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  1. Strange that. I never had better food than in my time in the Belgian Navy. Steak, shrimp, even unlimited lobster from time to time, and the occasional deck BBQ! Fresh cakes in the afternoon etc etc... One of the most important factors is food to maintain crew morale. I would expect an aircraft carrier to serve VERY good and nutricious food
  2. One remark: ”the sick sick passengers”... this is not correct. They were not aware of any indicators, asymptomatic and this not sick/ill at all. yes, they tested positive, that does not mean that they had any negative experience.
  3. Simply DISGUSTING. The person has lost all respect from me.
  4. It is Captain Werner Timmers. 😉 ask him about the well endowed elephant in Catania 🤪 and actually, there will be 2 great Captains onboard, with Captain Kevin Beirnaert acting as Staff Captain.
  5. Both Koningsdam and Zuiderdam are Medium sized vessels, and not at all megaliners. Let’s put this straight first. That being said, we do love the entertainment options on Pinnacle class ships, especially the new R S Rock room and sensational Queens Lounge with the BB Kings band. Zuiderdam has also sufficient entertainment, and a larger main showlounge. You can not, in any way, claim that a HAL interiour decoration is “too modern”. Even on Pinnacle class vessels, the decor is classical, restrained and far from modern clean style interiours of for example Celebrity or EU lines like Tuicruises or Aida. But indeed, the “70’s nursing home style” decoration of some of the older vessels pre-refurb. is disappearing, Thank God. ( this does not mean that the artwork and antiques have disappeared., they are not, and are magnificent on HAL)
  6. Nope, it will not. if there is enough immunity, the virus will die out. But for that, we need a complete population to be vaccinated, and it will take some time. In any case, when vaccinated, Covid19 is no more serious than a cold or light flue and should not be the reason anymore for big brother restrictions.
  7. Actually, for a balcony cabin, the newer ships are much cheaper. Have a look...I recommend HAL
  8. Sorry, but that is not correct. Nowadays, HAL’s new vessels offers better entertainment, especially in terms of music, than Celebrity for example.
  9. Hello Everyone! I am a long-time contributor to CC, and used to be involved in the cruising Industry. 😉👨‍✈️ I moved with my family to Southern Spain and can help anyone in need of advice with some tips to make your day in the following ports more worthwile: * Alicante * Cartagena * Valencia These 3 ports are close to home and offer some of the best days out in the Mediterranean. so don’t hesitate and contact me if needed. ps. There is truly amazing Golf here, consider a golf day out...
  10. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, the Capital of the amazing Communidad Valenciana, which includes the Famous Costa Blanca and its resorts, but also Alicante. Valencia is a truly amazing city, well worth spending several days in. Do not miss the Old centre with the Mercado Central , which is MUCH more authentic than the popular mercado on the Barcelona Ramblas. Also the Ciudad de Sciencias by Calatrava is a must is you love modern architecture. for lunch, there is only one option: the only AUTHENTIC Paella. try it at Playa Malvarossa for a beach view ( La Pepica is the most famous resraurant, but is touristy), although in the centre, you have better restaurants.
  11. Hello, As I now live in Spain, I might give you some advice. Skip Marbella. it is an overhyped, overpriced resort, full of Arabs and Russian Mafia really. when docked in Malaga, I highly recommend visiting Malaga itself, or if you can manage a long drive, visit amazing Granada. Marbella is just for show-offs and has nothing to do with Andalucia.
  12. Some tables are in a better location than others obviously, but it are mostly the people who make a table crap 😉
  13. On Pinnacle Class vessels, the Milkshakes are ordered and prepared by the Gelato stand. They are normally not covered by the SBP. ( although they can in theory put the milkshake in as a “bar drink”, but not all servers are willing to do so as it is not allowed) On other vessels, milkshakes are ordered and prepared at Dive-in. There, they are included according to the crew I spoke to. Confused yet? ...
  14. A CAPITAL sin! NEVER EVER put cream in a spaghetti Carbonara! *****! And Carnival claims to have an “ Italian” influence?!
