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  1. Don't use a debit card. If you do not have a credit card to use then bring cash and open the account. It prevents the issues that come up with holds and actual charges at the end of the cruise that tie up funds.
  2. Now that things are back on track, thanks for the great first hand information on what to expect.
  3. Yup....my normal meal at Cagney's for example would probably be $45.
  4. Just tell the servers up front and they will work it out. If it was me I would have the 3rd person buy the plan, it is a good value.
  5. The port is always chaos but there are plenty of signs. I have found it easier to park off site and just have the shuttle drop us right at baggage check. Saves money and less walking with all the luggage.
  6. Doubtful.....here is a clause in the documents. If not people would take insurance and then cancel at the last minute when they know it is likely nothing has come up. NATIONWIDE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANYTRAVEL PROTECTION INSURANCE CERTIFICATE This Certificate of Insurance describes all of the travel insurance benefits, underwritten by Nationwide Mutual InsuranceCompany and herein referred to as the Company. The insurance benefits vary from program to program. Please refer tothe accompanying Confirmation of Coverage. It provides You with specific information about the program You purchased.This Certificate of Insurance is issued in consideration of the enrollment and payment of any premium due. All statementsin the enrollment are representations and not warranties. Only statements contained in a written enrollment will be used tovoid insurance, reduce benefits or defend a claim.All premium is non-refundable after a ten (10) day review period from the date of purchase in the event if you have not incurredany claims during that time. NO DIVIDENDS WILL BE PAYABLE UNDER THIS CERTIFICATE.
  7. The industry is booming right now, no need for a true fleetwide price cut. What you will see are variations which range from lower fares to slightly higher fare which come with a variety or upgrades or OBC's.
  8. You must just want to argue, your point is absurd.
  9. It has more vacancies because the majority find it to be the worst dining option.
  10. That doesn't say anything about NCL, it refers to sister lines under Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings.
  11. Contact you Congressman for port fees in the Caribbean? I am sure that will fix the problem.
  12. LOL....now a tray is tacky.
  13. Do the $0 and blank ones coincide with if the restaurant is advertised as a cover charge or a la carte?
  14. .....because they are making an issue over a non-issue. These compensation programs are the industry standard no matter if the lines marketing department calls it a tip, gratuity or service charge.
  15. LOL at all those who are whining and crying to get the DSC included in the fare knowing the cost will be the same or even more. Some make no sense.
  16. Gift cards can be directly loaded to the ship account from a kiosk or at guest services.
  17. 10 is the biggest table on most ships so 11 will probably require splitting the group. The rest depends on your dining selection. If you choose early or late assigned times you will eat at the same time and same table nightly with the group you are paired with. If you choose to eat elsewhere have others in your party notify the servers so they don't delay the group waiting on you. If you do Anytime Dining people can eat whatever time they wish or you can show up as a group and they will seat you accordingly. The wait will be dependent on time and availability.
  18. Yet the 5 year is is +70%. Stocks are a long term investment.
  19. I can adjust to completely remove it as I see fit if service does not meet expectation.
  20. I bet they get loads of calls asking if additional gratuities are due as it relates to the drinks because of the difference of it being included in the fare vs. part of the UBP. If I had to guess that is where the miscommunication was, gratuities for drinks instead of the service charge.
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