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  1. I'm a homebrewer... And I thinks this is a great list! The best list in my 20 or so cruises! IMHO!
  2. Wow, to me, that is huge, that was very nice of him/them!!!! Staff does really make a HUGE impression! It can be an old, outdated ship, but if the staff is having fun and there to serve you, it might be the best cruise you've ever been on! That sounds like my cruise on Commodore! I'm hearing some good things about the NCL staff and quite excited. I enjoy talking to them and seeing them around the ship. A CD from Mariner of the Seas made a huge impression on me. As me and my cousin were walking thru the promenade, he walked by and said, hi Mr XXXX! He knew my NAME! I have no idea how, the only ting I can think of is that he saw me at karaoke? IDK! My cousin said, did you meet him before? I said no! Then my cousin yells out, what about me?! LOL!!! But yes, staff plays a huge role.. Princess staff left a bad taste in MY mouth...
  3. I say yes, you'll catch your flight! If there are no security threats. A couple of weeks ago, they found and abandoned truck by LAX with arms in it... They shut down the ramps to get to the gates!!' But if there are no issues, you'll make it fine.Just Pre-board...
  4. Baseball terminology.. Meant that every time I've take a growler with beer on board, I've always gotten them on... Here you go: . In baseball, to get a hit every time one is at bat (resulting in a batting average of 1.000). The slugger is still batting a thousand after a record eight at-bats.
  5. Great posts, lol!!!! An option for leftovers is to give you cabin stewy... Worse case scenario they dump it. I used to take two large ones... One for me and one for the Mrs... Usually Gentlemen Jack and Seagrams 7 for her... I enjoy to home brewing also, so now I usually take an empty growler and hope to find a local brewery when in port. I fill up and attempt to take on ship. So far, I'm batting a 1000%! On this upcoming East Coast cruise, I'm hearing that there are a LOT of breweries! Cannot wait!
  6. Anywhere ON the ship! I saw the Allure leave from the dock when I missed the ship!! I so much wish that I was ON her, ANYWHERE! :)
  7. I'm loyal to nice ships, great prices and great itineraries... with that in mind, I'd say I'm loyal to CCL, RCL, and X. I'll find out how loyal I am to NCL in a few weeks. Also, we might be done with Princess, we found it to be quite boring the two times that we have tried her. Perhaps it was the staff on on the last cruise and an older ship. Since I mentioned staff, I guess that should also have a lot to do with LOYALTY.
  8. Is there a weight restriction?
  9. WOW! I had a lot left over once and I gave it to my cabin steward. He was so happy, lol! I take a bubba keg or yeti and fill up before I headed to pool.. Well, I use to... Oh, I just had a flashback.. I'd take the rum runners in my backpack, order coke then fill er up! Or, take a flask, fill that up, then go to pool and fill up... That was a long time ago!
  10. With that in mind, can you get bottled/canned beer at the bars and have them NOT open them? So I can take to room fridge and stock up?
  11. Thanks all..! I'll try to get them to get the UBP! I won't lie, I had 100% success on CCL, RCL and Princess... Never been on NCL. On X, we had the UBP also.... UBP is the way to go now.....!
  12. Things are worse in Chicago and Detroit..! I'd rather walk the streets in Mexico than in South Central LA!
  13. Are they easy to get on board with NCL? I'M ASKING FOR SOMEONE, I have the UBP! Don't skool me, or feel free to and I'll pass it on to him!
  14. This is called a 'CODE BROWN' in the hotel industry... I've seen this happen a few times.... As soon as I hear a walkie talkie say CODE BROWN, I jump right out of the pool!
  15. I try to stay at the bottom of the pool, less body fluids...
  16. COO was probably making his daily mama call, was probably going thru emails/news, etc. as he called her and was just going thru the motions with mom (uh hu, yea, good, cool.. then, ah man, what a crazy woman jumping off the ship) and venting.. not realizing what he was saying... I can see that happening, lol! I heard he's now investing in a movie called 'Throw Mama from the Ship'!
  17. We decided to rent a car, it's about $30 USD for the DAY!
  18. Oh wow. Thanks for the info! We'll be in Maine, Saint John and Halifax from Sept 16-23. I was packing mostly shorts for the day and pants for dinner. Wondering if shorts will be to cold when touring during the day?!
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