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  1. For us, the combination of good food plus good service really affects our view. After a rapid fleet expansion, we had quite a few cruises with the good food but definitely not the good service. Then we had a Riviera noroviris experience that not only cut our cruise by two days out of ten but was so mishandled on board and upon our return to Miami from a communication point of view, including our CD Dottie, that we almost did not return to Oceania taking almost 20 months off. Husband prefers the two “O” size ships so we have not sailed on an Oceania “R” ship since 2011 when Marina debuted. However, our Crystal-only friends took a Western Mediterranean cruise last month on Sirena and absolutely loved their experience!
  2. Humor? OK, in that case, haha! 😁.
  3. I believe that if the last two posters read both my posts 76 and 78 above they would realize I simply was reporting my last experience at dinner in the Terrace Cafe. My intent was to address the question asked by the OP regarding experiences at dinner at the Tereace Cafe. We average a cruise a year on Oceania and thought our overall cruise experience just three months ago was excellent in both the food and service areas (see post 78 above) but running out of unfrozen steak before 7:30 pm I thought was worthy of note. Dan, I certainly did not vow to never eat dinner at the Terrace Cafe or sail on Oceania again!
  4. Paul, we were there by 6:45, our table was great, I already had stood in a shortish line (the usual five or six) and had my dinner plate filled with grilled shrimp and lobster by 7 but spouse did appetizers and salad first so got stuck in a long line that never got shorter the rest of the time we were there, a consistent line of at least 15. In contrast, the GDR never filled. Perhaps a unicorn cruise? We love trivia, and there always was some at 8:30 pm so unless we were dining at a specialty, we too dined early enough to be in Martinis by then. In fairness I should add that the food and service on this cruise were the best we ever have experienced on Oceania.
  5. Glad to read from two posters above that each had good claims experience with Allianz annual insurance. We just switched last year from individual trip policies to purchasing an annual plan because we are traveling much more since my spouse’s retirement ..
  6. I remember Sunday brunch in the GDR but I have not experienced one onboard Oceania for several years. On our recent May cruise in the Western Mediterranean on Marina the GDR never was open for lunch but it also was our very first cruise which had no sea days.
  7. I prefer being served dinner onboard but usually dine at the Terrace Cafe once or twice on a cruise because I love the grilled shrimp and lobster. I post just to comment that for the first time ever while onboard Marina this past May on our Western Mediterranean cruise that the grill lines were very long. My husband patiently waited around 15-20 minutes in line only to be told that they had just run out of the ribeye steak he planned to order. This was at 7:20 pm! We did not return there again for dinner on our cruise.
  8. Once we sailed on Marina, we never have returned to Oceania’s “R” ships although we have sailed three times on those same smaller ships on Azamara due to exceptional itineraries.
  9. Well, I know that DH certainly will never forget seeing those nude young women as we rounded a corner on Museum Island. After all, Berlin indeed is the center of the contemporary art world! 😁
  10. The raisin scones with clotted cream at afternoon tea; the grilled lobster tails and shrimp at the Terrace Cafe evening buffet; the croissants at breakfast rivaled by the sticky buns (decisions; decisions); yes, those lovely lamb chops at Red Ginger after your watermelon and duck salad; the crab cake at Polo or anywhere else it pops up; the NY-style cheesecake; the molten chocolate dessert; the handmade pastas (only a few are) at Toscana; and my “double surf, no turf and no bun” lunch at Waves Grill. Nothing special so I use my calories elsewhere: the ice cream anywhere onboard.
  11. Way back in June 2011 on a Scandinavian cruise on Marina (which first sailed in April 2011 I believe) I arranged a one-day dash to Berlin with a group of 18 with the same tour company with which I was doing a four-person two-day private tour in St. Petersburg on the same cruise, the excellent SPB Tours. We enjoyed that introduction to Berlin (being there on a “little traffic” Sunday meant we really saw a great deal) so much (with a terrific young American guide) that we returned a couple of years later for six days on a land trip after which we visited Dresden and Prague.
  12. Thanks, Dan. Cincinnati’s one nonstop overnight flight to Europe (to CDG) is on a 767.
  13. My father fought from Utah Beach to Germany so we spent three days in Normandy (by car) about ten years ago, one day following his route. He lived to be 94 and still was alive then. This trip, except for Battle of the Bulge time, is to visit WWI sites in northeastern France, such as the Argonne and Verdun. I was hoping not to purchase the entire France book due to its weight but also am leery of relying on rental car GPS. BTW, Leonard Lomell, the Ranger who found and spiked the guns at Pont duHoc on D-Day and the subject of a chapter in Tom Brokaw’s book, is from my hometown.
  14. Yes, both vaults plus the excellent military museum in the same buildings on first trip with my spouse when we had two days in Dresden. (Revisited both on a day trip from Berlin, with a live human expert on that specialty art trip guiding us in the one where that was permitted.) You remind me how fortunate I have been in the last few years with so much travel. My retinal surgeon believes I should be able to fly again by mid-August.
  15. +1. I was excited simply to spend two hours at sunset dining at the center aft tables of both Toscana (when sailing out of LaSpezia to Corsica) and Polo (when sailing from Amalfi north up the coast) on our cruise in May. It is incredible to think about having a similar view the entire cruise. (GC, sorry you had to miss that cruise.)
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