving was typically far cheaper, even factoring in parking at the pier for a week. We can bring more luggage and/or pack whatever we want, since there were no flying restrictions. One time we put a roll up table in our suitcase when Princess removed balcony tables 🙂 Much easier to carry on soda or other drinks that aren't provided on board (Pepsi vs Coke, allowed alcohol, etc). Having said all that, we haven't made the drive in a while now since we got tired of the same itineraries from Galveston. We've since sailed from NYC, Ft Lauderdale, and Seattle, none of which we would consider driving too, obviously. But I would totally consider driving to NOLA! Sounds like a great trip 🙂
  5. I'm sorry, but the 'hangers rattled' is funny to me. ANY cabin can/may/will have movement -- you're on a ship! We just put the unused hangers on the floor. Problem solved.
  6. We've stayed in D731 more than once, which is right next to D729, and never had any soot problems. It's one of our favorite cabins because the quiet aft location, beautiful wake views, half covered/half open balcony, and 'premium deluxe' designation which means you get the small loveseat for additional seating. I'm sure if you do a search you will find all kinds of feedback on these cabins, and depending on the weather and itinerary they may have had other experiences with soot. It's never been a problem for us, and in fact we have the same aft cabin area booked for 2 more upcoming cruises. I wouldn't let it deter you.
  7. No umbrellas to rent in my experience, just the clam shells. But there are many permanent shade structures such as this scattered about the various beach areas. We were also able to park under some palm trees all day for ample shade, which allows for breeze -- something you can't get under the clam shells. I can relate to your sun issues -- we are the same way and take all available precautions 🙂 You might Google Princess Cays images for more examples of the shade structures. This is just a small example.
  8. Fax? Talk about leaving something to chance -- no idea whether it was received, who received it, where it went, who now has your sensitive information..... I'm surprised they would facilitate outdated technology in this age of 'safeguarding customer information'. And I wouldn't believe anything I was told over the phone vs something that is published on the website or other official channel.
  9. I would be worried about arriving at the pier and not having the required information. I like to have everything taken care of before travel, and I can't imagine 'hoping' to show up with the proper items and then being denied boarding. It seems reasonable to provide everything in advance in this new age of travel. Maybe I'm the minority here, but no way I'm spending $$ and flying to a port without knowing I have everything squared away beforehand.
  10. Agree 100%! I bought into the 3-day sale hype a couple years ago and booked a cruise. NEVER AGAIN! We got a horrible agent who knew nothing and was awful to communicate with. Also I specifically asked if there were any cancellation or change fees, and was told 'no' in writing. Then when we got our invoice in the small print it said '$100 cancellation/change fee'. I will stick with Princess Plus and traditional TA going forward -- learned my lesson!
  11. Click on the 'Travel Summary' document. That should show all your purchases, credits, OBC, promo items, etc.
  12. All the recent marketing I've seen coming from Princess looks to be directed at young people. I don't think Princess it overly concerned about the older demographic and their use (or non-use) of technology.
  13. I haven't sailed from that port but here's the port address as listed on the Princess website. Los Angeles World Cruise Center, 100 Swinford St, San Pedro, CA 90731 https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-destinations/cruise-ports-and-hotels/ You can do a simple Google Map search from LAX to that address; my results showed 19.7 miles or 31 minutes.
  14. I was wondering the same thing. Not to mention the infrastructure that has to be in place for such a short time. Doesn't really seem feasible or worth it for a few weeks.
  15. I have hesitated to respond to this thread with similar comments, because I know some people just won't embrace change/progress. But I don't understand keeping and paying for a landline and then another flip phone to just use 'for emergencies when driving'. Why not just transfer your home number to the cell phone and be done with it? My almost 80-year old mother did that a couple years ago and now she wonders why it took her so long. She pays $35 a month for unlimited everything with the same landline phone number I grew up with for 40 years. I think some people have this erroneous perception that if you get a cell phone you have to be on it 'all day long'. Maybe just look at it as a convenience and not some conspiracy out to ruin your life 🙂
  16. Our cancelled July Alaska cruise was scheduled to tender in Juneau. I would also add that whatever cruise you're looking at should have the tender ports clearly marked on the itinerary on the Princess website.
  17. According to the map of your cruise on the Princess website it looks like it's the west side.
  18. Hasn't management said it would take a minimum of 90 days to staff and prepare the ship to cruise? Has there been any sign that ships are in the process of preparing to sail, or that crew have been assembled/vacinated to sail? Maybe I missed it, I don't read the boards every day since nothing seems to be changing much.
  19. My thoughts exactly! I don't see anything different than what has already been said. The cruise lines still need to comply with stated goals and plans.
  20. We only book aft cabins too for the same reasons others have already posted. My favorites: QUIET area with no foot traffic like mid-ship area, balcony usable in most weather (no wind), and LOVE the wake view 🙂
  21. I can attest to this. The constant crying/screaming from the mini suite next door to us nearly ruined our Alaskan cruise. We tried to tune it out but it definitely impacted our enjoyment of our balcony and negatively impacted our sleep. I realize kids are kids....but when you've spent thousands of dollars on a special trip and spent years planning it.... it was a real bummer. I also cannot imagine taking an infant into the MDR for a protracted dinner. It is for this reason we no longer seek mini suites (which have the larger capacity/higher prospect of families with small kids). We spend the difference on a nice quiet deluxe aft balcony 🙂 And before you start flaming me, I'm a grandmother who doesn't hate kids. Just want a nice peaceful vacation.
  22. The second sentence of the article says 'Details on the additional health and safety measures to be implemented will be announced at a later date'. Even though everyone will be vaccinated, the logistics of other health precautions and port requirements remain unknown (or at least un-announced).
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