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  1. I too primarily am itinerary driven when picking which cruises we take and certainly choose to sail on Oceania for its amazing food and service, reasonable passenger capacity and overall ambience. However, for those who have an interest in “the art work on the walls” I highly recommend a cruise on Riviera (and Marina) for the opportunity to peruse some truly excellent artwork throughout the public areas onboard. You even can take an audio tour of the art on these ships (pick it up at Reception), reputedly all pieces chosen personally by Frank del Rio and Bob Binder. I particularly enjoy the Wilfredo Lam and Picasso prints in the Grand Bar and Casino Bar, respectively, on Riviera.
  2. I find that I have started doing that more and more these past few weeks. I also enjoy the iPhone “Memories” feature because normally I always travel in May (my favorite travel month weatherwise.). So I have had a plethora of past photos teed up for my viewing pleasure!
  3. It has been our experience (normally cruising once a year on Oceania) that since Oceania instituted its “O Life with shore excursions” as one of its options offered (around five years ago now??) that your ability to find others on your roll call to share shore excursions with you has fallen very very substantially. We still did a lot on our own (DIY) one year ago in the Western Mediterranean, but just us two. Before “O Life” we arranged several shared private tours on each of our European cruises; since then, a very difficult proposition.
  4. CintiPam


    We had a two-month hiatus until we received two this week. I always enjoy perusing them although I certainly will not be cruising in 2020 again. I just am so very grateful we were able to cruise in late February on Riviera; those wonderful memories will have to sustain me for now.
  5. I sincerely hope that the long-anticipated Nautica refurbishment occurs before you board her in November. We have received two glossy Oceania brochures this week with the new pricing deals, and it really stood out to me that the OceaniaNEXT sections in each omitted any mention of Nautica. I assume that is because Oceania does not yet know when it will occur due to shipyard closures. I believe one of the threads on this board stated that the work had been scheduled to occur in France.
  6. We were at Jalousie (Sugar) Beach on our port day in St. Lucia, March 6, 2020, spending most of our day at that so lovely location with its gorgeous Piton views. We went to and from there by speedboat, which also was much fun. The water was wonderful, and I was very impressed with the quality of the snorkeling right from the beach.
  7. Nice cabin for your first Oceania cruise! Quite a bit larger than our first one: Our first cruise on Oceania, which also was our first cruise ever was on Nautica in September 2008, Istanbul to Athens. (Spouse said we were too old to explore the Eastern Med by hopping ferries.) We knew so little about the cruise business (i.e., nothing whatsoever!) that we booked only just over two months before the sailing date, so booked a guaranteed “E”. We simply lucked out that when we boarded, our assigned “E” was the first one starboard, 6033. Those two most forward “E” cabins get full light blocked only by the davit in the middle holding the small Zodiac which hangs just below the window. We loved the location and hung out a lot in the gorgeous library or on the pool deck if not exploring our wonderful ports, spending time in the cabin basically only to shower, dress and sleep. There is no couch; we immediately had them remove the small glass table so we would not fall over it! We booked the same cabin for two more cruises until we sailed on Marina in 2011. Only two months since our last cruise, and I already am deep into reminiscing. It will be awhile before we board once again. 😢
  8. Our first cruise on an “O” ship was a Baltic cruise on Marina in early June 2011, less than two months from her maiden voyage, I believe. It was fabulous; husband legaleaglegreen liked this “O” class ship so much that he has refused since to consider “R” ship itineraries. Easy to read brochures if skipping all but Marina and Riviera itineraries!
  9. Lyn, I too never have seen this online, only in an email from my TA.
  10. I do not consider myself an Oceania cheerleader at all times (see next paragraph) but as someone also on the February 26 Riviera cruise, I have to point out the fact that even the medical team at the Mayaguez Puerto Rico hospital did not receive confirmation of this man’s having COVID-19 until after your March 11 departure from Miami for the second leg of your B2B. What precisely was Oceania supposed to tell you at that point? I was extremely critical of Oceania when my Riviera 2016 Caribbean cruise was cut short by several days due to Noro because it was the passengers checking the CDC website that informed us of the growing large percentage onboard with Noro, never Oceania or any Oceania personnel onboard. Then I was put up in a hotel for two nights with no safeguards for our buffet breakfasts with other passengers. I posted often on this board about my issues regarding how the entire situation was handled. Actually it was that Noro cruise experience that started me always using my cabin bathroom while onboard, never touching any elevator button with my hands, handwashing for 21 seconds and never passing up a hand sanitizer station. I am glad you are home safe and sound.
  11. I agree with Katie Belle that you privately contact CC members whose advice on this Oceania board you respect. That is how we found our agent as well. Thirty days is plenty of time to check around. Good luck!
  12. I hope so. I just read on NPR that the Seychelles has declared it is closed to cruise ships through the end of 2021. That was a real shocker to me.
  13. I have read many of your posts on this Oceania board over the past two months and have a great deal of respect both for the thoughtful way you express yourself and your attitude in these difficult times. I hope you indeed will be able to visit FP once again next year.
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