  15. People still think in Doomsday scenario’s where Covid19 social distancing, facemasks etc. Are permanent...they are NOT. this is all temporary and we WILL get back to pre-Covid times, AND people are hungry for travel. Very hungry indeed. I am planning now our son’s first vacation trip, which will be DisneyWorld and then a 7 day Disney Cruise . I will not let Covid, China or other Criminal acts rule my future.
  16. There are HUNDREDS of Swiss cheeses. It is probably an Emmental cheese.
  17. Not sure if this has been posted already, but anyhow... below are some renderings of the MS. Rotterdam interiours. As you can see, the main design is the same as her sisters, but with a different colour palette. What do you think? also note the Club Orange (??) restaurant rendering and the bar that seems to he occupying the space of the wine-tasting venue on her sisters.
  18. Another thing to consider is the fact that most Mariners, both Engine as Deck, have a relatively short career at sea. Of my Class of 20 Cadets at Maritime Academy Antwerp, none are still “at Sea” after 24 years, most became Master of a vessel in their late 20’s early 30’s and after a couple of years focus on their family. Most find a shoreside employment, or become a pilot. A notable exception is the Cruise Industry though, as this tends to be more of a long-term career option with ( often much) slower progress through the ranks. Personally, Now that I have an infant son, I would not be able to be away from home for 3 months ( If you are a Captain, otherwise it is more). I am now doing a month on/ off rotation where I work, and that is already heavy for the family. Your Cruise ship Crew makes a lot of sacrifices to he able to give you a dream vacation. That is hard, but they all do it because of a Passion for the job and the calling of the Sea.
  19. Get your bloody facts right please. Air Travel, does NOT pose a risk of contracting Covid19 if all required mitigation procedures onboard are followed. FACT. HEPA filters combined with the specific ventilation and mask wearing make contamination nearly impossible, asmproved by many demonstrations over the last months. Those “simulations “ on where you see a mass spread when coughing are completely ignoring the ventilation systems and mask wearing.
  20. With all respect, it is nearly impossible to catch Covid19 onboard an aircraft if you follow mask wearing rules and disinfect your hands. there have ONLY BEEN 4 reported CASES Worldwide of infection onboard an aircraft.
  21. Ships are renamed all the time. Now a black cat or a woman on a ship, THAT is another, more serious issue!.
  22. Where are my bloody Royalties 🤪
  23. One of the major hurdles is the transportation of the vaccines. As I am currently involved in the Worldwide distribution of medical equipment and medication to counter Covid19, and at the same time keeping the Worldwide economy alive via Airfreight, I am in a position to see the logistical challenges ahead. At this moment, even without a need to transport millions of vaccine doses, Air Cargo is at its limit, with long delays in shipments ( causing backlogs and resulting economic damage in companies) due to the fact that well over 50% of the cargo space onboard aircraft is not available as passenger aircraft are grounded. ( a lot of air cargo is shipped onboard passenger aircraft normally). The Airforce has capacity obviously HOWEVER: those aircraft have typically no Temperature controlled cargo areas/holds, meaning that they potentially are simply not suitable for vaccine transportation.
  24. The battle is indeed a Worldwide effort, and that is the only thing I wanted to emphasise. Some politicians seem to think that it is a “one man (reality) show”, which is insulting to the thousands of researchers Worldwide who have not rested since January 2020. Operation Warp Speed is obviously a good thing, but not more than what any other country is doing right now, something that a lot of Americans don’t seem to understand, and which certainly won’t be mentioned on Fox Propaganda, sorry, “news”. Unfortunately, here in Belgium, we are suffering a major second wave, partly because the youth, those who we rely our future prosperity on, found it more important to party than to adhere to the rules... Let’s hope for a solution in 2021. We luckily have reserved already millions of doses with several companies, as most developed countries have. What worries me more are those people living in countries without the financial means to buy massive Covid19 vaccine stocks. This needs to be a WHO effort to eradicate this nightmare Worldwide. I have also had the honour of meeting mr. Slaoui and he is certainly the right man for the job.
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