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  1. As Yogi Berra may have said: “It’s deja vu all over again.” (I just read this same new thread a minute ago.) Happy Thanksgiving to Dan and all the rest of the Oceania board contributors.
  2. In all my many times in cabins on Deck 7 of Marina and Riviera, I only have had a noise issue one night when, instead of just a piano player performing in Martinis on Deck 6, there was a jazz trio (quartet?) playing there. No obstruction issues because the lifeboats obstruct Deck 6 on the “O” ships, which is why the curtains always are closed between the fore and aft elevators on Deck 6.
  3. Duplicate posted in error.
  4. I have a more positive view. Although I never even had taken a ship’s excursion before the introduction of OLife, preferring DIY or touring with two to six others on a private tour, if you (1) are on a 12-day cruise, and (2) both you and your cabin mate are taking excursions, you only are committing to three ship’s excursions. The only February cruises I have taken have been in the Caribbean, and there are some truly excellent snorkeling and sailing options that would not be easy to duplicate on your own, especially sailing opportunities unless one pays a much higher price. My husba
  5. Deck 11 should be OK. (I actually will not sit in the aft 2/3 of the Grand Dining Room on Deck 6 if the ship is moving because I think the vibration is dreadful there. By the second day onboard, the GDR hostess recognizes me!)
  6. The current cost of a taxi (not per person) from the airport to downtown is fixed by law at 38 Euros and from the airport to the port is 50 Euros. The taxi from central Athens to the port is around 15 Euros.
  7. RJB, I simply was responding to the last three postings regarding Barcelona becoming more of a home port. Regarding Key West, I only have visited for one port day, but I am a history buff and found both the Truman White House snd Hemingway’s home fascinating places to visit. Not just another shopping street in my opinion. But certainly no Barcelona, where I have stayed for several weeks and not yet run out of places to visit! 😉
  8. I have read that the Barcelona tourism people really have promoted the homeport option in the last five years to get some of that major pre-and post-cruise tourist money. But I do not know precisely what incentives it has supplied to cruise companies.
  9. I agree that that the shore excursions are the best choice monetarily even though I never went on a single ship-sponsored excursion until Oceania started the O-Life excursion choice. I enjoyed setting up excursions with others I met on the roll calls for our cruises, and have made friends from around the world through those arrangements. In fact, I still bemoan the introduction of the excursion O-Life option because it has destroyed utterly the private excursion sharing opportunities that IMO were the main purpose of the Roll Call board for a cruise. I personally prefer a day spen
  10. The transfers are between the airport and the port, not the city and the port. However, if you opt to purchase the ridiculously-priced hotel nights usually offered, in the past you also received those transfers, I believe, as part of those outrageous markups. I have no personal experience using that option.
  11. Anecdotally our spring Med cruise experiences concur with Jim’s analysis. Our one Med cruise in April was a dreary rainy affair while our several May experiences, including 2017 and 2019, have had much better weather.
  12. Ditto! As the months with no cruising continue to accumulate, I sincerely hope that the cruise lines will be able to survive financially until cruising truly restarts.
  13. I do not know where you reside but where I do hospitals just this last week (and elsewhere just recently as well) started running low on space for virus patients. Do I really need to justify my feeling depressed about a change in wellness circumstances in the USA in the month of October or no cruising for the remainder of 2020?
  14. I was referring to the enormous increase in COVID-19 cases setting daily new records in many (a majority?) of states just as we only are starting both being indoors so much more plus the holiday party season.
  15. I am part of a group of mostly Americans that tunes in every Sunday at 1 pm Eastern time to a 1-1/2 to two-hour Zoom webinar called Art Talks Florence taught live by two guides from Tuscany, including the organizing weekly host who is a terrific Florence guide. Although the sessions mostly are centered on Florence, this past Sunday we visited Pisa with a guide from Pisa. All sessions are free although the host includes a PayPal donation link in the weekly email and Facebook post regarding the week’s tour topic. There never is any pressure for money. (A week ago the topic was the Gh
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